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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Me and the GF got into the biggest fight of our relationship so far (10 months in).
She's still really upset with me and we haven't seen each other in 3 days because she said she wants to be alone. She's been giving me 2-3 word texts and being really distant, but is still responding, even though she does it late and her texts are brief and cold.

She did text "Love you, goodnight." the past couple nights after I said it first, but without the usual emoji's and emotion she usually sends them.

I know she's still upset, but the fact that she's still responding to "I love you"s gives me hope. Does that mean we'll probably be ok? Or is it possible for women to still say "I love you" to someone while still thinking of breaking up?

Either gender. In fact probably just my own gender men. Posting for containment.
Is there a way I can not be turned on during a date cuz this is fucking distracting and I think it's confusing my romantic decisions, but jacking off seems to do shit all and obviously if I'm having this issue, I can't just fuck someone either...

Maybe someone wants to turn you on

Hey ladies! What turns you on?

Girls how do you feel about guys who shave all their pubic hair? Kinda want to start doing it because it feels so clean, but It does look at little odd.

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why would she send nudes when she's in another country now?
I hope she is aware she just turned a +2year platonic relationship completely sexual cause i'd want to tap that when she comes back
wtf women...

I guess I just don't like feeling vulnerable and losing any of my sensibility.

Years ago, a girl used that against me once. Or, well, I used it against myself.

Anyway I don't want to be come off overly sexual or get this bad... I want to make my own decisions and not be used... It feels submissive and I don't like it.

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What goes through the minds of women when I respond with callous indifference or outright contempt to their advances?

Girls, what's the deal with long hair on males? Most girls I've met who weren't goths or metalheads have told me that they dislike it, but they can never really say why, they just do. I keep mine clean, healthy and properly combed, and commonly get positive feedback on it, but it's still considered as a turn-off. What exactly is the problem here?

There's nothing wrong with being turned on during dates. Like fuck, some guys would kill for your libido.
Tackle your past mental trauma's and not your libido.

Ladies, Is love real?

So I developed feelings for a friend, told her, got rejected but stayed friends even though we became distant.

We've grown closer again, to the point where she invites me over to watch movies with her and spoon in bed.

She still maintains there is nothing there but her actions speak different.

I know im barking up the wrong tree but its just confusing. Girls, is it normal to invite over a Male friend who likes you to do that kind of thing?

Can you fuck off Jow Forums


What is the least conspicuous way to ask a guy whether he has a girlfriend? Are there any tells to figure it out without asking?

Just ask what hes up to. He'll probably out right tell you if he's with her to shut you down unless he's trying to cheat.

No. At least once the honeymoon phase wears off, although most guys seem to never love at all.

Girls, would you date a gay (active)?

>never used dating apps like lovoo or tinder
>be 26m
So I wanna checkout how this appdate thing is. Not searching my soulmate, just wanna look and chat. Any helpful advice for my profile? I intend to keep my bio pretty minimalistic. 3 or 4 pics and that´s it.

Huh? Why would a gay guy date a girl?
I wouldn't personally date a dude who has sex with men, because I'm insecure and I always hear that once you have sex with a man you'll never really feel fulfilled by sex with a woman again. Not to mention all the bisexual guys I have met eventually came out as just being gay.
Does this make me a homophobe

I don't like it. I think it makes guys look like a metalhead/weeb/turbo geek or a hippie, and I'm not into either of those "types". Even if a chad had long hair I guarantee he would look better with it shorter. Anything past the shoulders is too much for me. Some girls out there like it but it's not many.

I don't think it's weird, I don't really have preferences on male pubes at all. If it makes you feel better then go for it. If anything the lack of hair makes your dick look bigger and that can look nice.

>Why would a gay guy date a girl?
Gay-bisexual? I'm not familiar with the terms actually. I mean a guy who cares about his look, clothes, hair, and generally looks like a gay.

>I'm not familiar with the terms actually
Apparently you've also been living under a rock to not know what does words mean.

