Women are so shallow. What to do?

Men might be more visual creatures but overall we aren't too fussy about a woman's appearance. Dating studies have shown that men are a lot fairer when judging looks. Men won't discriminate if a girl is too skinny or carrying a few extra pounds (a lot of guys love thicc chicks). We also won't judge too harshly if a girl is low social status or doesn't have a well-paid job as long as she's nice.
Women, on the other hand, are deeply shallow in both looks and personality. They are only physically attracted to a small minority of men, and they often fall for the dark triad personality, i.e. men who are superficially charming, manipulative and narcissistic. They say they want ambitious, successful men but they will also fuck badboys who are often lousy providers.
Being a nice, stable, dependable guy is a one way ticket to inceldom. It's such a fucking depressing situation. I wish I could be a chad or a badboy but it's not in my nature. I treat people how I want to be treated, and acting like an arrogant, selfish douche isn't what I want to project to women, even if it does get you laid.

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>Dating studies have shown
Here we go again. Some people can't tell the difference between incel meme diagrams and actual studies.

It's data. it might not be definitive but incels are always being told to back up their claims with stats. OKCupid's women only finding 20% of men attractive is pretty damning and most likely indicative of the wider world.

You can offset looks with money and status. If you’re a nice guy just be nonchalant and seem uninterested in a woman you’re interested in and she will like you more.

The problem with nice guys is they give women way too much attention and validation, they never make a woman wonder where she stands with him. Chad constantly goes out with the boys and cheats on his girl so she has no idea whether he really likes her or not and sucks his dick as best he can so he won’t leave her.

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That's because incels do not have a single fact backing up their claims. Literally the entire belief system of incels is built on lies and falsehoods.

>nice, stable, dependable guy
Pick one. Incels are evil, unstable, and unreliable.

Women don’t really care about looks in my experience it really only matters online. Unless you look like a disable piece of chewed up bubble gum, even the most ugly guy can atleast pull a 5 or 6 with enough money and status.

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>If you’re a nice guy just be nonchalant and seem uninterested in a woman you’re interested in and she will like you more.
Fuck all these mind games. If I like someone, I want them to know about it, and I would expect the same. Trying to "play it cool" can often backfire in your face.

I don't think they are, or at least many of them don't start out that way. They're embittered because they've never had female attention.

So you don’t believe women have a preference for tall, buff good looking dude atleast when it comes to random hook ups online?

Women play mind games on you all the time. You just don’t realize it, giving anyone too much certainty about where they stand with you can lead to you being abused and manipulated but it’s especially true with women.

How great has letting women know exactly how you feel worked for you in the past? You wouldn’t be in the thread asking for advice complaining about incel shit if that “displaying your love” bullshit actually worked. I understand what you want to do, but I’m telling you for a fact it doesn’t work.

The least invested you are in a person the more they will chase you, people want what they can’t have.

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Met a girl online. Had sex. When I went home, I tried to play it cool. She got pissed off and wanted to call things off. Some women love the mind games maybe but others want to know where they stand.

So basically if you enter into a relationship with a woman you should treat her with indifference?

I fucking hate women and they are scum. They only give sex to the stupid assholes that treat them like dirt. If I ever had a chance with a woman i would treat her like queen and give her the world but all these dumb stupid bitches want to do is suck Chad cock and be stupid whores I can show the woman how a real gentleman threats a woman and give her love and respect but she never gives me the chance I ducking hate these stupid dumb whore why do I have to suffer and be a virgin forever I’m always nice to woman yet they fuck the asshole guys I want to fucking kill myself it’s not fair

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So? She’s an attention whore, a woman like that needs constant attention and you’d get tired of her shit eventually. Find another one that isn’t so needy.

Yeah. I only see my current girl once a week and things hard going great. I get all the pussy I want and I don’t have to deal with her shit but once a week, and she’s on her best behavior when u do see her because she knows I’ll drop her in a heartbeat and find a new bitch.

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Incels don't get attention from women because their bitter, angry, psychopathic behavior scares women off. Nice and stable guys do not rage on the internet all day long about how they want to rape and murder women, which is what all incels do.

They literally do not. Tall buff guys attract gay men, not women. That incels always have this obsession with tall buff guys does show they have homosexual tendencies.

Bro come on. This bait never works.
What are you doing man? At least put a little bit of effort into it.

You are putting the cart before the horse. Incels are bitter BECAUSE they've been rejected and ignored by women. Few people are born that way.

Liar. Incels have always been angry and bitter and violent. And they have NEVER been rejected by women because they have never asked a girl out, or created a dating site profile.

That's a huge generalization. Yeah maybe some incels have never tried, mostly due to lack of confidence & low self-esteem. I don't really think that's reason to demonize them.

Why do you expect empathy for a group of violent psychopaths who want to brutally kill you just for existing? If you stopped openly advocating terrorism then maybe girls would start liking you.

lol most incels are just angry loners from all walks of life. Few of them are actually violent psychos

cringe thread


All incels are violent psychos. Just read any incel forum. You're not allowed on one otherwise.

this thread is kinda cringe bro...

>all incels are violent psychos
Just like how all niggers are criminals, oh wait, they arent.