Beginner sex mistakes

What are typical mistakes that beginners make relating sex?

Share all tips and tricks here.
Ask all questions here.

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The clit is not a button. You should softly stroke around it without direct contact unless she asks for more.

direct contact is bad? even with the tongue?

Being completely ignorant of how women really work. Going in thinking you can just pound away until she cums. Not pacing yourself.

Accept the fact that you're going to fucking be terrible at sex and might even have anxiety problems leading to not getting hard.

yes and what do I do to fix this? to prevent issues or perform better

It's bad if she's not horny enough to handle it. Women are far more sensitive down there than men and it can get overwhelming. The tongue is softer, so it's better and rarely causes overstimulation. Still, always start slowly.

Skipping foreplay
Also I guess you won't be great at first but it's all practice

please give me detailed tips because the woman I'm going to be with is already experienced but I myself have none. I don't wanna fuck it up

There's no silver bullet, the only way to be comfortable in a situation is more experience in it.
That's how you stop anxiety and become more comfortable and confident in sex.

But I can't. I'm already 30 so fucking around with newby 18yo's is not gonna happen and I can't afford to fuck shit up with the woman I can get now

Relax. If worse come to worse and you having difficulty with sex, just say you didn't get much sleep last night, or you haven't really been in the mood recently from works, stress, etc etc.

There's are other things you can do besides sex op. Eat her out, finger her, play with her clit till she cums. She can do the same to you.
You'll be fine.

Is this a potential gf? Or just a cheap fling. Sounds like a cheap fling.

>just say you didn't get much sleep
yeah but I'm not gonna be any better the second time, and how many times do you think I can make excuses before I lose her?
>Eat her out, finger her, play with her clit till she cums
any tips on this? the other anons says to not even touch the clit. How about eating her out? How gross will it taste and smell? how should I do it and what should I avoid doing?

definitely potential gf, but she's experienced and we're already 30 so I don't think or expect her to have patience with a guy who doesn't know shit about what he's doing.

If you eat her, don't apply too much pressure.

Learn how to give oral sex. Make her cum once at least with oral before penetration. Lay her on her back and then lay her butt on its side so you can better hit the g spot. Or put her on her stomach and do prone bone. It's really better to make her cum orally before penetration because you get her vagina to fill with blood, making future orgasims easier.

Advance topics would be shit like choking which I wouldn't even bring up if you can avoid it.

>lay her butt on its side so you can better hit the g spot
wait what? on its side how and why? I thought the gspot was in and up if she's on her back

When you're playing with her clit, just gauge her reactions. You can tell if you're being too hard on it.
Also the clit usually has the hood protecting it from direct contact, so it requires effort to be directly on it.

You can't really teach it, it's like learning to ride a bike. You just gotta be able to read her body and figure out what she likes.

you can't teach all of it, sure, but you can teach some of it, right?

Don't have to worry about any of this shit if you rape.

There are some broad strokes that girls like but honestly each girl is different.
Just remember girls bodies aren't like ours; it may sound autistic but their orgasms stack. When she likes one thing, do another.

When she likes one thing, do another? Like? Keep doing that thing she likes?
My ex really liked when I kissed and licked her neck, so I kept doing something else so that I don't become boring doing the same thing.
Is this legit? Or not?

you mean do multiple things at the same time?

Biggest mistake is fapping alot before the deed. One should not fap for at least 3 days before sticking the D in the P.

at least a week that way you can pop off a massive load and say your sensitive because you don't jerk off.

Sauce for this goddess?

Thanks. She's gorgeous.

yeah I'd give my left nut to marry her

But turns out Tumblr has made it impossible to save pics in full resolution, even from that Tumbex site, it gets the "640" size rather than "1280" size no matter what as the url style has changed for new images... I fucking HATE how everything is being turned to shit. FUCK FUCK FUCK

dude the link I posted has literaly mega download links for her entire instagram and VSCO

But won't there be new pics, unless she's dead today? Instagram can still be downloaded from for now but soon even that will be impossible, you know because many sites for that purpose have been getting shut down, same as Youtube downloaders...

