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I feel so bad tonight

I want to see you, C

I feel like i dont want to admit to being depressed because i dont know if im "depressed enough" to be depressed. For the last few weeks i have felt like no matter what i do, i just feel empty and down. I may laugh often but i usually never smile

I don't care if I'm right or wrong anymore. I'm just going to do better.

I miss you

Ace of cups, wheel of fortune, knight of wands
"something outside of your control is going to pose a challenge soon, stay creative and productive in order to benefit from it"
Fuck it, let's flip to see what this is about
Five of Swords reversed
Not this shit again

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I'm sorry K. I really shouldn't have said anything about having a thing for you. It just made working together awkward, now all you do is avoid me. I get you are old enough to be my dad, but I wish you would just tell me you aren't interested so I can get over it.

Tell us the story brother

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I live in a third world country, long story short its law of the jungle.
Today I was returning home from 80 hours shift at work, in a shitty """public transit""" that's actually privately own cabs.
While I was getting off, I got "pushed" by someone on one side then I noticed my pocket suddenly got lighter, I immediately checked and my phone was not there.
I turned around and politely demanded my phone back while trying to not to throw any accusations, they told me I'm an asshole for implying they stole it.
Then the same man suggested I should go back and search for it, and I found i on the floor right behind him.
They cursed me more, to which i replied all is well, and left.
Now I feel upset? guilty ?? afraid??? I don't really know.
Perhaps there was a better way to handle the situation?

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No you handled it pretty well. Imagine if he actually did steal it.

Nah, missing important information leads to making wrong assumptions, pair that with the fear of being pickpocketed and that's completely normal.

I feel like shit
I develop paranoia
and tomorrow I'm bout to go out to watch fireworks with my friends cuz its national holiday
but I always imagne that we will be attacked by a group of thugs
and at the same time I feel this incredible sadness taking over ,I really want to die
I didnt get anywhere, I couldnt ever , with parents like thee ,closed me up forever and ever

Perhaps we all should meetup , gioyc fags, we all miss someone or feel sad about our lives ,maybe we could find solace in eachother

I hate pornography. It sickens me. Any -serious- advice for abstaining fr porn?

Have sex but unironically

Why do you dislike it exactly?

I burn bridges for a living.

I miss you , you left a hole in me as cliche as it sounds
never felt the same since, shit was bad before you and is after you
and it wasnt that good when you were around
but in retrospective it was incredibly good thing that I had someone to talk to , hell you were the first girl with whom I could really vibe with, and it felt like we understood eachother, never ran out of stuff to talk about ...perhaps I was too heavy on you with my bs

I'm sorry that I told you that I don't want to talk to you anymore, I wish It was rather the other way, so that we would forget eachother with time, even then you spoke to me less and less and that pissed me off so I wanted to make you feel that this ain't right
but I should have left things as they were
ever since then I still think about you like an idiot maniac
I miss the time we were talking
and it kinda hurts that you became a normie too
everyone I knew found happiness and a solution to their lives problems, but I'm stuck down here in this hellhole stage of life
I hate that you probably have a good life a bf too probably , thus I'm alone again
and while I should move on ,I just can't , it wasnt even a relationship, but I really hoped it would be
I wish I could I find someone who I can connect , I wish that someone was you
I want to let go of this
You probably wont ever see this but I hope somehow you STILL gonna receive this message

te doua

>Imagine if he actually did steal it.
I've seen many people get pickpocket, the M.O. is usually the same two people, one person create a diversion while the other do the pickpocket and both team up against you if something happen.
Deep down I believe they did steal my phone, and acted that way because I caught them but I had no proof.
Now I feel bad and i don't know why.

I'm in a relationship. It just a shitty habit, that I'm really weak to cut off.

I just watched a recently released scene, and it was way too extreme. I just felt shitty about myself. I don't want it to be like this anymore.
What does it take for someone to participate in such scenes? Heroin addiction? It just feels wrong. I don't want it to be like this. I'm not watching a lot of it (like 2-3 times a week), but right now I feel miserable.

