Are tattoos red flags in a person?

Are tattoos red flags in a person?

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Usually. Bad taste is a bad thing regardless of where it is displayed.

It shows they either don't think or don't care about the long-term consequences of their actions.


>Are tattoos red flags in a person?
Might be if aesthetically challenged otherwise no.

Not always

On mens are a turn on

On girls are a turn off unless it's something small and feminine

If you're a degenerate NEET basement Jow Forums dweller that's never smelt a girl in his life, yes

No, but 20 of them are

READ THE tattoos. They’re supposed to be a visual description of their personality. If the tattoos don’t describe them then they make bad impulse decisions.

depends really

but most of the time they're just generic ass shit, and that goes both for men and women

Yes unless they look like her.

A small, discreet, thing or three is fine. A poem means she's worked in porn, and lots of shit means that she's seriously damaged goods.

yes. always. on any gender.

t. Someone whose parents both have multiple tattoos all over their bodies

Depends. It's a huge red flag if it's an angled swastika, a hammer and sickle, or some other radical political symbol, or if it's hateful words or gang designs. But otherwise, it's not. If it's a cat or something, then only conservatives care and what conservatives think should no longer matter in the slightest.
This, but without the "degenerate" bit. Those are the primary anti-"degenerate" people now, they don't even watch porn or masturbate at all and have bought the conservative bullshit about traditions. However, as proven by the earlier days of this site in particular, "degeneracy" is actually a good thing if anything. Even /b/ used to do good deeds at times, and those were the ultimate "degenerates" who jerk off to gore and such.
This is such a generalisation, it's absolutely not true for most. It may be for some, but if you're going to paint all women with the same brush, you're worse than the growing number of people who shame men for being virgins even if they have a serious medical reason to not have sex.

If you’re a boring life hating cuck, yes.

Yes. I'd never bother with a guy with tattoos, or a smoker.

>in b4 "my tattoo is totally meaningful and special XDD"

That's your opinion. Everyone does not have to agree with everyone else. Maybe you don't think people's tattoos are meaningful, obviously since they have no meaning for you, but they may well have meaning for them. I personally would never get a tattoo because I prefer to keep as many doors open as I can, and admittedly do feel disappointed if I find out a woman has a large sprawling tattoo under her breasts (in my opinion that looks ugly and usually makes her breasts look smaller) or a large design on her pubic region, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. If it is a deal-breaker for you, that's fine, but I've yet to meet a single person ever who has had a totally meaningless tattoo except when extremely drunk. The meaning may have been temporary, and they may even regret getting it, but there was meaning at the time and they can explain it.

I would say taking pictures of yourself with no shirt on and posting them online is a bigger red flag

With the exception of tattoos of former beloved pets or the names and birthday dates of family members, I have yet to meet someone whose tattoo was made for a reason greater than "I think it looks cool".

And just like you are disappointed in women who have tattoos for in your eyes marking them as trashy, so do I think of tattooed guys as trashy.

>I have yet to meet someone whose tattoo was made for a reason greater than "I think it looks cool".
Maybe there's a difference between countries, then. In my country tattoos were considered to be a sign of being a criminal until the 2000's, but now practically half of people under 30 in the big cities have tattoos. The meaning "it looks cool" is valid too, in my opinion, though usually that's not the only meaning from what I've heard. It's a partial meaning, of course, no one will get a tattoo they think looks like shit. But there's another meaning too, every time, from the ones I've known.
>And just like you are disappointed in women who have tattoos for in your eyes marking them as trashy, so do I think of tattooed guys as trashy.
I said nothing about trashy, and trashy can be fine in my opinion, if it's self-aware trashiness as it is for most. Merely, I think certain tattoos look ugly (on both men and women), and that having a tattoo under the breasts often makes them look smaller which is disappointing for obvious reasons.


Hating tattoos for no reason is a red flag though


>no reason

read all the posts before yours, dumb cunt

Tats are for "i'm unique" losers

>Being mad about what other people do with their bodies

I've been in many relationships. Can confirm tattoed girls are fucked one way or another. You're just a cuck friend-zoned homie that thinks defending women's reputation on the internet might get you laid irl. Good luck losing your virginity


If the tattoo is meaningful and has a significant story behind, the girl is cool and probably interesting.

If the tattoo is just "lol art" smash that pussy but stay away emotionally. You can't turn a hoe into a wife


If you don't want to be generalised don't put yourself shit that the general public wears on like uniforms. Also, wtf are you doing on the internet, snowflake?

>That's your opinion. Everyone does not have to agree with everyone else.

Stop reading right there. Ain't got time for this teenage psychology bullshit

>With the exception of tattoos of former beloved pets
If you're getting a tattoo of your dead pet then you have issues.

>Defending random people for what they do with their bodies


I'm defending myself and my tattooed brothers and sisters

Honestly I've dated two girls with tattoos. One was seriously fucked in the head and has harrassed me online after breaking up, and the other was genuinely a nice person and great aspirations, we only broke up because at the time i went out of state for college.

It's a small red flag.

As a tattooed person, I'm not your brother. Go fuck yourself

You as well, bro

Okay bro

Person who chooses to use the body as a canvas for "self expression" has nothing to express. Don't bother with such person.

Actually it's as big as the tattoo itself

Call me a simple man but I like pictures.
As long as I am not fucking a comic book, everything is great.