Female inceldom

Why are there no female incel sites and boards? Why aren't women with trash quality genes complaining about their fate? Why are only male incels so toxic?

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Because female incels don't exist retard

Tits or gtfo?

Women don't need to be incels to be toxic

LOL this

Because with the lights out and/or a paper bag even that British 10/10 is fuckable. The women who are vocal about not getting laid are usually morbidly obese, hairy, politically liberal/degenerate, liberal arts majoring, anti-men, sjw, problem glasses and haircut wearing entitled bitches who dress in pastel colors and spread the smell of tuna and piss from their free bleeding cunt in a 15 meter radius.

>Why are there no female incel sites and boards?
Because women can't be involuntarily celibate
> Why aren't women with trash quality genes complaining about their fate?
They are though, but the difference is that they are salty about not being able to fuck 9/10 Chads while turning down men their level
> Why are only male incels so toxic?
Women are 100% more vile and toxic than men, and that's just the regular ones

There are, they just don't call themselves female incels. They are tumblrina sjw's. Incels are the male equivalent of tumblrina sjw's.

Because women tend to have hobbies and interests they occupy themselves with and dgaf. Meanwhile men get into alcoholism to cope.

>Why are there no female incel sites and boards?
Your average male incel has social issues, emotional issues, maybe some issues with weight/grooming. In order to be a legit femcel you have to be so repulsive both physically and personality-wise that not even Larry at the bar after 10 drinks or s.o.y. boy Steve on Tinder want to have anything to do with you. Male incels are much more common than femcels.
>Why aren't women with trash quality genes complaining about their fate? Why are only male incels so toxic?
Google r/trufemcels and tell me they're not fucking insufferable. That's your average "femcel", a morbidly obese man-hating cat lady that still somehow manages to get guys to fuck her but still considers herself an incel because no one likes her.

There’s groups of females just as toxic, unlovable and bitter,and a lot of it IS based around men, just not in the same way. Often times is based around being treated like shit by partners, rape or sexual trauma, etc. Sometimes they’re just incredibly sensitive and haven’t even really had anything all that bad happen and they’re just awful people.

They all spew the same hateful shit that goes well beyond a reasonable response to the trauma they’ve endured and I have little patience for it.

Women are more worried about commitment and money. They complain all day every day about everything about those topics and have gotten the whole legal system to favor them in those by doing it. The amount of effort women have put into fighting over those makes the incel thing look like an ant in the middle of a planet.

Because guys will literally fuck anything.
And women have more patience.

Women lack the active action-oriented element in their soul, one that even passive losers like incels possess. Women are the arable fields that exist for men to plow.

Men without fields to plow become raiders, like incels becoming mass shooters. But fields without men to plow them just end up being a bunch of vegetation, and are not a threat to anyone.

Because males are the real little bitches who whine and cry about everything

>even that British 10/10
>Who is Gemma Arterton

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holy fucking shit, we came a long way since the day of socrates


>what there are no female incels?
Because there are no female incels

>active action-oriented
Nice one, user.

I liked the “soul” part, you know it’s all about them facts when you add magic to something.

Because women simply make up much less of the internet population.

Its because women have a full time job and most guys don't

Women have lives.

>Why are there no female incel sites and boards?
The original incel community, and the coiner of the term "incel," was actually a feminist frp, Canada, and that community started in the 90s.

Incels won't allow them in their super-cool club house. SJWs don't want men in their womyn-only-spaces neither.

you mean the club house where they show each other their dick and argue whos smaller

/lgbt/? Don't think there's a lot of incels on there, but they definitely have the misogyny.

Yeah, that place. And they make up fantasies in which they are chad and bang tinderellas 24/7. Everything a self respecting woman wants.

Subgroups of the incel-community see going gaycel or trapcel as a last resort.

>Why are there no femcel sites
>CC, Trufemcels

>Women lack the active action-oriented element in their soul, one that even passive losers like incels possess.
Is this why incels whine about no gf while never asking any girls out?

Instead they'll write a whole Silmarillion on why they can't get a gf.

As expected, the female posters are incapable of understanding any abstract thought. Incels commiting shootings is action, and yes, even incels forming angry online communities is a form of action, a demonstration of their insatisfaction. They are anxious because of their position in society.

That is what the thread is about. Female incels don't demonstrate those phenomena because they are passive creatures lacking an active element. When in an unfavourable situation, women just passively accept it and submit, which answers OP's question.

Females don't have to put in effort, any male with a pulse is willing to fuck anything.
Males on the otherhand have to be charming, witty, funny and goodlooking to get any girl's attention.

Incels are male tumblrina sjw's. They're angry that the world is not bending backwards for them and providing everything they want without making any effort for it.

shes like a 7/10

Proved wrong before you even replied.

but that's just the same with the men. Most male incels also want to fuck 9/10s and then complain when they get turned down by them. They don't want an ugly fatty like themselves

Someone post more of the similar stuff

Seeing as the definition of incel is someone who's attempted to be sexually active but has had no sexual contact for over 6 months, yeah women can be incels. Its far easier for women to break the dry spell though.

If you're asking why women dont manifest in the same way, they do, look at tumbr etc. Its full of toxic, sexually frustrated people just like the incel boards. They just hide behind the more socially acceptable feminist intersectional progressive politics.