Gonna get my hair cut and bleached today. What do?

Gonna get my hair cut and bleached today. What do?
And what color blonde should I go?

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aw, i like your original color

Those lips would look perfect around my cock

Just don't shoot your classmates afterwards, k ?

Fuck off to /soc/.


just get rid of the chin fuzz

fuck you leatherman you can't tell me what to do

is a good place to ask this too. they have hair threads as well, gud luck! you look qt btw

This is is a legitimate request for advice, not self-conscious circlejerk camwhore garbage. Appreciate the vigilance, though.

Cut it short on the sides and long on top
I changed my friend's personality completely into a chad by making him change his haircut

Thanks, but I actually already posted on effay last night in a hair general, but didn't get any replies, and I'm doing it in a few hours so i didnt have time to be patient.
I'm honestly surprised how fast this board is, this is my first time here.

Unironically reported you. They take these tips really serious now btw.

You mean a disconnected undercut? Was thinking about it, but was worried itd make me look like I sucked all the dicks.

He used to give off the same gay vibe you do

You're cute OP. You'd look good blond, but make sure to ask for a cooler blond that isn't brassy. Pic related, right would be better for you than left.

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oh that's fine, i know it is pretty slow on /fa/


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Ah, thanks, will do.

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something like this is good enough

You dont think that'd just make the gayface you were talking about worse?
And anybody else have advice on how I should cut it?

keep the gayface. the best girls always prrfer gayface over weirdly muscled gigachad face

damn, was thinking of swapping it out, but I guess I'll go put it back on.
Thanks user.

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damn forgot the pic
don't go too short on the sides

Jesus fucking Christ why are there so many selfie threads.
Did advice turn into /soc/ 2.0?
Why do we not have a rule like r9k for no selfies

OP here, sorry if its looked down on on Jow Forums. Somebody redirected me here so I assumed it was fine if it was relevant, like /fa/.