Don’t be a moron, wear a condom.

the archive is made today...

if she gets new shit, just install violentmonkey or tampermoney browser addon and this script for it:

why? I wanna fuck the girl, not a piece of latex. neither of us do casual sex so it's not like I'll catch something

doggy (with you standing up) is great if you want to last longer and you don't get tired

With a girl like the one OP posted, wearing a condom is the moronic thing to do. Besides, condoms are shit tier anyway. Impossible to cum with one to begin with, it just suffocates the dick, and it won't feel good. So using one with anyone except a slut you picked up from the street who's still dripping someone else's cum, is pointless unless you live in a country with the highest STD rates in the world.
That's why I said "unless she's dead today". Isn't that script for Instagram images, too, or at least sounds like it with "ig"? There are sites for that purpose, already, like and it seems is back too. But for Tumblr...

Yes to both of you

It's hard for a lot of women to come from oral alone. I would combine it with fingering for a better chance at getting her off.

After you cum with a condom on you are done. Doesn't matter if you are still hard, doesn't matter how good it feels, doesn't matter how much she is enjoying it. If you keep going that shit can and will slip off and then you are in trouble.

I'm not gonna wear one anyway

>It's hard for a lot of women to come from oral alone.
If you were old enough, you'd realize that the progression is neverending. First it was "it's hard for women to come from penetration, you must rub the clit" then it was "you must eat her out for 3 hours" then it was "you must spice it up with sex toys" then it was "you must act like a porn actor and fuck her in the ass and pull her hair" then it was "you must choke her and slap her and punch her tits" and so on.

Either she's normal and loves you or she's not and doesn't, if she's not, tell her to fuck off and stuff horse dildos in all holes, the hamster wheel will never end.

No it’s not. Some women have issues orgasming in general; but if they can, oral works most of the time

>wearing a condom
>in 2019

>don't even have a big dick
>normal condoms squeeze my dick so much they hurt
>can't feel shit
>go fuck a legit prostitute
>can't even stay hard because of how much it hurts, let alone cumming

What the fuck are you talking about

Yeah, I never understood condoms myself because of this. I have a normal size dick for my country, in America it'd be considered tiny, and condoms just suffocate it.

Go easy on the clit before you know how she likes it. Same with nipples, some like no stimulus there other want you to pinch them like crazy, don’t assume which she likes. Don’t be uncomfortable with nudity, it’s really gross and you make us feel like you’re a little boy and not a man, seriously ew. Don’t just pound away, actually try listen to the body and responses you get. Don’t be silent, don’t avoid eye contact, you’re not serial killer, enjoy the moment together. Know that if its your first time, you’re not going to be great at it, and talking about sex and communicate during sex is important, don’t be a nerd about it, but do it as you go with the momentum. Dirty talk is nice, but deliver it in a deadpan way is a turn-off. Foreplay can be nice and can be important to get into the mood, but this is a two-way street and everyone respond/like things differently, practice and communication is key.
And in general, if you are inexperienced, do not fake it to you make it, that will just come off like you have no idea what you’re doing. If you are not skilled at some stuff, you have to go easy and communicate that you are new to this and that you may need some guidance. If we don’t know, we will assume you just suck because most guys have slept around. Be open about this. Good luck

>skipping foreplay (or rushing through it)
>not getting her off
>only caring about your own nut
>tunnel-vision fucking. Kinda ties in to the previous 2 points but comes down to not paying attention to her and just mindlessly jackhammering away.
>not switching up rhythm/pace/positions (aka boring)
>not making any sound (girls like it if you moan a little)
I think most of it comes down to being selfish in bed. Treating a multiplayer game as a single player one. Most guys get horny, undress the girl, jackhammer her for 5 minutes, nut inside her and fall asleep. Leaving her feeling unfulfilled and kind of like a cum dumpster. Touch her, kiss her, eat her out, look her into her eyes etc.

let me tell you the real deal

>sex is overrated
when you are a virgin you fantasize about sex and dream about it as some sort of great-mystical activity which will make you feel like heaven, but it's not: like an african kid dreaming about a pizza
you have to actively work to make sex worth it, because a lazy fuck with an uninterested partner feels like a cheat and jerking off is actually better
knowing this, here's some advice

