Anyone got a decent pick up line? Struggling a bit

Anyone got a decent pick up line? Struggling a bit

Was gonna go with

"What do bees make?"
"Yes dear"?

Cringy but works at times

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I want to piss in your Cloeca

Bit forward, though if no other entries I'll go for this

why not just say you've got a bottle of rosé

Mas du Fadan Côte de Ventoux 2007 at my place or yours?

Cringe. Some 21 year old college girl isn't going to know what the fuck that means, and it sounds pretentious as hell.

Simple but effective, prolly go with this

If she likes rose wine she will have an idea at least.

tell, her she should start pronouncing her name ChloEHHH so it rhymes with rosé, idk

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Anyone else find it fucking stupid that you have to create this fake representation of yourself and do this cringey pickup line shit in order to MAYBE get a reply back from someone? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Why can't we just have normal conversations like actual human beings instead of playing this stupid game?

You don't.
Just look at the pics/description and comment on something related to it.
It's much more personal and way less cringy.

Though, I have problems when it comes to keeping up a conversation and asking on a date. Like, what am I supposed to do when the initial topic dries up

I'd just say "Is Rose vodka okay?"

>if I bought you a bottle of rosé would you suck my dické?

So if I have two bottle of rose does that mean I get two dates?

Bam, ez pz, shows you looked at her rpofile, you have humor and can be fun to be around.

Bantering back and forth is a normal conversation. Normies like fucking around and making up pickup lines

Tell her that she has a downswung maxilla and she should mew

Lonely, desperate will provide resonable monetary compensation.

"Yo I got some rosé."

This thread is so damn cringe....... from her rose to your line and the comments. Second-hand embarrassment.

“All I have is white, but I can get some pink food colouring”

Just. No.

Doubles confirm this is the one.

She's probably be too stupid to get the humor in that.

"Buy me a bottle of whiskey and I'm...gonna cry, scream at the sky, and maybe pass out in the road."

Garbage. Record yourself then play it back so you can imagine someone saying this stupid shit to you. Anything that would make you wanna know more is a keeper.

>what am I supposed to do when the initial topic dries up
have sex with them

Opening with a comment on her bio or something in her photos is usually a safe bet. It shows you've personalized your message. If you send bland pick up lines or corny jokes (or worse, "hey") it doesn't make them feel special.