If you're friends with a guy on social media and he posts a pic and you like it, are you trying to hint at something? given you two never really spoke and vaguely know each other, but I have a feeling she might like me. Could be just friendly tho.

I never like pictures of anyone on social media, but when I do its most likely going to be a girl I have a crush on. Don't really go around liking things of people I barely know. I'd be hesitant to like her pic if she was to upload one.

Just because you do things un a certain way doesn't mean everybody else does the same. Some people like pictures because they think it's the polite thing to do.

>recently read that girls who ride horses have 'grade a pussy'
what does that mean exactly? she has a nice vagina or she's great in bed or what?

It means nothing, it's a baseless generalization.

I think you're right. It just struck me as odd. My other female friends didn't like the picture. She also seems very helpful in class but doesn't speak much and seems shy so it made me feel like sometimes girls like that like to send subtle hints like that. I'm a shy guy and sometimes I resort to that before I can manage to ask a girl out, to gauge her reaction a little bit

> I always hear that once you have sex with a man you'll never really feel fulfilled by sex with a woman again
This sounds like a fucking lie. Like one of those "once you go [insert race or quality]" memes.

As for men that said they were bisexual, well I thought I was bisexual for a while and it turned out I was straight, so...
>Does this make me a homophobe?
Our society likes to toss these fucking labels around. "Sexist", "homophobe", "Islamaphobe" (the stupidest one yet IMO), even "racist". Like okay yeah some people really are bigots, but it's a blurry and thick line. People actually do change and having a little bit of something someone can label as X thing means dick all in the end because it ignores so much.

Think about it. What REALLY is a racist (as our most extreme example)? It's not the same as the word "evil" so it has some other generalized meaning, but if you look at each little component and think what are the different ways someone could be racist or look racist, I think you'd start to realize that these labels are only - as well as ironically and sometimes hypocritically - only useful as generalizations to get an idea across.
No, you're not a "homophobe".

Also it disgusts me that our society uses the suffix "-phobe" this way when their can be such a large variety of reasons for being afraid of someone or a particular group without actually hating them or being incorrigibly bigoted. Incorrigibly being a key word. But I digress and again, you are not a homophobe.

It happened a few times now. I tried talking to this girl in my course and sometimes I get to talk to her 1 on 1 but when we're outside our class waiting, and all of the people from my class are there and I try to talk to her, some of the guys swarm me the minute I open my mouth and try to talk to her and I feel left out, because they try to get her attention, so I just join in whenever I feel like it, but its cockblocking as fuck. Why? and how do I deal with these guys?

Some girls just like pictures of their friends.

>A gay guy
> I mean a guy who cares about his look, clothes, hair, and generally looks like a gay.

What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you gay, bi, questioning or what?
I can't even tell if you just mean your "metrosexual" (and insecure because of what basically amounts to this idea), a word I thought I'd never use in a sentence because of how retarded it is.

If you're attracted to girls, great date girls. If you are also attracted to men, it may be harder for you because it can add a layer of insecurity and uncertainty like "what if he turns out to like men more?" or "he has so many options [he doesn't btw]".

Now on the other hand, if you don't like girls, then don't date girls unless it's a real casual fling like an experiment or fetish or whatever and you are very clear that you are a gay man.

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no but seriously, its cool, maybe you're right, we do just joke around casually, but never really spoke to one another so I wouldn't consider us friends myself but she might see it in a different way

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Guys who look "gay" are pretty popular with younger girls. I mean look at how popular K-pop idols are, and they don't look traditionally masculine. It all comes down to the woman's preference...some like rough masculine looking guys, some prefer softer more feminine looking guys.

Also, being well-dressed, clean, etc is a good thing no matter what and doesn't necessarily make you look "gay".

Probably fat chance, but I'll try.
Has any of you ever tried this fragrance OR any Lacoste fragrance at all? They gave me a tester strip and smells amazing but a little bit sweet. Do girl like sweet scent on men?

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If you are just actively trying to smell good you are immediately leagues above 90% of other men.

