I've been on a few dates with a woman and yesterday she took me back to her place for the first time...

I've been on a few dates with a woman and yesterday she took me back to her place for the first time, and she had a pet rabbit. I asked her if she had a kid, or a child sibling that she hadn't yet told me about, but no, she just has a pet rabbit. A single, 26-year old adult with a pet is pretty weird, red flags immediately came up and I wondered what other weird shit she might not have told me about yet.

Should I end this right now before I get too attached or should I test the waters a bit more? What would you do in this situation?

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it's not weird for people of any age to have a pet, i don't see anything wrong with this

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How is it weird?

Yeah, she's probably fucked up. Then again, it's pretty common for females nearing the Wall to grab onto anything they can take care of to make up for the children they don't have. You might be able to squeeze some real kids out of her in a few years but it's also possible that she's too far gone and completely insane. You could always see where it goes but don't get attached. If you can't handle that just drop her

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>An adult with a pet is pretty weird
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there's nothing wrong with having pets

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Female Rodent Pet Owners are the Horse girls that hit the wall. They also are typically into light bdsm.

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A rabbit is a bit unusual, but having a pet is normal.