Humans are pleasure seekers so they go to extremes to satiate that need, I find that shared activities get your mind far far faaar away from those needs, so i'd say hang out with other people.
I'm curious though, what was the scene you saw?

H, please leave him. You know what he's doing. You know you deserve better. He treats you like crap. What does he do for you honestly? I'm sick of seeing you in a manic state of depression. It wasn't like this when we first met. I care about you. I will take care of you. And I know he told you hes afraid nobody will love you like he does, but I already do. I promise.

Ya but I bet H has a fat dick

Not something that crazy or illegal. Just really deprived and not of my taste.
I don't want to share it, it will make me feel even worse. I'm not into visiting such websites right now.

My Life is not going anywhere and I'm afraid of ending up a failure.

Don't we all?

Why did they delete that GIOYC thread a few days ago??

sometimes they do that

for what reason? There are 3 going now. It can't be the number of them.

You're not ugly. Stop acting like you don't know this. You've always known your worth.

Then take the leap of faith.

I posted a serious thread here asking for advice but all the replies were increasingly hostile to a degree I have rarely seen on this board before, and the thread was deleted. I didn't lie, and I'm just extremely confused and sad because every single day somebody online tells me "talk to women" and I can't even talk to camgirls, they'll ban me from their chats almost every time and it's been years since even a camgirl responded to a thing I said in a chat, and while in real life I do fairly often communicate with women, it's not the same as it's purely professional. I'm not an incel but society thinks I'm one and that I'm only one step away from committing a mass shooting or something. I'm not. I couldn't even if I wanted to, and nonviolence forms the absolute core of my religion so I would never do it anyway, but on every single website people tell me to have sex. I took a vow of celibacy in my youth and I will not break that. I do masturbate a lot and it helps with the depression, and it's not considered a violation of the celicaby thankfully, but when even camgirls reject me when I merely compliment them or don't even say anything, it makes me feel like I am once again what I was once upon a time: leftovers. The only logical explanation is that they can see which country I'm from and, being Russian citizens, they hate me like their government hates my country. It's the only plausible explanation I can think of. Either that, or this is part of my curse. My health going to shit and hobby becoming almost impossible isn't enough to satisfy whoever put this curse on me anymore, it seems. But it's fine, I can't kill myself so I will continue to suffer.

i hope i don't wake up tomorrow

I hope you do, just so you suffer

>You're not ugly.
>your worth.

You don't get it and you never will.

It's disappointing to see how normie Jow Forums has become over the last decade or so.

Leave. Simple.

being normie is actually pretty sweet. i wish I was one

Maybe, but all I'm saying is that at one point this wasn't really a place for them.
With the above thought in mind, it's my opinion that they should be the ones to leave here. They already have Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, all of social media really and most of the rest of the internet. It's just greedy at this point.

alien cummies

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idk I love the imageboard format/culture. I wish there was a more normie version of this. ive never been into anime or vidya too heavily and all I ever do is go on some of the more normie boards

Okay I guess I can't really argue with that. Maybe they should make a more normie version of this site then, but that hasn't got a fucked up format like Reddit.

yeah despite the culture on reddit even using it drives me up the wall. there definitely are more normie boards than others. like /n/ is noticeably more autistic then say /out/ or /trv/

Yeah that's also true. Honestly the board we're on right now is one of the worst in my experience. It's basically /b/ levels of social ineptitude, but without the NSFW content being spammed 24/7.

I’m often surprised how many chicks are on here. I thought they’d all be at cc or something

I want to see you again

You don’t need to take pills to stop depression, just stop being closed off from compromise and forgiveness.
The more you hold people to unoriginal standards the less you’ll grow as a person.

Considering some of the toxic shit that they spout, it makes me wonder if they're actually guys larping to discredit them.

It’s always guys, women don’t put up with stupidity

That I disagree with. Between some of the stupid things they say, the stupid friends and boyfriends they put up with, at least some of them are prepared to live with quite a lot of it.

I just recently stopped and it helps a lot. First day or two was hard because I was really horny and craving it. I just closed my eyes and jacked off to stuff in my head. Slowly my thoughts shifted from weird porn stuff to actual, normal, straight sexual thoughts, and I jack off a normal amount to these thoughts. I realized I was addicted to that shit, and I feel so much better after stopping. I'm 2 weeks in and don't even think about going back.