I haven't seen my bf since Tuesday. We've chatted sparingly via text because he was on nights and I work 9-5. I'm an adult but also dumb with social stuff, would it be clingy to tell him that I miss him?

I'm a girl but I wouldn't think so at all. That's a very valid feeling.

Doesn't sound clingy to me. Do it.

Advice: Don' it through apps. EVERY girl I talked with Tinder, Bumble, PoF, OKC, whatever has flaked sometimes part way through the conversation and I'm an engineering major who gets compared with celebrities a lot (and I'm not as stuck up as this example makes me sound...).

It's just too much pressure on those things. Really fucks with you and it's hard to show yourself for what they really want even if it's just sex, apparently...

Just get to know her and flirt, you'll work it out from there, don't overanalyze too much. Some girls do that to drop a hint, and some are just being friendly. Best of luck

If a girl likes a guy, does she look at him a lot? does she just fantasize or does she want him to know she's looking to send a hint?

I recently noticed a few girls that I've become friends with, stare at me in class. I occasionally look around when I'm zoning out in class and I always come across the same girls smiling and already looking at me before I looked at them so I know they've been staring for some time. The other girls I barely know or never spoke to never look. I even caught my substitute teacher looking at me once and she quickly looked back and pretended to look around once I caught her staring.

>girl is kind of standoffish in real life
>but talks to me all the time on social media

She's shy.

She wasn't shy at first though. She said she was shy, but she talked up a storm with me, asked me for my Instagram and everything.

Maybe she could only muster courage for that one time and now feels more comfortable online.
Talking too much at once can be a sign of shyness too, some people do it as a way to "rush" through the fear.

How do I make intercourse more pleasurable for girlfriend? I make sure to get her off a few times with oral beforehand but I was wondering what I could do during it

She likes it rough too if that helps

women, what kind of foreplay do you like? how do I know if I'm doing it the right way? how long should it last?

Guys, what makes a girl good in bed? I got friendzoned and I'm wondering if it's because I just suck in bed or something.

You mean you fuck a guy and then he says "let's just be friends"?

We slept with each other like 5 times and then he said he wanted to just be friends out of nowhere. So now we're friends, but he texts me all the time and is pretty touchy-feely with me so I have no idea what I did.

I recently moved back to my hometown after many years. I've been running into an ex a few times now and everytime she sees me she literally runs away.
I broke up with her many years ago because she was emotionally cheating. I don't have feelings at all anymore, but it kinda makes me feel bad to have someone running away from you and it's been a source of stress because last time she did this I was at a public event and her friends were staring at me like I shouldn't be there.
Never been an asshole to her, nor I stalked her or been a creep, though I've might have had a bit of a self-destructive behavior after we broke up, as I thought she was the one. I'm trying to figure out why is she acting that way. Should I try to talk to her next time I see her or should I just ignore her behavior ?

>act like a cheap slut
>gets treated like a cheap slut
nothing surprising about this

>I don't think it's weird, I don't really have preferences on male pubes at all. If it makes you feel better then go for it. If anything the lack of hair makes your dick look bigger and that can look nice.

not the guy but if you slept with someone and you're not in a relationship with that person then you technically have no obligation to be with that person after sex. That's the chances you take when you sleep around, he either wants to see what happens, or he hopes for a fwb, or if that doesn't work out then you two no longer see each other. Dating helps filter out those who just want to sleep with you, because it takes too much time and commitment

Ask her why she's demonizing you.


skinny, fat, ottermode (lean with some muscle) or strongfat (not so lean with pile of muscle) and why

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some chicks will just stare at me, im not really handsome, 5/10 on good day
also they have boyfriends usually

maybe because i have eye contacts with them and smile to eachother idk

one chick im really into can stare at me from like 50m away at work and its weird because i see her while shes doing the work and not sure what to think, accorsing to fb shes in relationship

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I’m fucking this guy I met on bumble. Problem is, I think I actually might like him. I’ve never had this problem and usually I’m pretty good at not getting attached. But he never hits me up first or goes out of his way to talk to or see me. Should I keep going with this at risk of getting hurt? Is it clingy to text someone just to ask to fuck?