>delayed gratification
ever heard that? it applies to sex as well
you shouldn't be on a rush if you are going to fuck unless it's just a quick maintenance fix (like a blowjob before going to work)
and it's because what makes the difference for both of you is foreplay
the longer you go, the better you both will feel when you get to touch your genitals or have intercouse
once a week, me and my wife have this 4-5 hours long sessions which are mostly 90% foreplay (including oral sex) and 10% intercourse, and oh boy, does it feel GOOD at that 10%; but we feel comfy with each other so we do some crazy shit like licking our entire bodies, so you don't have to go for so long, your partner could even get bored or frustrated
i would say an hour of sex would be good
however, a long foreplay has a little inconvenience: you'll cum in 2 seconds
which leads me to the next part:
>not cumming in 2 seconds
people will tell you about cum-retention, breathing techniques, stopping and eating her out, but all of these really just barely work, once you get to that 90% you can't go back to 20% in 5 mintues, and if you are a virgin then it's going to be even harder to even not jizzing your pants when she licks your neck

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>me and my wife have this 4-5 hours long sessions

but, there are work-arounds, which may be available for you depending on your country (in order of prefference):
best one i've ever tried, i use it once a week
2 50mg pills and you'll be able to thrust full-force and deep for like 20 minutes, which is actually a lot (or even too much) despise what other retards may tell you
here in my shithole is OTC and 2usd for 10 50mg pills, but it's probably not if you are from the first-world so you'll have to talk to a doctor
it's of little help
>anesthetic condoms/topics
they are retarded, you lose most of your sensitivity and you can even lose your erection, and sometimes not be able to cum at all until hours later
same as tramadol, however it can make you feel pretty sick, you can try it out to see how you react

and, just another thing: don't use your fingers like a penis, don't go in and out, that's what your penis is for
search for "how to make a woman squirt" to learn propper fingers technique, she probably won't squirt but she'll have a great time

>my wife and me
lol sorry

>a deadpan way

>you have to actively work to make sex worth it, because a lazy fuck with an uninterested partner feels like a cheat and jerking off is actually better
OP here, I fucked a prostitute once (my first and only time having sex) and it was so boring and didn't feel good at all. I just wanted it to be over but couldn't even cum.

but then when I'm with a girl I know and care about, and our hands touch I feel the electricity feeling going through my body.....

French kiss her, touch her body, grab her tits, her waist and ass, pull her towards your body.
Kiss her body all over, when you suck her tits bite her nipples very gently.
When she starts really squirming or tugging on your arm that's the sign to start fingering. Go for her navel first, tease her and make her want it, then start rubbing around the clitoris, the lips. play with it softly and pace your stimulation, it's not a race. Don't forget to use your other hand to maybe touch her body or grab her head while you're kissing.
Then go for the clitoris, like the other user said starting off gently then going to a medium speed. If it's your first time she'll probably want it to be romantic and shit so avoid the high speed and don't switch up your stroke too much, consistency is key to the orgasm. If she cums, which you'll know, then you can start advancing to penetration.

Basically remember these things but don't treat it like an end all guide, still use your situational awareness to determine what she wants when she wants it. foreplay is entirely about her. Might last around 10 minutes. Depends on the girl too. Once she gets off then its your turn.

Is this virgin really trying to rationalize not wearing a condom his first time?
Dog your fucking retarded. Where a fucking condom. And you won't know what the fuck she has till your dick starts itching and you're stuck with that confused Pikachu face.

I keep coming to this thread, not for the responses, but to look at this wonderful brown thot.

There's a tiny little bump at the top of her vagina. Very easy to miss. (((Inside))) that is the clitoris. You need to focus your attention on that. No finger penetration needed. What you're trying to do is lift the hood back to reveal the clit. Then you sort of...scrub it with your tongue. Don't flick it with your tongue just sort of apply a slight grinding motion to it. Not too rough but with significant pressure. It's sort of a constant battle to get that hood off the clit. But after a while it will become engorged and it will stick out by itself. Like a mini girl boner. When it gets to that point her pussy will be juicy as fuck and a little puffy. Should take maybe 10-15 minutes if you do it good. Less than half of your dick will be enough to get her squirming at that point.

Some pro tips:
>Use your lips to suction the area around her clit while your tongue goes into attack mode.
>if you're 69ing press your chin against her pubic bone while you're eating her out.
>use your thumb to gently pull her mons pubis upward which will make it easier for the clit to be revealed.
>if shes riding you or if you're fucking her from behind
lightly rub her clit with your LUBRICATED fingers

>2 50mg pills and you'll be able to thrust full-force and deep for like 20 minutes,
fuck this noise. I'm not gonna take pills or anything to change how I have sex. why are americans so easy to taken random shit for whatever they think they need help with?

