Unless you have years of driving experience with a license several years old and are older than 25...

>unless you have years of driving experience with a license several years old and are older than 25, your average auto insurance monthly premium will be around $400/month
>go through geico's website insurance quote
>takes nearly half an hour so much shit i have to answer
>$450/month premiums with $550 down payment for absolute bottom of the barrel minimum insurance
so basically even if i get a license and buy a fucking car i won't even be able to afford to drive it on the road because the bottom of the barrel absolute minimum shitty insurance payments forced into law by lobbyists fucks made it so I have to become a drug dealer because working any job for any amount of time won't even come close to paying these bills unless you're a medical professional or an engineer or some shit?

Wonderful, what's even the point of having a car or driving then? Everyone's pushing me to have a fucking car because i'm a loser without one? Great, i'd like to fucking know how you afford to drive you boomer age privileged fuck

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Try root it's an app, I'm 26 but my insurance is only $60 a month

It's mostly a status symbol. Also if you're American you pretty much need one to get around and do anything cause they gutted all the street cards and train tracks to build motorways instead.

yeah no shit because you're 26, how many years of driving experience / owning a car do you have and how old is your license? bullshit it's literal bullshit

i don't have the luck and privilege of having a family where i can just use their $1 boomer insurance and drive their car and everything for years

i'm 19 no drivers license no drivers experience, i'm trying to get it only to find out i can't even fucking afford insurance which is literally 2x more expensive than owning a god damn mother fucking brand new car itself
yeah no shit, what do you mean a status symbol, it is literally law, it is fucking illegal for me to not pay twice the amount it costs to own a brand new financed car just for absolute bare minimum insurance

god bless america, the system is set up to force you to become a criminal unless you have the advantage of a financially well off and providing middle / upper middle class family to jerk off while you rack up drivers license aging and driving experience on the records with their $1 boomer insurance

the only way i'm thinking i can get driving experience is to fucking deliver pizza's or some shit

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where the fuck do you live? I'm 23 and my car insurance is $50 a month

well i'm going to live in florida i'm overseas atm. I wish i took a screenshot of the fucking GEICO quote online

pardon the plebbitian cancer but seriously:

this is a common known fucking thing apparently, how many years of driving experience do you have and how old is your drivers license? did you use your mommy / daddy's insurance when you first started driving?

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I was 18 when I started driving, use American Family, and was always on my own car insurance. It started higher but not much higher.

Also Wisconsin, I think insurance is different between states.

How many crashes do you have on record?

mhm. sounds like you're lying because every insurance quote site i can find gives me at least $400 a month for bare minimum dog shit

where do you live?

oh there we go wisconsin i don't know anything about wisconsin but i'm talking about florida here, even some old boomer from masachusettes / rhode island was telling me they'd charge me like $300 a month because they're sick boomer fucks

holy god damn this world is so shit, what am i supposed to do now move to the middle of nowhere and suck cocks in alleyways for $5?
i have literally only driven a 4-wheel sedan or actual non-beach buggy / gokart racing car a single time in my whole life i don't even have a license, when i was fishing for quotes i pretended like i had just gotten my license

are all the online quotes directly from the company websites just fucking lies or some shit? you literally buy the policy online right there it can't be a lie then can it since GEICO's one of the 3 cheapest auto insurance companies practically nationwide

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Also what you're insuring matters.
A sedan is going to be probably the cheapest. That V6 mustang the OP is planning on buying at 30% APR outside of Fort Sill is going to cost a lot to insure.

>Auto+renters premium is $110/month
Get gud scrub




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22. Driving since I was 16. 0 accidents, 1 ticket that went away cuz I was a good boy for 3 months. UT. I actually paid less when I lived in NM. car is literally a 2019 model too, and that pumped up my price. Try AAA insurance. They were reasonable, but more expensive than what I have now

Also, save up to pay the year in advance and sacrifice a high deductible for a lower premium if you're capable of driving like a non retard.

Grownups pay six months or more at a time.

HAH there you go faggot you've been driving since you were 16 that's 6 years of on-the-record driving experience and a 6 year old license issuance and to top it all off you're in the middle of nowhere

how much was your insurance premium when you FIRST started driving and owning a car at 16 18 whatever it was>?

i'm a shit driver i don't think i'd get into an accident because i'm extremely paranoid i would just glue my eyes to the GPS and constantly look around like i have schizophrenia or OCD or some shit
that would be $3,000, do you or anyone you fucking know pay $3,000 every 6 months for your god damn auto insurance for BARE MINIMUM coverage which would leave EVERYTHING out of pocket?


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I hung onto my parents auto insurance until I got my own policy, so I just paid them 1/3 of theirs annually, which was fucking cheap. Why didn't you start driving at 16? Did your parents not love you or something?