Nipple play for me

No preference, do what feels most comfortable for you

I can't speak for other people, but I personally just think, "Their loss" and move on

Muscle is better than skinny/fat, but I've dated all of the above

refer to

BDSM yaoi.

i know this isnt soc but how to choose good hairstyle

local hairdressers / barbers are of no use
i look like far left obviously, average,big round head long pointy chin, sticking out ears and high forehead

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There's this girl from my work who said that she was down to go on a date,but after a few weeks she doesn't seem to want to go. I feel like i'm being played here since she refused at first but then brought it up again in our instagram DMs that she was willing to go. When I arranged the first date, she had to cancelled.It's weird, because she still talks to me a lot at work and we usually take our breaks together. So i'm getting mixed signals here, and I'm not sure what to make up of it or what to do.

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For women-

So I find it hard for me to calibrate myself when it comes to dates. I am either too passive on the date (not enough physical contact) or I am too aggressive. The weird thing though is that both work but it almost never works on the girls I actually want to see again.

Example of a failed date with little physical contact-
>went out for drinks
>everything was going "good"
>went for a walk
>brought her to my place
>she used the bathroom
>suddenly her friend keeps texting her so she left
>never replied to my follow-up text

Example on a successful date with little physical contact-
>picked her up
>parked at my place
>went to grab ice cream
>came back to my place
>turned on netflix
>we fucked

What can I do better?

Abandon the false equivalency. You have no idea if the girls you really liked were as into you as the girls you didn’t. The failed date example strikes me as one who found she really was not into you at all, even if you thought it was going well.

Is it more likely that girls hate me because I'm physically weak, or because I'm ugly?

Why would a woman go back to a guys apartment if she wasn't into him?

How common/recommended is it to inquire about a 2nd date, at the end of the first date?

It’s possible she saw something at the apartment she didn’t like. Also possible she went because she figured she might as well see where it goes, wasn’t getting threatening vibes from the dude, so thought there wasn’t much harm. But as soon as her friend offered something more interesting to do, she bailed. Either way, going to the bathroom then suddenly bailing with no explanation basically means that at that point, she’s not interested.

My fwb and I hung out all day and didnt have sex at night? (We had sex the night before)

Is this normal...


Going to have sex with my BF for the first time this week. I am really into really rough, degrading sex and that was my main type of sex I had with my ex (dated for 8 years and was only guy I slept with). I worry that I may say or do something that will come off as messed up or creepy.

Any advice on what I can say or do during sex that's gentle or romantic?

Depends on your fwb. Some emphasize the friend aspect more than others and like hanging out but wouldn’t necessarily date you exclusively you know?

Girl to girl, my advice: open up dialogue about sexual preferences. Ask him what he’s into and what he’s interested in trying or curious about. That gives you the opportunity to open up too.

My boyfriend knew I was into some kinky shit months before we ever tried having sex. Surprise surprise, he’s glad because it means he can be open about some of his less conventional desires too. It helped us open up about our attitudes toward consent, as well, which made me feel good because it was clear we were on the same page.


t. strong as fuck and ugly male

depeding on type of guy he is he will either like or dislike it

take it gradually and talk

I don’t date a lot, but if it goes well I’d kind of expect it? I never want to push someone, so I just say something like “I had a really good time” which gives them a window to ask for next time, but also a way to gracefully bow out if they like.

Maybe she’s conflicted about it and doesn't know how to get out of it gracefully?
Women are often to “nice” to just say no, not realizing the push-pull is actually worse.

You’ll have to do some googling for your head shape/what looks best. What you want to accentuate vs amplify. I don’t particularly care for your haircut you have now, but I have no better suggestions.

As an aside, I love doofy ears that stick out.

My gf (been together over a year) was molested as a kid and she rarely talks about it. She is fearful of men and still struggles with trauma but refuses to tell details and won't see health professionals. I want her to be able to lead a normal life. How do I go about it?

