What is essential I need to know about women?

What is essential I need to know about women?

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They don't like anime faggots.

they are human, and so are you

benis in bagina :3

they're individuals who each have their own likes and dislikes.

They are made to produce babies. And when they can't produce babies, people die.

Women are people.

Some are calm. Some are crazy. Some are crazy smart. Some are not that bright. Some enjoy politics, some don’t care for politics. Some like animals, some don’t. Some adore babies, some don’t want be within ten feet of one.

Some are super energetic, some are really low key. Some fuss over their appearance in an obsessive way and some just do the bare minimum that’s socially acceptable. Some have hobbies, some have LOTS of hobbies, some have seemingly no real hobbies. Some are super messy and some are neat and some are OCD clean.

There’s no magic secret to them. Just as men are not a hivemind monolithic entity, neither are women.

Some are kind, generous, patient, have a lot of good traits. Some are selfish, narcissistic, or flat out evil.

Take each woman as an individual and judge her as an individual. She represents only herself. Whoever you are and whatever type of guy you are, know that you’re one of a kind even if there are others who are very similar to you— and the same is true of the women you encounter.

It's only your turn with her.

This loser has never met a woman

Woman like anime Op


Yes, women (male)

They are and act like children

The moment a better opportunity comes along she's gone.

Women love Nurutu
They don't like any good anime, is the problem

Mostly any of them that like anime at all will like good anime - that's the reason why they're good, they're capable of pulling in most people that start watching them.

Expect repeated neurotic behavior combined with a lack of reason and accountability

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Yeah I bet you watch Fruit Baskets

They do not respond to reason, but are easily emotionally manipulated. More specifically, they do not appreciate truth and would rather be fed comforting lies as per

Most of them don’t like other woman only their set of fat friends

To the idiots telling you that women are all individuals: Shut the fuck up.

Let me help you user. Both men and women still possess instinct. It's a vestigial thing but it's alive and well in our subconscious and parts of our conscious minds.

As far as relationships go you must always be the man. Never worship her. She will see this as weakness. Even saying I love you too soon can be seen as weakness. Basically they don't want a sensitive guy. You have your inner sensitivity. Guess what? You get to keep that to yourself. FOREVER! Any chick on here that says she wants to see that side of you is lying! Not conscious maliciously lying though. She believes what she's saying but her subconscious instinct does not agree. It's a case of they literally don't actually know what they want.

The only individuality issues on this is that some of them are aware of this and embrace it.

Either way they all possess instinct. Be aware of that and act accordingly or you're in for heart break after heart break.

I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

You're welcome.

t. former simp turned chad thundercock

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Thanks chad

this is why you don't come here to advice
women are individuals and there isn't a secret code to them

but guys who are too ugly and have hopeless personalities don't want other guys to have any happiness so they will drag you down to their level

just step on their fingers and let them fall alone

Literally fuck them as much as you physically can, don’t care about performance just keep doing it. If your dick isn’t hard use your hand. Just keep trying to fuck them, I’m not saying force them but just make sure she’s turning you down for sex because she’s had enough of it not turning you down because she isn’t getting enough. Godspeed bud.