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This thread is for advice on improving your physical, mental, and social fitness.

General life advice is tolerated, but please attach a fitness question to prevent this thread being deleted like its predecessor. This should make the thread count as on topic(hope this pleases the jannies).

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are there any additional sources similiar like in the Jow Forums sticky regarding fitness?

A compiled good source with all basics.

Non self improver detected.

I'm so socially awkward is annoying.
I know what I should say but I just drop my spaghetti.

my face often flares up whenever I'm literally around any girl my age, could be some goblin whore and I still go red in the face.
Has anyone got advice?

>get crap grades in a levels
>uni of choice rejects my initial offer
>they offer the same course but with a foundation year and I have to start in September
>this will make my uni course 6 years long
Oh well. Got in anyway, and starting in September means I don’t have the gap year to develop hobbies but it means I meet new people sooner and don’t have to risk a gap year without friends.
Just cause things don’t look good at first doesn’t mean they won’t be. Can’t wait to go and meet the flat mates. Wish me luck.
Plus it’s a new campus, and apparently it’s got a cracking gym. Going to look at it on Wednesday.

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Idk if it’ll work for you but I try and think of a chad I know and emulate their mannerisms. I once drunkenly spilled my autistic self-doubts to a mate at a party and he literally said “mate everyone thinks you’re the ballsiest, most confident lad in the group where the fuck is this coming from?”

get a tan

Good luck user.

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>implying the white demigod on the left would settle for the horse faced turbomanlet with bitch tits

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My mental and social fitness has been really lacking lately and it's starting to affect my joy from physical gainz.

It doesn't help I got a promotion that puts me on night shift which is a disaster zone that I'm not expected to turn around.

Needs an OP still. Bring back /sig/ OP and put basic fitness routines and food tips in the OP text.
Let's extend /sig/ stuff to more fitness stuff like info on swimming, running, cycling which we recommended anyway.

pic related was my issue
after some thinking time i recalled what my life was in the past and what changed

night shift, good luck user

anyone has an answer to this? ->

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pic related is totally accurate. The only real things that make me feel good atm is going for long drives to see the outdoors, bonding with my wife when she's not in Karen-mode, and going to the gym.

I don't really have much I'm passionate for and I don't really get to do much of the few things I'm passionate about.

I want to feel that light and alive again.

Ever since I got Jow Forums my physical health finally improved. Then slowly my confidence and mental health did too.

I'm 22 years old and finally had a girl show interest in me. Unfortunately she's 17... which is a minor in my state. All I have done with her is kiss her neck and lips. We also talked about having sex once she turns 18. Is any of this illegal? Am I screwed?

I'm having such a hard time lifting and doing anything now because I'm so stressed out about the idea of committing a crime. I was so happy to finally receive attention that I ignored the fact she was 17.

Cuck a gap year before college. We don’t even have that shit in America. Do your time and get school done and then jerk off afterwards. You don’t have to get a job right after you finish school, especially if you have $0 debt. Plus when your traveling you’ll meet all kinds of people. Many of them may open up opportunities for you, especially if you already have a degree.

Definitely 100% wait until she is 18. Especially with all the bull shit going on these days it’s just not worth it. Imagine when you break up or something happens “he raped me when I was 17!! I didn’t know what I was doing I was a minor!!” Type of shit. Just be safe.

Anyone have good resources relating to yoga ?

is greek yogurt+ honey + almonds a fit breakfast/snack?

Why does Gym-maxxed Chad have a skinny neck?

idk where to ask this but, im 25% body fat should i go for gains or cut, im a newbie btw, also how does my routine sound


3x5 squats
3x5 bench press
3x5 dead lift
2x8 barbell curls


3x5 overhead press
3x5 barbell rows
2x5+ pullups

anything that i should add? im retarded and i also only have a squat rack cage thing + barbell

I would cut. Routine looks all right for beginner but I would probably change it after some months

Routine looks good.
You could alternate barbell curls with tricep dips.