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Guess I won't talk about it until she mentions it or something

A lot of that depends on her.
A friend of mine has PTSD, usually needs mood stabilizers, and sees a therapist, but she still takes it as a personal attack if anyone tries to help her or makes excuses for her when she has an episode.

Well she said her friend was feeling sad about her self image and wanted to come over to her place. She obviously had to piss cause I pissed before we left the bar and she drank 2 more beers than I did.

She actually just texted me back saying she had a good time initially but isn't into hooking up lol. I didn't even try to hook up with her.

>ears that stick out
i know one gorgeous girl with latina looks (could have easily made it as actress in movies, this good looking) also has ears that poke out a bit but since long hair are a thing its not visible. looks cute on her anyway

but i think im particulary unattractive and that even makes it worse.

altough it seems since i got my neck thicker from lifting and headbanging on concerts the ears are far less noticeable, first thing people comment on is my neck usually

haircuts are a problem, i thibk ill stick to short sides longer on top mainstream cut

gonna visit barber tomorrow, ty for input

What do I do if a girl still likes me despite her being in a (new, budding ) relationship after a mistake I made ended ours 6 months ago.

We drunkenly laid in bed together spooning on a weekend getaway with our friend group (her “new bf” was not present) and despite her being the one to initiate (she came into the bed and lied down in my arms after flirting in a hot tub), no real cheating happened. She just wanted to lay in my arms all night and tell me how much she wanted to be my girlfriend and how we were perfect for each other and that it just got fucked up between us.

And before the “once a cheater...” adage, this girl has no history whatsoever of cheating (we’re mid twenties and she’s never cheated on anyone), she’s specifically into me it seems. We stopped talking for months and in that time (the last month specifically) she started talking to some new shmuck. We have been brought back together through mutual friends now and I think we both still like each other and dont know how to act around eachother.

What should I do?

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>And before the “once a cheater...” adage, this girl has no history whatsoever of cheating (we’re mid twenties and she’s never cheated on anyone), she’s specifically into me it seems

What makes you say that? Can you elaborate on the “no”?

You don't know her history, "once a cheater' is very relevant, and you don't know what she actually thinks of you.

If she was specifically into you, she would've broken it off with her boyfriend.

I do know her history though and I can say with 100% certainty she has never cheated, and her friends (who were my friends first) have known since they were young and backed it up. Her one friend, specifically girl friend, said plainly she still likes me and is confused after seeing me again.

Also, isn’t that kind of dickish? To have the new guy be shat on because the girl likes the old guy? I can see why she would feel bad about just immediately dumping this new guy.


>You don’t know what she actually thinks of you

Did you read my post?

>”I could have been your gf”
>”We were perfect for eachother”
>”Stuff just got messed up”

As her head is on my chest while spooning in a bed.

I know advice here is stern for the sake of it but cmon

I've had someone say the same shit when she was trying to manipulate me.

Idk, I need more input from this thread before I start believing its manipulation 100%. I don’t see the motive for it.

in my case, she liked keeping guys around her as fallbacks, or to do or buy shit for her.

She said she didn't want a relationship with me any time soon, but when I moved on to another girl, she would start acting like she's suddenly interested, while talking constant shit about the other girl.

The thing is though, me and this girl were pretty heavily into eachother and one dumb fight ruined it. I backed away, and it was no contact for months. I wound up hurting her more because I was the one who backed away. Now months later we happen to be part of the same friend group again. I haven’t bought anything for this girl, nor do we talk outside of physically seeing eachother in person. She has a bf, there are limits, and the laying in bed togetber thing I think spooked us both a little.

I’m not talking to anyone atm, and as far as I know (again, my best friends are her best friends too) neither is she.

Isn’t it possible that, in the absence of us talking, she tried to move on and then old feelings came back after we reunited? I really don’t see her doing it spitefully or mean. If she wanted to just fuck around we would have fucked by now.

Neither is she besides the bf**** I mean