Fellow incels, how do you deal with feelings of hopelessness?

Fellow incels, how do you deal with feelings of hopelessness?

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I just accepted it and moved on.

I pay girls on the internet to pretend to be my girlfriend.

There are no incels here. Go on incel websites or reddit.

It's tiresome to be in constant fear and depression. I have created system which allows me to exist in medicore state and even have times of happiness when im lonely.

With drugs and alcohol like everyone else.

alcohol will mess up your hormones and will leave you in depressive state. I would avoid it.

I'm so fucking happy that I was born like 15 years earlier than all these modern day incels and back in the day you could just find another awkward girl to go on an awkward date with and then have sex with her fat or ugly slutty friend & meet other girls over like MSN chatrooms or just at the Warped Tour or whatever.

I was just as ugly and awkward as any other modern day incel, the only difference is that I didn't have a online circlejerk culture that told me it was actually literally whole universe's fault that I wasn't able to be with girls.

The amount of excuses that incels have is impressive, it's some fat girl shit.
>it's my parents' fault for yelling at me a couple of times
>I was made fun of once in grade school
>it's my genes I come from a long line of ancestors who were unable to have sex
>it's society's fault for creating all these unrealistic expectations
>uhhhh facebook and cell phones bad

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Can you provide an alternative, mr smartypants?
At least alcohol and drugs delay your death. If you would have commited suicide otherwise then alcohol and drugs are actually a good option I would say.

Alcohol is literally speedrun of suicides. If you want to die real fucking fast the alcohol is right choice. Not because of liver failure but because it leaves you in such state where you are in non-stop depression.

By having sex, incel - what did you think?

I have been in a "depressive state" since middle school. A few whisky nights after work have definitely saved my ass from the rope.

That wasnt depressive state you was just little faggot.

Incels BTFO

found the incel hahaha

Not him, but alcohol is one of the worst drugs ever.

It makes you do things you would otherwise never do or think of doing, you make all sorts of mistakes of various degrees of terrible, you wake up with headaches that makes you wish you had died in your sleep, you piss yourself, you have to throw up between your legs while having awful diarrhea, you get a message from a fat girl talking about how sexy you were last night, all sorts of awful things. All that because you drank too much (or just the right amount).

If I smoke too much weed then maybe I get a sore throat and think too much about Dragon ball fanfiction , but I just have some warm water with honey and watch some anime or something and I'm alright.

Okay Tyrone.

Hang yourself

I'm not looking to BTFO incels. I feel sorry for all these kids who got tricked into joining this weird cult-like subculture that preys on their insecurities and loneliness. Same with MGTOW and red pill shit like kekistan. 15-20 years ago before "internet culture" they would have been just relatively normal dudes who play Magic card games or go LARPing with their friends and autistic wiccan gf.

Yeah but one thing is helping them and another is incels making Jow Forums their home and spreading their cult to every thread.

I miss msn man

I miss it purely out of nostalgia, same with all the early-mid 2000s internet.

I don't miss having to sign up for like 10 different pre-myspace social media sites and having to search profiles by my postal code and a 20 mile radius just to meet emo girls.

There's no such thing as inceldom. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy

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Easy with the red pills over there. Someone might actually stop to be an incel.

I lift until I stop feeling anything but muscle fatigue and let sleep take me away

This, if you really wanna get laid you have every tool you could ever need.
>dating sites
>cons, or any other event for that matter
>speed dating
Just go out you fucking virgins, stop making excuses and just do it.

This. I isolated myself growing up only 10-15 years ago on weird online forums that removed me from normal dating, but that's nothing compared to the massive, viral online cults telling losers that they can never be happy.

Maybe I am getting nostalgic but it used to be more self-righteous winy and less vitriolic hate. Incels fucking hate women, society, themselves...