Don't call yourself retarded.

yes, based
if you are not trying to lose bodyfat you can still add some oats for carbs and energy

only meditation

check out "body recomposition"
a slighlty calorie deficite to lose bodyfat but still build muscles and strength

since you already work out at home, you may have the time to throw in some 3x12 reps for hypertrophy muscle grow

appreciate the advice, and im only jokingly calling myself retarded, im not insecure, just dont know shit really

switch squats or DL to B. Day A is too much volume compared to day B. Add more sets to all your lifts. You're missing out on ez beginner gains with low volume.

how big of a difference is there in incline and regular bench? should i be doing both on the same day, i dont have a dip rack

Incline works your upper chest muscles, decline works lower chest. Yes do they both on the same day.
>I dont have a dip rack
you don't need a yoga mat to do yoga, improvise.

Kinda significant.

It helps to do one barbell and the other with dumbbells on chest day.

Though tbqh I do most of my lower chest work with cables now but that's because I'm focused heavily on trying to beat genetics and get popping pecs.

Even though some American states have those "romeo juliet" laws or whatever they're called (if age is close it's alright if one is under 18), wait until 18 just to be absolutely fucking sure. Good luck with her.

Start with the Greeks. Unironically. It might help you in some way, though it takes time to really grasp your head around it all and for it to get into your bones.

better safe than sorry, wait until she is 18
until then raise her properly to be good wife and mother (if she hasn't been railed by ten guys already before she met you)

>Is any of this illegal?
yes, pretty much any form of romantic interaction with a minor is "corruption of a minor", saying "we'll bang when you're 18" is a crime.
it's retarded and no, you wont be prosecuted for it, but yes, it is technically illegal if the cops really want to go after you over nothing

Chads don’t care about necks

have sex


I will keep an eye out and if I end up seeing something I will mention it, but the sticky and wiki are still the best condensed resources I’ve seen


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Boys, will minoxidil + dermarolling help me fill in a bald spot on my chin?

Practice talking to girls, you will eventually adjust.

Post beard

The absolute state of amerifats

both the guys look so fucking terrible in this image what the fuck kind of muscle anatomy is this?

Britfag here. You don't need a yerar to develop hobbies as going to uni gets you access to trying so much different shit it's unreal. So many clubs and shit to do and everyonen is always nice about it.

I never went to uni and I regret it, although I do have the added benefit of getting a decent wage and not being in debt, but uni in itself is a huge social opportunity.

The original is a shitty blackpill image that was clearly lowest effort possible. Focus was not on art, but on making as many people feel bad about themselves as possible.

Yeah it was drawn by a skelly incel who had no idea what muscles look like, just that it was pointless to try because Chad

daww.. thats nice op.
kinda makes me wish i wasn't a huge fatass.

and here we are agaim
you tried OP, you tried :(




> Muh gym
Fucking bodybuilders. Show me one 50 year old body builder who has a good life and isn't Joe Rogan.

to be fair: being a gymmaxxed incel is still 100 times better than an untrained

Arnold was 50 in 1997
> True Lies came out three years before (1994)
> Eraser was a year previous (1996)
> Granted In 1997 he was in Batman & Robin which is pretty bad but overall he had a damn good life at 50, and long after - he would be The Governator in 6 years

>If you lift weights you are a bodybuilder

>ribs are showing and is still fat
Hey! That's just like me!

Out of those, the untrained chad is the only one who looks good.

"We're all gonna make it brahs" is a phrase of true beauty. We can all be sick cunts.

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Unironically SS+GOMAD maybe Half-GOMAD if you dont want gyno

Needs more leg stuff, especially for your calves

I've been jogging for an hour a day (in the summer and when other days of other seasons aren't complete shit) and it's amazing how the slightest bit of physical exercise can make you feel good and calm mentally.

I lost 30 lbs over the last year I think and it's all from my waistline. I wasn't one of those guys who gets proportionately fat and is all jolly. I was skinnyfat, still able to wrap my fingers around my arms but with a stomach looking like I'm 13 months pregnant.

I also have a kettlebell that's been collecting dust, I'll take it out when it's fall and it rains sideways 90% of the time.

nice, good job user!