Help, girl was underage

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this lately. When my friend was 18 and in high school, he dated a 15 year old girl. He was really stupid and naive at the time, smoked weed, drank alcohol, and he was also a virgin when this happened. He did not realize that the age gap was a problem at the time, he thought that a senior and a sophomore, less than 4 years apart was fine. From looking at state laws however it was not fine. Some states have special laws that allow a 15 year old to consent to an 18 year old, but this state is not one of them. The relationship was very short, lasted only a week and they have not talked since. This happened many years ago, but still haunts my friend with guilt, self-disgust, and a fear that it will catch up to him one day like Brett Kavanaugh. Anyone have any advice?

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He's a nobody, so he doesn't need to worry.

Get "your friend" to a therapist. It's not normal to be this paranoid about something that happened years ago and clearly won't have any consequences whatsoever.

She could report the incident years later. This happens sometimes.

A flower pot culd fall on your head while walking down the street. It happens sometimes.
No reason to fret about it, though.

So you're saying he'll have to just live with the small possibility forever, and hope for the best?

She has no proof, so she can go fuck herself.

Yes, obviously. The chances or her actually taking any legal action are so low it's ridiculous to even think about it.

They aren't non existent, she technically could one day. Also it's just not a nice feeling knowing that he did that, even when at the time he didn't realize how much of a problem the age gap was, but that's no excuse. It was irresponsible and wrong. This guy actually doesn't want to be a degenerate and tries to live decently

>They aren't non existent, she technically could one day
Again, the chances of you being in the middle of a shotout arne't non-existent. The chances of you being hit by an asteroid aren't non-existent. The chances of a plane landing on your head aren't non-existent.
You can say that as many times as you want, it's still stupid to make it more important than it actually is. Go to a therapist.

18/15 is not a big deal dude, your 'friend' can stop worrying, and if you're going into politics going to Jow Forums is a going to be a bigger deal than a May/December romance from high school.

He's not going into politics but is going to school for a career. You think just going on Jow Forums at all is bad in and of itself?

>going to school for a career
what career field, you can be vague, if you aren't famous I doubt you will get in any trouble, especially if you didn't leave it on bad terms. Nothing will happen.
>Jow Forums at all is bad in and of it's self
No, I think it's great, but people think it's 'the hacker known as Jow Forums' in public, I assume with your worry you want to eventually be in the public eye? I would never admit I go to the place of 'hitler did nothing wrong'.

Also, I'm going into a career field with possible public eye, I had a sexual encounter with a girl that was 100 percent consensual but she got mad I didn't sleep over and told me I violated her. I'm talking literally asking permission and receiving yes answers, no gray area. People are weird but you can't let it run your life.

Seriously, I dated a sophomore when I was a senior. Unless she ran out of money and can't do anything else I'm not worried, she fucking loved me, and still is a good friend.

Relax and maybe beat off.

Law. And it did not end on bad terms. She ended it. It was just a very brief thing, she was very promiscuous in general and had a bad distant relationship with her parents I believe. And again he was a virgin at the time. He did not think of himself as taking advantage of abusing her he actually liked her. He had never had a girlfriend yet at the time

Since he doesn't want to be famous, your friend should let this go, relax, and literally never worry about it again. Also your friend should stop beating themselves up over this, 18/15 still in high school is hardly degenerate or abusive, unless your friend literally abused the girl.

You think it's more of a big deal if he wanted to be famous or a politician or something?

>You think it's more of a big deal if he wanted to be famous or a politician or something?
That's the only time it matters. But I mean sex scandals, not what your friend went through, so I don't want your friend thinking that if they want to be famous or a politician this is likely to bite them down the road, because it's not wrong in the first place. Like I said, you're friend needs to relax and not worry about it, lighting striking him is more likely to happen

imagine living in the land of the """free"""

Yeah I mean he didn't forcefully do anything but in the state he lives in, she technically wasn't able to consent to him when it happened.

Girls mature faster than boys and this isn't a big deal at all. By 17 half of girls have had sex. She was probably sure what she wanted and he was probably still bumping into things and scratching himself.

Therapy? Guilt? Forget all that shit and relax. Unless it was an exploitative, imbalanced relationship you're good.

>technically wasn't able to consent
first bj i ever got was from a busty young asian with a 140 IQ. i was 19 she was 15.

Another guy gets on the sex offenders register for the same thing, bad luck. If you're friend is walking around thinking allegations could ruin him, tell him to fucken get over it. Unless he took pictures or something jeez.