I know how you're feeling OP, I got my first car and a liscense a few months ago at 22.
I also got the car immidiately after moving to a new place so the rate went up even more.

From what I was told you just need to bite the bullet on the first like 6 months of insurance and after that they can reevaluate and lower the cost significantly.

>that would be $3,000
Sounds like you have an expensive car. I drive a 1990s convertible and it's nowhere near that much in Florida. Consider reducing how much you spend on cars.

Also yes I do have $3,000 because I don't spend all my money on anime figurines or an (((apartment))) in the city.

yeah pretty much, i don't have parents i can rely on or use for that, it's complicated alright fuck you for being a soft privilege faggot and not understanding a harsh reality fag damn makes me so envious and jealous of your oblivious ass anyways enjoy life i'm sure you're having a baller time with your cheap insurance
this is fucking retarded bite the bullet my ass $3,000 just to get fucking insurance to drive a car for 6 months

$500 for license plate, registration and drivers license $3,000
the car i used on the GEICO bare minimum quote was a fucking 2008 toyota corolla what in the god damn are you talking about

sorry i can't live in my mommy's basement for months and months and save up my all my paychecks, i'm broke i can't spend no damn money on cars or anime figurines or an apartment anything that isn't food you understand, i'm trying to fucking save up some money so i can get my own damn place and nOT sleep on a couch

god damn this fucking corrupt stupid world anyone who isn't upper middle class with family insurance plans and shit shouldn't even be allowed the right for procreation this shit should be license and regulated

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Also since you seem interested in this I paid like $600 for all 6 months of my insurance despite getting my license like 2 weeks before getting my insurance.

Does insurance cost go up with the cost of your car? Because my car was only 3k. (Only had like 30k miles too)

You sound like an angry entitled little bitch.
Yes, value of the car impacts insurance cost.

>what do you mean a status symbol, it is literally law,
or however those dumb 1940s50s assholes talked. Also back then movie threaters were virtually all outdoors movie theaters unless you live in a major city, drive-through restaurants were becoming popular where the waitresses would come out in giant roller skates and bring the food to your car, etc.

Are you trying to insure a corvette?

There is a fuck off age where if you haven't got a license by then, they put you over the coals.

Car insurance companies are the biggest cocksuckers on Earth. They find every reason to fuck you. They find every way to weasel out of paying if you ever need them.

That said, it's the law everywhere but New Hampshire. You may well be fucked. Also they fuck you hard if you ever lapse on coverage. They consider 30 days without to be "long term".

God I loathe the fucks, they ask for more after initial 6 months at times too.

i was taking a shower shaving and shit while you neckbeards who don't understand the world were jerking eachother off talking about your middle class boomer family privilege
likewise faggot, i'm angry but i'm not entitled, i'm angry at you entitled little twats with your family insurance and your supportive backgrounds fucking idiot kys get out of your parents basement
yeah alright i was assuming everyone in this thread was retarded because of the absolute dogshit people are telling me

fuck boomers
no, a used 2008 toyota corolla
i wouldn't be surprised, i'm forced to buy a license either way, employers want it literally just because
>Car insurance companies are the biggest cocksuckers on Earth. They find every reason to fuck you. They find every way to weasel out of paying if you ever need them
not surprised. Everyone is like that now
>That said, it's the law everywhere but New Hampshire. You may well be fucked. Also they fuck you hard if you ever lapse on coverage. They consider 30 days without to be "long term".
well god damn at least i know where i should be moving to, Don't think there are any god damn employment opportunities worth a damn there however
>God I loathe the fucks, they ask for more after initial 6 months at times too.
this is insane, some other fuck in the thread was talking about how they reduce your premiums after 6 months of "re-evaluation", what a load of horseshit, if anything i assume you'd be lucky to have it stay the same and not increase

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>the world owes me everything
Holy shit you are entitled

the world doesn't owe me shit, faggot, i have to work for what i have unlike probably you. No fucking body unless you're over 25, have a bachelors and established career etc can afford a fucking $500 car insurance premium payment for absolute minimum dogshit insurance, then a $300 car payment then $100 in gas and $60-100 in maintenance totaling up to about $1,000 a month all for an old shitty used 2008 toyota corolla

the more i try to do things the honest way and work, the more i realize it's absolutely useless and fruitless, specially with people like you, i'm going to fucking scam the fuck out of entitled little fags like you now i'm fed up with this shit. Enjoy your tears jackass god damn kys

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Why the fuck are you tards having such problems getting cheap insurance
And why does your never work
I had a 2012 fiesta at age 21 and never paid more than $100/mo for it and every time I had to rely on my coverage it was completely painless and covered everything
geico btw

Did you retards not take a drivers ed class or something equally dumb

>$300 car payment
>old shitty used 2008 toyota corolla
Pick one. That's a $3,000 car.
Nothing you say adds up.

