Thats me, alright?

I get made fun of a fair amount, Am I genuinely ugly or nah?

idk, I thought here would be the best place to ask

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Le 43% goblino de las Americas

El demonio con un par extra de cromosomas....

/soc/ is a good rate me thread, but i think you're a very unique looking and beautiful qt, with lovely eyes and lips. your hair is qt too but maybe it throws peeps off, perhaps take some out of your eyes to show more of your pretty face! :(

Take a better selfie


Ngl, This is a "hey, i need someone to talk to post" so oop-

But thx you

>why, yes, I did forget to dilate this morning, what gave it away?

Kill yourself

lmaoooooo, I get ya point buddyo

What even are you?

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I love your hair!

Awwh, thx

America is wonderful place isnt it.

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If you'd like, I could give you my discord, many people say I'm a good motivator!


Yes know, you wouldn't be have bad if you combed your hair, smiled and actual looked like something other than than you just found out your mom died. Go fix your hair, smile and take another pic.



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you will have hard life.

El chupacabra...

Slightly but you are not smiling and you have shit lighting. I can't even see your face. And your hair still looks like shit.

Are you even trying?

I mean...yea?

I have extremely curly messy hair
Im not trying for perfect lighting

At least have some decent lighting like your op pic. Your face is literally hidden behind the glasses and darkness.

me @ you

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Is it so hard to smile? Like damn, you are a such a downer it wouldn't matter if you looked like a model because you bring the room down.

Maybe Im uncomfortable with my smile????

Well then you got root problems you need to deal with before you can start thinking about physical if you can't even smile. Does nothing make you happy? Think of a good time and then snap a pic.

Honestly you arnt half bad looking, you got the cute but frisky kinda vibe with the hair and if I saw you irl I'd probably chat and see if I would want to date you.

But damn it looks infinitely worse with no smile. You literally look like you just got done being raped.

I would fuck you

You have discord??

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Discord b ??? lmaoo

Then get a brush and a lamp, you caveman.

See? Much better. You got this 60s hippie chick vibe going. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Seriously, you are easily a 6/10 to 7/10.
Where did this lack of self confidence come from?

And yeah I got a discord but why do you want it?

those lips would real good wrapped around my dick

you remind me of Suzie from deltarune

I dont use dicord. Sorry.


You shouldn’t rely on the opinions of others about the look of your appearance. Have the confidence to tell yourself that someday, someone you will find beautiful no matter what. You look pretty young so i’m going to tell you that this advice won’t make sense until about five to ten years from now.

To text you??? Duh?

Fuck off to /soc/, attention whore roastie.