Girls are much more forgiving creatures. Providing you’re attractive

In a broader sense, just don't do it. But instead of thinking something to yourself along the lines of, "I won't watch porn ever again," or, "I won't watch porn for X amount of time," just think, "I won't watch porn today." Or if you're getting the urge/about to do it, just think, "Not right now," each time it comes up.
Babby steps.
Not everybody can meet that proviso, though. If you're not then their feelings towards you can be anywhere between not giving a fuck about you and actively hating you.

I wish I would stop embarrassing myself.

This is very good advice.

I want girl friends so bad but I feel like they all hate me. I’m a girl yet I feel like an incel because I have no clue how to make girl friends.

jesus fucking christ man

Then call me.

Why do you feel that they hate you?

Im terrified that Im actually starting to hate all women. How do I stop thinking about shit like art hos and premium snapchats, false accusations and other devious things that a few bad apples do? Surely there are examples of good women out there to switch my brain.

afraid il never meet a woman I cant even find a woman to ask out it seems there all taken or don't know where to look to try

Arrive alive, drive sober.
Know your limit, play within it.

I don’t know I never felt like I fit in well and I feel like they all judge me

Fucked up my weightloss. Started at 380. Got down to 219 at my lowest. This summer really fucked me up since I'm smoking pot everyday now. At 250 now, I feel so fucking defeated like in the mirror and see fat come back. I don't know, school is back next week so maybe that will cause another wave of motatvation that will last for a month or two.

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I really hate you. I'm glad we have collected enough evidence against you to put you away for good. My time was well spent.

You'll never have another opportunity to get to me again because I will never give you another.

I made so many bad life choices in my 20s, like pressured into marriage and I'm divorced now. Present day, I'm in my mid-30s feeling like I screwed up too bad and it's too late. I looked at myself in a mirror earlier and felt so ugly, even though I was told I look like I'm in my early 20s.
I'm really afraid of getting old and never finding anyone. It's been 8 years since my last date, and I miss having a special someone so much

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I've been trying to eat like garbage lately on purpose.

I don’t think anyone will ever learn to love me. I don’t think I deserve love. I don’t know how to feel okay with that.

Talk to some women. Like, at work or college or something. If you talk to them and get to know some you will learn that they are complex thinking humans and not a mass of stereotypes that people bitch about on Jow Forums.

I want somebody to choke me until I forget why I’m sad

That’s hot

pls b in london

there's a girl I know from [spoiler]online[/spoiler] that I'm pretty interested in because she's cool and kind of mysterious but I feel kind of stupid for even entertaining the thought of online dating. how hard do you think it would be to find someone with a very similar personality in real life?

I suppose this question can apply to replacing people from regular relationships as well

The belt will do, I guess. I just need to be out of my head.

How can I cope with the thought that if I ever explore some creative outlets I'll never be original or the work will be compared to oblivion? Cant stand the fact that everything I have to offer(If I have something to offer in the first place) is a an amalgamation of the media I have consumed over the years.


It's taking every ounce of strength to not talk to you. I know you did nothing maliciously, but I feel so hurt that I can't concentrate on anything. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I know I've described being away from you and being out of contact as feeling like I'm tearing off my own arm. Right now, I can only imagine doing that would feel less painful than how I feel now.

I want your growth. I want to help you realize what you're capable of and support you as you do it. Your perspective, your feelings, your mind are gifts and they're truly beautiful. I'm sad you're only now feeling brave enough to even start sharing them, but I'm happy you're at least trying. I just wish that you would choose to be with someone who sees what I see and wants to see you rise above what's holding you back.

He's not right for you. I know that at my core. Maybe I'm not right for you either. But your choice is only going to stifle your growth, and time is too precious to leave on someone who doesn't even think he can love you or that you're not worth something serious over almost 2 years.

Those days in Ireland we spent together were some of the happiest I've felt in a long time. If I could, I would want to spend the rest of my short life like that with you, exploring and sharing.

Most things in this world grow stronger with time and force from pressure. I am hoping the time you need to grow past him is short, because I don't know how much I have left.