>Go for her navel first
wait what

Its how pharmaceutical companies stay in business. They brainwash Americans from a young age into thinking they need to take pills for everything.

>foreplay is entirely about her. Might last around 10 minutes. Depends on the girl too. Once she gets off then its your turn.
you sound like a cuck / woman. did you forget there's a man involved in the act?

>just sort of apply a slight grinding motion to it. Not too rough but with significant pressure.

you just want me to directly lick the clit? other anons say to avoid direct contact, and you say to not be rough by significant pressure... licking with significant pressure is somehow not rough?

Oh shut up. You must be Nigerian or 12. Have you ever tried to fuck a girl who wasn't turned on/warmed up?

Two words: Dry Pussy.

being turned on and "being all about her and waiting until she cums" are not the same

Hmm.. how can i simplify this? Apply a bit of pressure but don't lick too rapidly.

ok, so don't let the pressure be too little but keep the speed low

I don't know about you but me and my partner cum at least twice each per session. Whats the big deal about making her go first?

not all women cum as easily, and telling a newby to do what works specifically for your woman is fucking stupid and making all of it be about the woman is just shit advice. sex is a two person activity and not about 1 person getting service from the other.

Not the guy you replied to but I ve never been as thourough as you make it out to be but I never encountered a case of dry pussy.
In fact I m kinda new to this game even though I m quite old but they always have been dripping wet.
As a matter of fact I m never the one to bring up sex. I just kiss and touch them until they ask me if I have any condom.
Feels good when they want your dick so much they have to ask for it

Yes I know this feeling as well. Amazing. What I am saying is that you cannot just stick your dick inside a girl with no foreplay/warmup/prior sexual stimulation because it will feel like trash.

Don't go thrusting like a jackrabbit. So in slow, just keep thinking "Motion of the Ocean" until she lets you know what pace is best.

Take the time to figure out the right angle and let her body adjust. Enter then wait, ask if that's good, then start moving and check to make sure it's still good. Take the time and slowly acclimate to her body.

>using a condom

If she says it hurts when you try to put it in, don’t just keep pushing and hope that you just have to “break through” and then it’ll magically be fine and she’ll start to enjoy it.

>not using a condom

You want 18 years of child support payment, m8?

>fucking someone you don't trust
>living in a cuck country with shit tier biased laws
double yikes

>saying yikes

>being triggered by a word

>being triggered by a post

>not being responsible for your own contraception and deciding its 100% her responsibility
>not acknowledging that people change their minds about abortion even if they thought it was what they wanted before
>not wearing something as trivial as a condom to help reduce the likelihood of your partner having to undergo a painful and potentially expensive procedure to abort

>its 100% her responsibility
it isn't, if I don't want it, she can't have it.

again, try not living in America

>ruining sex for yourself because you fuck random whores or don't trust your woman
you do you

>if I don’t want it she can’t have it

I’m what country, exactly?

I don’t let my boyfriend fuck me without a condom. I do my part with birth control, he does his part with birth control. Hopefully, it means the odds of accidental pregnancy are zero.

I don’t want to have to undergo an abortion. I would if I got pregnant, but it’s not a walk in the park.

I’d never date a dude who refused to wear a condom. That would be an automatic nope for me.

>I don’t let my boyfriend fuck me without a condom. I do my part with birth contro
oh so you're a woman and you don't want your bf's child but don't want to take the pill so you make him ruin sex for himself. ok.

if you do take the pill and find it riskier still, why not get the doctor to diffuse your snatch then? how old are you anyway? do you want kids ever?

I tried the pill. It gives me nonstop intermittent bleeding and bouts of nausea. Bleeding for a full month is just not sustainable. Incredibly, sticking hormones in your body doesn’t work out for everyone. Some women are fine on the pill, some women take the pill to regulate their periods better, and some women can’t deal with the pill.

I’m 24 and childless, no doctor would ever sterilize me even if I begged. I don’t want children ever— if I could get a hysterectomy, I would.

In the meantime, my boyfriend is a really sweet and thoughtful guy who’s more than happy to wear a condom if it makes me more comfortable.

