Why do I need a job? What's wrong with the NEET life?

Why do I need a job? What's wrong with the NEET life?

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if you dont work you arent desirable to women so you will never have kids and are directly contributing to white genocide. its what the jews want you to do.

You don't know OP's gender, sexual orientation, fertility prospects, ethnicity or religion.
I think that you can do better than that.

If you are a NEET who pays for your accommodation and food and internet?

>its what the jews want you to do.
If anything, it's the opposite. By working, your taxes all go towards single mothers and other shitskins who are a burden to society.

either action benefits the jews, but building a strong white family will hurt them in the long run.

Hey if you can make it, I'd say go for it. I'm on my way to becoming work free myself. Can't wait

Depends on your goals. But I guess the only real problem with being a NEET that affects everyone is that you may run out of money someday and starve to death, maybe at old age.

Hard to keep that with the divorce rates. Western women have just become too entitled.

It's easy to filter out 90% of the scum-sucker women by having the right standards and not getting into a relationship with a degenerate. Some women hide their past and this makes it difficult to eliminate them, but your bright spirit will dispel the vast majority of thots. Our girls are still out there and they don't believe you exist either.

Divorce rates have been decreasing for a long time, what are you talking about?

Good way to be unfulfilled in life.

Yeah, I understand how to filter, but doubts are starting to creep in. I've known a few girls who seemed decent, but turned out to get a tattoo or dye their hair.
Isn't that because less people are getting married anyway? Or do you have sources to prove me wrong?

Having an ok job can be very fulfilling, allows you luxuries and makes you appreciate your time. It can also be very social.

Maybe i just have a wage slave mentality

What’s wrong is you’re a pathetic person who literally depends on others to pay for your survival. Instead of being a man and being able to provide for yourself

What is an ok job for you?

Set hours, decent pay, good number of holidays, culture of fixing mistakes rather than covering them up, sociable colleagues.

I meant more like a literal example of a job like that because I can't think of any. I only worked as a security guard for one day at an event and that's something I definitely wouldn't do a second time. (not OP btw)

Depends on what you like, what you're good at, and what fulfills you.

>You don't know OP's gender, sexual orientation, fertility prospects, ethnicity or religion.
I think we both know he's fucking white, kek!

If you move out into the woods and become completely self-reliant, then it's a great thing.

If you still depend on society for stuff, then you're a worthless parasite and your kind should be eradicated.

Not him, but let me try to clarify; I think he's asking you for an example of a job you've done that fits these criteria

OP, if you want to "go NEET", focus on getting passive income streams.

It's honestly the best way to go.

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Currently I work as a mechanical fitter in test and commissioning for BAE systems.

I always enjoyed tinkering so i guess this fits

Ok, that should help him

The jews want you to work so they can pay you next to nothing and make millions off your back you absolutely retarded stormfaggot

Slaving away 8 hours a day is so much more fulfilling lmao cope

At least I'm not gay. Sage

To elaborate I got a trade rather than going to university as I don't have the capacity to force myself through a degree. I started in the oil industry but was made redundant in the 2014/15 crash. Worked a shit job inbetween that job and this job.

I'd advise everyone thats feeling a bit down and out to invest their time into getting a trade. I can understand why someone would rather be a NEET than working in the service industry but even then being a NEET doesn't help you socialise

> pay you next to nothing and make millions

Most companies spend ~30% of their revenue on paying employees. Average profit margins in the US are around 10% IIRC, though that's propped up quite a lot by a few industries with very high profit margins (big tech for example).

For example, most convenience stores have profit margins

Seething wageslave lmao

This. user, move to the woods. Go spend some time on /out/ first though so you don't pull a Chris McCandless.

That's why all those multi million yachts are bought by hard working people and not CEO's and their friends. Wait. Go away Shlomo.

Those CEOs are working for really big companies. They only make that kind of money by taking a few pennies from your paycheck, and the paychecks of tons of other people.

If they gave that money back to you rather than spending it on yachts, you'd barely notice a difference.

>defending his overlords
Imagine being such a pathetic boot lickerike you, damn. What's that ? Alarm clock ringing ? I think it's time to go back to work and make more shekels for Mr
Noseberg, user. Wouldn't wanna disappoint him you're getting your fair share after all !

I'm self-employed

>I'm self employed
>I'm white
Always the same thing with the kike.

To support your NEET life, you could live off your investments by living like a hobo for a decade, this is the FIRE philosophy.

Until then, unless you know how to farm your own food at a bare minimum, you're never truly free as a NEET.

Nah thats bullshit. The pay disparity is unreal and when profits are down the CEO doesn't knock £100,000 off his million pound income, he axes mid to low teir staff.

Your parents and relatives are probably thinking about you every day and cringing in frustration and disappoitment. Especially your parents to whom you were presumably a massive financial and emotional investment for at least 18 years.

Just get a job or go to school you faggot.

Companies hire a lot of BS jobs these days. They should be cutting staff.

Take a look at big tech. They hire hundreds of thousands of engineers, and really don't output anything a whole lot more inpressive than what small companies make. Meanwhile, their engineers are getting paid $100k+/yr to browse Twitter and play ping-pong all day.