I love you, C. Truly. I've never wanted anyone so badly and frankly I don't want anyone else. I hope that when you're done with him, you'll remember to call me. I'll be waiting.


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I love you so much. It's amazing that my depression can just disappear when I talk to you. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. You're the only one for me, L

I play dumb on purpose incase that was you trying to reconnect on that app. I get so many faceless account messages on there. It's my way of weeding them out. Just ask for my contact info on the last day, if you're going.

I use dating apps just to "collect" matches; decent looking guy but way too much of an alcoholic sperg to actually talk to women so I wallow in self pity looking at all these girls I match with imagining what could have been.

i fucked your friend multiple times i don’t even know why i did it i just wanted to feel loved and in control. i still have nightmares of seeing you cut yourself in the bathroom. i never wanted to hurt you. i’m glad we’re friends but god all i want is to sleep next to you again. i’ll never feel the same about anyone else. i still love you i’m sorry i’m such a whore i made a stupid fucking mistake

No. That's why you acted the way you did this whole time

do you love yourself?

Well, what do you want? I can't tell...

Just sent a 10 dollar check to Trump. Feels good to make a difference. Im not affiliated with the party so F off.

I think I have some kind of depersonalization issue. I've had this sort of sinking feeling like I have wide swings in personality over time, to the point where I'm almost two different people. One 'mask' is INTP and fairly stable but lacks empathy, while the other is INFP and very emotional.

I AM FUCKING CRAZY ABOUT YOU. And i already know you don’t feel the same...but if fucking you keeps you around i’ll fuck you all day anyday. I haven’t felt this way in so long and I am so scared I’ve already shown my cards. I’ve been ghosted and whatever a lot and usually i can brush it off but honestly this time around i would be hurt. I actually fucking care about what you think and what makes you happy besides drugs and sex. I want to get to know this point nothing will drive me away. You make me lose my fucking mind. I can’t stop fucking thinking about you...your smile...your gorgeous eyes. God fucking damn it i hate catching feelings but i cant help but smile when i play back our interactions in my mind. You’ve brought out a giddy little teen, a part of me that i thought had died. But for you...i could love you and you would never tell that i had been hurt before because i would dive in so hard, so deep. And i know this intensity is so unfounded, but believe me when i say it’s real. It’s been years since I thought I could feel this way. I had given up on love but you make me feel like anything can happen. For someone like me to feel hope and all these silly little feelings like having a’s fucking ridiculous. And yet here I am. And you could take it all. Please do.

How did I act?

Fuck you by the way. FUCK YOU.

Unfortunately it's the natural state of H's to not value themselves enough to accept help from those who care. I've been there, I miss mine too.

Oh shit I'm poor as fuck
What do I do damn? All my teachers were right. I did fuck up uni and ended up working a shit job. That's a bitter pill to swallow. How did every one else get away with being a pos but I'm the one that got fucked?

at the tender age of 22 i am finally starting to realize shit isn't free and that money is important

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Thanks satan

>What does it take for someone to participate in such scenes? Heroin addiction?
Not far off m8:
>"See for me... I had to go to work, to do the porn, so that I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain of doing the porn. So I'd go to work and do the porn, so that I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain, and around and around it went."

my love life is so weird rn. I started seeing this girl a few months ago who went abroad and still is for a few more weeks, then while she was gone I started seeing another girl who also left recently on a trip for several weeks. Meanwhile I’m having all these small positive experiences in my day to day life with attractive women in a way that has never seemed to happen to me before. It’s like I’m harnessing some kind of magnetic attraction within myself but still misusing it.

Only enough money is important. I got 20 years on you. Spent younger days accumulating shit and realize,now, that I don't need so much garbage.

I want to have sex with you all the time bc I really enjoy the trust we have and it's amazing to not have strings attached at all, but your pussy smells so bad and I'm so ashamed of telling you I rather spend a whole month without fucking you until I'm desperate again so we end up fucking once more... If only there was a charming way of telling you to fucking wash your beautiful pussy or use some medicine or some shit

Is it okay if I call you "Honey?"