Why do I only match with fat girls?

Why do I only match with fat girls?

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Because Tinder is shit

If you swipe right in everyone the ELO algorithm with give you the low grade meat.

P.s. if don't want fat, stop swiping right on them. Don't be desperate.

The result of this is getting no matches

Because thats all you deserve

Where do you live and why are you swiping right on fat girls? Take 2 fucking seconds to actually look at all the pics before you swipe.

You only get 50-60 right swipes per 12 hours. Assuming you right swipe on 1/4 of the profiles, that's 200ish a day. Taking 3 seconds makes it like 10 minutes of your time

Omg I remember trolling on Tinder. I put a picture of myself when I was a teenager with a baby face and the account got deleted.
Some incel reported me.

You just look like a generic white guy to me.

You look like you probably look alright but you have 0 flattering pictures of your face

You're an average looking dude with an above average body. fatfuck women don't deserve a boyfriend with a 6 pack, don't give in
I'm a fatfuck myself, so i settle for chubby women, because that's fair. If i actually put in the effort in the gym and ate properly, there's no way in hell I would consider fucking a fat chick.
Still tinder and the attention women receive online, has made these deluded women think they have a chance with someone who looks like you. Things are getting shitty.
Still, with some better pics you could probably pull an average looking girl

Because you're ugly.

Sorry man. Them's the rules. Ugly dudes have to date fat chicks. Fatness in women is the equivalent of facial ugliness in men, that's just how it is.

The only way to escape this is to become rich and/or famous to offset your ugliness. Then you can have your pick of elite women to choose from.

More cushion for the push in

Man, it's the same for me on EVERY app. X enough fatties and you'll start getting disabled people.

These apps are trash.

this is tinder in a nutshell for average looking people

I for one would not mind disabled people.

Cause they match with everyone

Because even average women get hundreds of matches and it inflated their ego.

They no longer go for average guys and think only chads will do.

>Why do I only match with fat girls?
Lets look at
1 is a vanity picture with a poor view of your face
2 is a cropped picture
3 is the back/side of your head
4 is a cropped picture
5 well done you got a picture of you drinking
6 is a poor view of your face, at least it shows you doing something
7 is shit, well done you took a basic pretty picture
None of your pictures are great, the natural ones don't show your face or you enjoying yourself, avoid pictures with women who aren't obviously family as some women get funny about that.

You didn't share this and I suspect this is because it's shit. Your pictures get a swipe or someone to check your profile, your bio seals the deal, work on something funny, don't disclose everything about yourself otherwise you have nothing to talk about.

>the maths behind the scenes
If you're only getting fat girls it's because you're swiping right on everyone including the fat girls, this lowers your score and puts you in the unattractive/fatty category, you're only being seen by the fat/unattractive girls, thus you only match them.
Consider only swiping right on women you genuinely think you have a chance with, consider how attractive they are + the distance, if you're swiping right on more than 1/2 the women you see, you're swiping right too much, be picky to get exposed to higher scoring women.
Next up is conversations, actually messaging people increases your score and gets you exposure to more attractive women.

You're using Tinder, bro. You can always expect to punch way below your weight (or in this case, above your weight lmao) in terms of looks. If you were to go out and chase girls irl, you'd do way better.

How do I unfuck the algorithm?

Post better pics of your face. You don't seem like you're ugly but those pics are unflattering as fuck.

Post body

Matching with a girl you don't like is even worse. This shows you have validation seeking behavior and thus weak character. If tinder matches you with the low grade fatso... The algorithm figured you out.

Hire a 300$ hooker!

Don't use the app at all for at least 24h
Dislike all females in the next 24 to 48 h
Like maximum of 5 girls, when you reached the last one you really like just stop.
Repeat the last step after 24h..

Here you go ELO will start bumping you a bit.

there's all kinds of gaming that goes on. i can't say for sure but i have a feeling they only show you to uglies if you don't pay for the app and things like this to make you cave and pay for it

1 you look pale as fuck and as if you're ready to jerk off in front of stranger
2 could be okay but cropped
3 lame
4 creepy
5 a bit lame and a bit creepy
6 that's cool but can't be the only one
7 why?

It's great if you're a girl
Again, Tinder's not for guys
Your numbers are pretty spot on. I would time it so I could spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.
He's obviously not Gaston or Chad, but he's also not fucking bad either no homo
Spot on
Admittedly not a great profile, but imagine putting in that much effort as a woman? Lol. Your profile has to be LITERALLY PERFECT to get a few non-fatties?

>If you were to go out and chase girls irl, you'd do way better.


Might be worth trying. Lots of speculation on Tinder ELO, no evidence anything truly works well.
I've been using tinder consistently for three years now, and it's gotten piss poor. I think the userbase is too large. Bumble did work better than tinder, but even there I don't get any matches from non fatties.

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bruh take better flics tho. you look ight. Better pics might help.

Because you look like you abuse drugs and protein, just like they do, only it's sugary carbs and protein.
>delete every picture after 3

As a woman, we get to be a lot pickier. Your profile pics are my first impression of you, your written bio is my second impression.

If I go through hundreds of profiles in a day, I’m not stopping to carefully study each one. Either I like you on first impression enough to read your bio, or I’m skipping you.

Your first pic would put me off. Don’t like that? Put up better pics. You’re not ugly, your first picture just sucks and makes me not care about getting a closer look.

>1 you look pale as fuck and as if you're ready to jerk off in front of stranger
My sides

>tripfag chimes in
I think he was asking people whose social adjustment isn't so far atrophied they need a tripcode on Jow Forums in 2019...
Because that's what online dating IS. It's where people who lack one of two things go: in the ideal, it's time, and people online are there because it allows them to multitask that small talk phase, basically.
The reality is most people date online because they're fucking intolerable as people, and then they wax this attitude like they're hot shit. It's like when dudes provide those screenshots of women hitting on a 'bad' (read: criminal) guy.
Of course trashy hoes hit on them. It's someone on their level of trash or lower, so they don't have to feel bad about being trashy themselves.
Then they post the 'girls hate short guys' twitter posts and not a single one of those girls has a username that isn't comprised of non-standard characters

Online dating is where desperate people go at large, so if you don't want desperate people, don't date online.
>inb4 some apologists crawl out of the woodwork

No way, he’s not ugly. His problem is that he doesn’t understand how to assemble good pictures to sell himself.

His first picture should show his face clearly in good, natural lighting. That’s what will make most girls stop to look at his other pics and his bio.

He also needs to delete the pale beach bod pic. Either replace it with a more flattering version or not have it at all— and he should only have it if he’s looking for a hookup, because serious girls looking for relationships will often avoid those kinds of vanity pics.

You have no fashion style and look lime a decent dude. Hot thin bitches want to be treated like the trash that they are.

Because you're not in the top 5%

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Because those are the only girls interested in you, lower your standards or get off tinder

You need better pics and take off the one with that chick

Pretty much this

You dont have any well-lit pics of your face. Your face is obscured by darkness and you have sunken eye sockets so that doesnt help. Take more pics in natural lighting between 12 to 4 pm

OP here

Apparently I'm banned lol
How do I get unbanned I want some puss

You have a sinister face. You look like youd murder me and our children to go run off with your mistress. Maybe an Asian girl wouldn't mind or notice but some of us have options