Cops and courts aren't interested in 18 year olds. They're looking for the 45 year old raping 12 year olds

don't do it again and appreciate his freedom while he can. one day the righteous will come for all of us, dragging us from our homes and dwellings. Some of us will expect it, but none will be ready. See what is righteous changes, but the monsters underneath still use it the same. Weapons of idealogy mobilize those considered innocent to commit horrible actions claimed to be a defensive against the new demons. will it be you who comes for me I can't say, but someone will come for us all.

There was this guy on to catch a predator called richer breault. Look him up. He was 19, she was 14. Video is pretty messed up, it's hard not to feel bad for the dude but what he was gonna do was fucked up. It's just he seems so young himself

Uhh what??? Schizo much

>Anyone have any advice?
He's a paranoid retard. That he's worried about something so trivial and unlikely to happen just means that he has nothing better to do and should perhaps get a job or something. Or maybe he should get some therapy, it's either or.

I don't believe people don't talk about sex laws where you grew up. It is a very common thing to talk about when you are in that age range.

Also how is this related to brett kavanaugh? Brett was falsely accused, your friend did this but was never called out on it. And even if she does call him out on it, it probably won't go to trial because there is a limitation on how far back such cases can go.
He is on the right side of this both morally and legally when this limit expires.
So tell your friend not to worry. Everything is fine and he just needs to wait with running for office until this is long forgotten.

But he could potentially find himself being accused way later in life like Brett Kavanaugh, except he's not a politician. And he did not think about it much, he just assumed 18 and 15 was ok at the time, he was stupid and naive. Many other people at the time who knew about it classmates etc never said anything about the age difference as if it were a problem. He should researched the laws but like I said he was a moron at that time in his life in a lot of ways. And I didn't know there was a time limit, is that true?

wow, burgers live in dread of a single misstep and losing their place at the table don't they?

The current obsession with elected representatives being crystal pure is not a given. There have been Presidents who drank, smoked, made nigger and faggot jokes and had mistresses, but still did a damn good job.
Then there's the opposite. Litigious fuckwits have turned you all into skulking, neurotic cats.

But he didn't though.

Look up the statue of limitations on statutory rape in your state. Tell your "friend" to stop being a pussy. Kavanaugh wasn't thrown in the courts for having sexual relations with a fifteen year old while he was in high school, he was accused of physically restraining her and assaulting her and two other girls. And it went nowhere and he's on the Supreme Court now. Plenty of people pre-Me Too movement had consensual relationships between freshmen and seniors and any judge isn't going to give a shit that they fucked. And that's given that he ever becomes important enough that she would get paid to stir up a bunch of shit about her bad decisions.

> If you're friend is walking around thinking allegations could ruin him, tell him to fucken get over it. Unless he took pictures or something jeez.
What about text messages?

yeah, burger here, america is really hung up on sex in ways i don't understand, add the metoo movement and now it's like everything is wrong, and minor mistakes are punished with major consequences. however, this doesn't apply to OP because he doesn't want to be famous, at least he's saying he doesn't.

Happened years ago, not sure if any texts are still around, maybe. Don't remember if there was ever anything bad over texts though, there may not have been

>When my friend was 18 and in high school, he dated a 15 year old girl

is america really this fucked up? this is normal in every european country

No, OP and his friend are just brainlets.

18/15 can be considered relatively normal here, ffs when I was 18 I dated someone who was 15 and when I was 15 I dated someone who was 18

You’ll see zero jail time even if she does. Just say nothing to police and her lawyer immediately. You’re in no danger.

Only get lawyer if a detective calls you or you are arrested to clarify

How long do normies keep their texts?

>and it went nowhere
It sure as fuck wasn't for lack of trying. Almost the entire democratic party/news media/Hollywood/silicon valley ran a massive character assassination campaign on him as being a sociopathic alcoholic serial rapist from a shakey AF accusation from 30 years prior.
Sure, I doubt OP is ever gonna be a SCOTUS nominee just saying

And yet, it's like normal people figured it was BS, Hollywood is insane.

OP you have nothing to worry about. In HS 18 year olds would fuck around with underclassmen (16,15, even 14 year olds sometimes) and I can’t remember a single instance of someone getting in legal trouble because of these encounters/relationships

Unless this girl is a narc with a deathwish towards you, you’re completely fine..

is it taboo in america nowadays to date 18 year olds too? Will people cancel you if you're famous

In certain states it would be allowed, just not the one this happened in. It was 1 year past being legal here. The laws vary from state to state. I know Europe is very lenient about sex and shit

yeah, even though they are legal, the feminist (i mean radical, not normal feminism) basically thinks women are children until they are 30 here. While I'm exaggerating, I'm not by much. Batshit response at 8:50 on this video, I've heard family members echo the same sentiments