How to survive women's increased height demands in the social media age?

how to survive women's increased height demands in the social media age?

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not going to lie, feels good being 6 foot even. I don't get the Thank You Hungry Skeleton meme though.

Obviously that chart is skewed to hell, but once you start getting too tall, probably around 6'3 and up, it becomes very difficult to put on noticeable muscle mass.

>increased height demands
There is no such thing. Why are you lying? Gay psyops?

The skeleton thing is a Jow Forums meme about dyels

>consider dating midgets

interesting, never been a Jow Forumsizen, though now that I'm getting older I probably should start lifting.

I'm 6 4 so that's why I got banged alot

Weak bait, virgin lanklet.

Your green zone is 2meters and above. Are you retarded? Thats way too big who wants that lol

It's a troll image, sherlock

Women don't care about height or dick size nearly as much as men do. Men just like to complain about it so they can comfort themselves in thinking that their lack of success with women is completely out of their control and has nothing to do with who they are as people. It's like when women complain they're too fat when they aren't even fat to begin with. It's immature, unattractive, self-pitying, and solves nothing.


Mean Stacies on the internet specifically trying to make men feel bad aren't an accurate representation of women as a whole.

>t. faggot

Funny how some people think "the taller the better". There is an optimum range, taller than that and height only brings negatives. And no, the optimum is not 6'6", that is a seriously disadvantaged height already.

you're 1000% a male

Samefagging lying virgin lanklet detected.

I'm a woman who has dated a 5'4" dude. The exaggeration of heightism is pushed by men who look for reasons to hate women because they hate themselves.

This website made me focus on height far, far more than I used to, and I'm 6'2".
Now everytime i'm outside I can't help but comparing my height to others, thinking in my head "I heightmog you fucking midget" when I cross a visibly smaller guy and "How tall is that fucking dude" when I cross a visibly taller guy.
I never did that before.
Fuck you assholes.

And how do you feel when you see those guys shorter than you with hot gfs?

I don't really feel anything, I don't have issues attracting women on my own. Good for them I guess.

>Women don't care about height or dick size nearly
Hight I'll agree with but everyone knows they care about dick size.

This chart is a meme outside of the USA.

I live in Mexico. I'm 5'7, which according to the chart means I'm a manlet who will NEVER LEARN. However, that my friends is the average height in Mexico, with some places ranging between 5'4 and 6'0 for men height

Mexican women, on the other hand, are on average 4'9. My girlfriend is 4'8, which means that even my pathetic 6 inch pencil weiner can reach the darkest depts of her uterus (not really, but you get the point)

So long as you remember to stay the fuck away from size queens, you'll do great. Because height is irrelevant in here, what really matters is your confidence, and your economical sustainability. Because bitches love money.

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Get yourself a tall girl most tall girls don’t give a fuck about height cause they have accepted they will tower over everyone

ive noticed that couples from other countries are often hot women with a fat goblin male.

the men are just there to provide stable money income, and use their weight to intimidate

Demand that the women you date be shorter than 5'5

>Because bitches love money.