Dating a homeless girl

is it a bad idea? She lives in her car. I talked to her because i seemed drawn to her for some reason and it turns out we have very very similar interests and the same plans and dreams in life. Only after this did i find out she lived in her car. My question is would it turn out badly for me to get close to her? I am currently trying to move out and she is trying to get back on her feet. Also no substance abuse AFAIK. We’re both employed, she just recently got a job. If any of you have experienced lmk.

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>has a job
That's a good sign. Honestly, be careful. She could be homeless for a lot of reasons. Maybe it was a series of unfortunate events, maybe she makes awful choices

it depends, OP. Do you really like this girl and see yourself moving in with her? Seeing as she's homeless and you want to move out. I think it's not unreasonable to expect she or you would want to live together.
she's still a person, theyre not less of a person. if you really like her and stuff then go for it

if the roles were reversed you'd be ghosted already
no mercy for females

She told me it was to get away from abusive parents. It seems shes very recently in this situation and already has a job.

She is going to you every last bit of your soul. All for some diseased and used up prostitute pussy.

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Honestly yes but i dont know if im going into this too fast. I kinda told myself i would stay single a while until i met her.

well you can move out into her car and you can talk and be drawn to each other there

how long has she been homeless?
what made her homeless?

Less than a month and due to abusive parents she left.

idk about that, i am currently in college and working and i already have problems with stress, i dont think i could handle living like that right now.

she's not a hobo then
If she's young you could help her get on her feet, which could make her trust you a lot

Are you willing to be there for her and dealing with the emotional baggage? Are you in an area where the cost of living is affordable enough for her to get back on her feet? How well do you know her, maybe she has some habit or characteristics that may not be good for dating while she’s starting her whole life outside of a parents home. I think you can offer her support, but having her move in with you while it seems like you don’t know her closely is a bad idea. It’s probably best to be friends because once you start dating, she’ll rely and look to you for emotional and financial support. If you can tolerate it, go for it.

You’re probably right about waiting, i think i just got caught up in the moment but we have already talked often in person and on snapchat (she uses public wifi). Ill try to get to know her better and wait until were both in a more stable place. I just worry because fall and winter is coming soon and it gets very cold here.

did you already move out? Why not invite her to your place?

I currently live with parents and pay rent, buy im trying to save money and look for a better job so i can move out due to personal reasons. Min wage isnt much around here. I really like her but i think bringing her into my life would add a layer of complexity that i cant handle right now.

My parents would never let me bring over a girl to spend the night, let alone a homeless woman. One of the reasons im trying to move out, they dont like me casually dating (religious) and i dont have much freedom, which is one of the major reasons i want to move out.

If you don’t think you can handle it, stay as friends and treat her as a friend. You can offer support, like if you need a shower/laundry, you can for x amount of times a week at my place. Maybe she can rent a room during fall and winter?

>She lives in a car.
>it turns out we have very very similar interests and the same plans and dreams in life
You also plan on living in a car? Also what an amazing coincidence. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she's homeless.

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I'd wait a little and let her crash at your place as a friend every so often and then see how she changes. People can be completely different if they're in extreme situations like homelessness. Doesn't mean she has to as well, but you can never know. Since she does have a job at least, you should be good but keep your guard up for a short while.
If she fled from her abusive parents, she might have a good amount of emotional baggage. You need to be aware that you'll be the one that'll have to help her deal with it because right now, you're probably all she has.

Whatever you do, good luck user!

Actually yes we both want to live in a van. Problem?

Ive actually lived out of my car too when i ran away 2 years ago so yes i know what its like. Honestly i know i could move out if i budgeted better and maybe got another job or a side hustle.

Honestly, living in your car is an act of independence, living with your parents is not.

No, it's a sign of desperation and/or retardation.