How do you get over being a disappointment to your dad?

How do you get over being a disappointment to your dad?

>Won't talk to me in person
>Only can talk to him on playstation
>We have some of the same games
>Only wants to play with the same high school kids
>He can help my cousin put new speakers in his car but refused to teach me how to change oil or change a tire (which I learned on my own anyway)
>Can't ask the guy about real life shit anyway
>Wastes my time every time, he wants to play a video game
>Won't come see the duplex I bought and am renting out
>Won't meet my gf
>Calls me up like every 5 years to ask "Do you have a kid yet, are you gay?"
>Mom tells me she's proud of me, and to keep being a great man

I lift weights and also take Mauy Thai classes on top of having a good job and paid off my student loans, and stopped smoking weed years ago but he always says to my sister that I'm a pushover or a loser, and kinda treats my cousin as more of a son for some reason. Why can't I get over this feel, everytime I think about all of this I kinda get fucking angry.

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