>if anything i assume you'd be lucky to have it stay the same and not increase
My insurance has literally never increased. And I've totalled two cars. THe fuck are you retards doing wrong?

>'08 carolla
>$450/month insurance
You're full of shit
This is a bait thread

what year was this in?

was this your family's policy?

what state was this in?

how old was your drivers license at the time of policy purchase?

how many years of driving experience did you have at the time of policy purchase?

because fags like you think everything's easy and chill meanwhile you were living it up pre-2010s on your family's policy and had your drivers ed courses and licenses issued when you were 16 17 drove for years on record before you ever even started nice and cushy and comfy with mommy and daddy or whoever the hell it was that's fucking why you tard
fucking sheltered idiot welcome to the real world
which user are you? the faggot that had an aged license with years of recorded driving history and mommy and daddy's plan to start out with?

if you've ever had to do anything on your own you know exactly what i'm talking about


sure just bait bro just bait haha. Holy hell the disillusion from sheltered retarded morons like you is absolutely astonishing it's actually scary at times to see people so disconnected from the state of current affairs

fuck you kill yourself please thank you now fuck off

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The only way you'd be paying anywhere fucking near that for an 11 year old compact is you've already turned in multiple accidents, and had a DUI, *and* are trying to get like a fucking $0 deductible

Maybe the car insurance people know you're an angry faggot and not worth insuring

Texas, 2013, my own fucking policy, my own fucking car, brand new fucking license, BRAND FUCKING NEW, with my own fucking money. Not even remotely related to my family's shit. You are lying, period.
>fucking sheltered idiot welcome to the real world
Do the fucking math, retard.
$300 a month on a $3,000 car? Not fucking possible. You wouldn't even be able to fucking finance that little. Even if you did, you would have to spread your cheeks and beg a stealership to charge you double and would STILL only have a $130/mo payment.


When you were talking to the agent did you go off on an impotent rage zoomer spergout like this? Cause that might have something to do with it too

Listen. America isn't for poors. It's for real people who make at least 2-3x the median average. The rest of you are basically just walking factory machinery for the real citizens of this nation. If you wanted to do us all a favor you'd go into a park or farm and kill yourself so that your rotting corpse can fertilize trees and crops for people who didn't make the selfish, entitled decision to not be born with even minimal trust fund.

>selfish, entitled decision to not be born with even minimal trust fund.
I mean to say, born WITHOUT a trust fund, Thankfully, my parents paid for my SAT scores to be inflated so my spelling errors never held me back!

>op raging itt
This is why the bus rules.

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>let me take two hours to go three miles
The bus sucks mad cock.

Nice exaggeration, gluebag. Max someone would spend taking the bus is $100/mo. So suck on that.

Get a shit car. Low insurance you retard.

He does have a shit car and is lying about how much the premiums are

26 years old here and have never had a car. How fucked am I?

>19 year old new driver
>AAA insurance basic policy

Wyd op

So a 1970's vehicle under your parents name that you drive and pay them the 145 directly. Nice going kiddo. Let us know when you're done playing in the sandbox.

Don't think of insuring new cars with rates that high. Start out with a 10-15 year old car. Get yourself some Ford Fusion or Toyota Corolla from 2008. Any boring "econobox" will do. Because it will be next to worthless (not to you) but to the insurer, then your rate will be very relatively low. Ask for minimum liability insurance ONLY, and you will pay less than 1000/year. Which still sucks but it's the price you pay for your age. I'm 27 and I pay just under 300/month for my shitbox with years of driving exp. Just gotta tough it out and accrue driving exp.

Those are the only tips I can give you. Go to the bad part of town and you'll find really questionable insurance agents who sell insurance from companies you've never heard of. I have a slightly more reputable policy than that, but also something to look into when shopping around. Avoid the big names like AAA, Allstate, Geico, Farmers insurance etc, if you're shopping for a dirt cheap policy.

correction: i pay 300/year for my crappy car and questionable policy.

OP is retarded and / or lying

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2009 vehicle no accidents

I pay upkeep and insurance on it, and I bet you were a 19 year old living with your parents too bud

To add on, It comes out of my account along with everything else the car needs, and I get a good student discount ;)

I live in Canada, specifically the GTA and if i would have got insurance at 21 when i got my license from any company that was not my parents i would have been paying 300-400 a month for a 2007 Mazda3. I got "lucky" and only ending having to pay around 250 a month for a couple years then it went down to 218 and then it was going to be 185 but the insurance company i had got all their policies audited and saw that i was getting too good of a deal from the lady my dad knew so they were going to start charging me 340 dollars a month. I was able to find a broker that would do 237 and i did that for a year now i am at 174 a month.

But i have stilled probably paid 3-4 times the worth of my car in insurance alone. I only bought the fucking thing for 4,000.