Is SSRI good for anxiety disorder and paranoic personality?

Is SSRI good for anxiety disorder and paranoic personality?

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This website sucks for mental health advice. I unironically would suggest leddit instead of here for this stuff.

I was on Prozac for two years, about 30 milligrams/day.

Yes, it is. Some people have different expediences because it does have a tendency in some to cause thoughts of suicide or increase general depression, but in most cases (and in mine) I found that it completely negated my anxiety. I was confident, much more assertive, and didn’t suffer from DP/DR related symptoms nearly as much.

Okay, thanks user, you encouraged me to visit psychiatrist, but I wait for more anons who have experience with SSRI and anxiety disorder and panic personalisty


SSRIs make you piss shit and shit piss but if you actually have a paranoid disorder then it's worth taking. Only because the sickness is worse than the side effects.

I would not, however, ever consider them for mere anxiety. Only for serious shit like paranoid schizophrenia, frequent hallucinations, delirium, or lunacy.

but I think the comfort of my life might be better with SSRI



no. reddit memes you into becoming some sort of slave to drugs
Drug requests are ignored because people don't need them
healthy lifestyle for 6 months and reach some goals for 3 months atleast
if you're still anxious and paranoid then consider therapy
then and only then consider drugs

but I'm anxious and paranoid since my birth
I remember that when I was 3 I didn't want to go to any kindergarden and I was crying while other kids were playing, sometimes I cried without reason, I'm really like this since always

Life is difficult. Sheltering yourself and trying to remain in a perpetual comfort zone will only end in failure. You should be trying to grow mentally stronger but instead you run to drugs to "protect" you (but which really stunt your spiritual and mental growth).

but I want to do something productive for example learn new language or something like that but I can't concentrate and I'm really struggling with it since always
I think it's genetics

It's not genetics, but if you keep thinking that way you will never improve since you can't change your genetics

no. i’ve been on 15+ of them and my anxiety disorder is still awful. the only thing that helps me is xanax unfortunately

have you dealt with anxiety disorder and paranoid personalisty?

it’s completely genetics bc ive been through this before (not OP)

have you taken SSRI?

People like you shouldn't talk about this stuff. You don;t understand what it's like to live with anxiety that just doesn't go away or get better. Medication is the only other option after a lifetime of trying everything you can by yourself.

Yes I used to have severe anxiety, depression, nihilism, and hopelessness.

so how did you overcome it?



By a transformation of the mind. Understanding that the only person who can make your life miserable or a paradise is yourself, then taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts. No amount of material things can heal a wounded spirit, even taking every drug in the world and having everything imaginable wouldn't be enough. Then after distinguishing the difference between good and evil, extending this understanding to what is the highest good and the lowest evil, and modeling your pattern of behavior as closely as possible to imitating the life of highest good which leads to life.

but it's so hard... there is plenty of people who say that SSRI helped me, why couldn't SSRI help me?

who say SSRI helped them*




are you saying I don't have anxiety?

>schizophrenia is not genetics
I seriously don't know whether these people are trolling or stupid

10 of them

Oh stop repeating psychiatrists bullshit lies. Yes we do understand we don't have these beliefs for no reason. I know what it is like to have horrible anxiety and drugs are not the cure or treatment that is a lie peddled by drug companies.

It actually isn't it is linked with trauma. It is no more genetic than anything else. Most things are balanced pretty well between genetics and environment of course it is obvious why, human beings are extremely adaptable.