How can i attract a woman as a dead average 5'10 male...

How can i attract a woman as a dead average 5'10 male? What do i need to do to make myself "sexy" given my physical disadvantages?

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Platform shoes are your only solution, manlet.

Learn to dance and learn to dress, put on some cologne. Go to a club or a concert, women will approach and give lingering gazes, then you just pick one.

T. 5'9" dead average 56%er

Half these dumbasses don’t know what 6ft even looks like. I’m really sorry such a stupid thing is a hangup for so many, but the ones that give a shit aren’t someone you’d want to be with anyway.
That sentiment doesn’t work for if you’re just tryna get laid thouhh

t. coping manlet

on a serious note: I never heard people IRL make such an issue about it. It's only narcisstic body image obsessed Jow Forumsizens talking that much about height.

Live an interesting life that a girl would want to be part of.

Jesus Christ stop taking this manlet meme so seriously, you’re slightly above US average and you’re within the height range where no one even notices your height, you’re just normal


What physical disadvantages do you have? You didn't describe them.

Not really, I've seen many irl examples of girls fawning over the tall guys and openly making fun of short men. Then there are also all the instagram and twitter posts by the girls from my country mocking short guys.

Calling bullshit. You haven't seen irl examples. You don't even go outside or talk to girls.

get a bunch of sick face tattoos

Lol wat? Is this bait? We dont care how tall or short you are. The only reason i would care how short a guy was is if he is under 5'3".
But if youre 5'10" and still cant find someone to date, then its your shit personality, not height lol

you're not even that short. I'm 5'11 and have been dating a model-tier girl for 3 years. just have a decent sense of humor, not necessarily normie humor just actually be funny. if you have shitty facial hair, shave. haircuts are only $20 after you tip your stylist and you're good for about 3 months. invest in your wardrobe, you don't have to wear what's trendy, just wear what compliments you and your physique and personality. and for fucks sake, don't say anything you would say on here.

Average males attract average bitches. If you want someone weird then be weird.

suck dick

I have though. Is it that surprising that girls like tall guys? I think you're the one who needs to go outside more, faggot.


Why do you keep repeating this meme? If you went outside you would see it is nothing but a meme. There are plenty of tall virgin guys and plenty of pussy slaying short guys.

>There are plenty of tall virgin guys and plenty of pussy slaying short guys.
I didn't deny that, you fucking retard. Just said how I've seen girls openly mock short guys.

i also havent seen examples of irl nazi frogtraders but yet here they are lol