Oldfag with 18 years of sexual experience, sharing what I've learned along the way. I have gotten positive feedback from my partners, and while I'm sure they feel obliged to give positive feedback, I honestly believe at least most of it is genuine.
- Don't expect the girl to cum every time. In fact, most don't cum from PIV alone and may need a tongue to get off.
- And even then, there's no guarantee. In that case, the worst thing you can do is to try to figure out "what's going wrong" to an excessive degree. Sure, communication is helpful, If you put too much pressure on her to cum, she's sure not to. This is why some women feel the need to fake it.
- With time you'll figure it out.
- Rough sex doesn't necessarily mean violent. If your girl wants you to be rougher, it often means that you need to be more controlling and maybe throwing her around. You want
her in a different position? Move her yourself.
- Don't change the position to often. A lot of what you've built up in her will go away. Slow and steady wins the race.
- Sometimes a quickie is what is in order. Just make sure you're on the same page when this is.
- The wetter you make her before entry, the better. Foreplay is important.
- Show enthusiasm. If you feel like making noises, do so.. Just don't sound like a buffalo taking a shit. And don't force it.
- I read somewhere, on the topic of handling the clit: "Start like a butterfly landing on a flower. End like a bulldog ending mayonaise." I asked my girl if it was true, to which her answer was "Yes, apart from the disturbing imagery."
- Anal isn't as great as porn would have you believe.
- Read her cues, poth physical and verbal ones.
- Don't try to show off. It just reveals how much porn you've been watching.
- If you have a kink or something you want to try, ask her. Maybe she'll let you in on her in return. (found out my GF has a cum fetish this way.)
- Most importantly: Have fun

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Girls not being able to cum doesn't mean she doesn't love you lol

>while I'm sure they feel obliged to give positive feedback
*obligated case that wasn't obvious.

>>I’m 24 and childless, no doctor would ever sterilize me even if I begged. I don’t want children ever— if I could get a hysterectomy, I would.
this is fucking bullshit, if you really wanted to whore around for the rest of your life without children and responsibilities you would get a hysterectomy. There is no way you can't find 1 doctor anywhere to do it.

you're just lazy to fix the issue and put the weight on your boyfriend(cuck) to ruin sex for himself so you don't have to get fixed.

>all this talk about eating pussy
what do you about the taste and smell?

Fucking dumbass, doctors never take the liability of sterilizing any woman unless they already have children.

Why not just have boyfriend get vasectomy? They're reversible.

>I don’t want children ever— if I could get a hysterectomy, I would.
opinion discarded

Lmao, do you know how hard it is to get a doctor to agree to sterilize a young woman? You don’t know shit. There are whole support groups for women trying to convince doctors to give them a hysterectomy or to have their tubes tied, because it’s extremely difficult if you’re under 35. They put you through the wringer to make sure it’s what you want, and sometimes string you along for months saying they “know” you’ll change your mind or even “but what if your husband wants kids??” It’s bullshit.

Again, luckily, my boyfriend isn’t a douchebag and is happy to wear a condom to double up on birth control. I have an IUD, he has a condom.

If she's properly clean, it'll taste like coins and smell like the heat vent from a laptop. Learn to like, or at least ignore, it.

That’s a thought, since he also never ever wants kids. He’s happy being an uncle but doesn’t want to be a dad. I might ask him his thoughts on that. He also has good health insurance so it might even be covered.

Nobody should go in expecting to reverse a vasectomy, I’ve heard, but if you’re reasonably certain you don’t want kids it seems a pretty good choice.

>If she's properly clean, it'll taste like coins and smell like the heat vent from a laptop. Learn to like, or at least ignore, it.
lmao, okay I'll go down on my thinkpad a couple of times to get used to it. it had copper heatsinks too.

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Personally I just liked my first time. Said it had been a year since i last got laid. Then when it came time for certain things i just looked her in the eye, half smiled, and said "please let me know when this feels good, everyone is different."

Which worked. She came 3 or 4 times. Went nuts later that week and wanted to bf me asap.

So faking it until you make it works. It's just how you sell it. Fake the confidence but get her to communicate.

>Most guys get horny, undress the girl, jackhammer her for 5 minutes, nut inside her and fall asleep.
That doesn't count as a beginner mistake, that's how I live my life. Fuck scumbags like you.

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