Does nofap increase energy and confidence and motivation?

does nofap increase energy and confidence and motivation?

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No, working out and eating healthy does. Nofap is a desperate attempt by faggots who think it will magically fix their life akin to how they think getting a gf will fix their life.
All studies say that nofap has no benefits aside from a one time test increase after 7 dats.

Hey op, doesn’t listen to these cumbrained fucktards, they don’t know shit, most of attraction is smell and by not masturbating you produce more testosterone and a thicker masculine aura, you’ll be stronger but you have to be prepared to fight the horny urges, I believe in you.

>and by not masturbating you produce more testosterone and a thicker masculine aura


Your post has convinced me not to do nofap

At this point, for most, it’s a placebo effect.

My life, ever since I started no fap I have been able to attract much more women and have lifted weights at least 20% heavier than before, once I purged horniness from my mind I also became much more intelligent and raised my gpa from a 2.8 to a 3.8, this masculine aura is what separates the good from the bad in men, every other muscle bound bro I’ve talked to has spoken about their masculine aura too, all of them are nofap, although they won’t blab to chicken shits like you, so as far as I’m concerned you should heed my advice.

No. Only diet and exercise does.
Cant believe people would completely give up masturbating just to avoid changing their diet and doing simple exercising lol

I think you misunderstood, I asked for a scientific source, not for a blog post that proves nothing.
It's not like you actually went and measured your testosterone and how it went up from nofap, it might as well just have been a placebo effect.

I grew 5 inches motherfucker, cumbrained chimp, I’ll kick your ass then release a thick wad of masculine aura into your mouth with my fist so you can see why you’re girlfriend spends 7 hours hoovering my balls

>still no source
Is this the power of nofap? Just talk and no proof for their shitty theories?

The source is testosterone, and for some proof after the first year if nofap, getting fit fucking chicks, I started to pee red because of all my excess testosterone, how’s that for proof?

Empty talk, give me a source, friend. You know, a link for a study, one that measures testosterone in correlation to nofap.

You can’t even trust another mans honesty? You liberals truly are dividing are country, you’re the ones saying for our police officers to provide proof they needed to shoot someone, can’t even trust the best of our society. Also, here’s a little secret about police officers for you, they’re nofap

So you're just gonna talk out your ass because you clearly know that nofap is empty bullshit lol

You are inherently dishonest and/or stupid. Of course nobody will trust you. Now provide an actual source for your claims. If you can't then we will know you are just another lying crackpot.


and people who claim otherwise their only source is literally meme evidence

I think it helps if I'm working on something. I cut caffeine out of my life.

No, getting off your ass and doing things does that, spend less time on distractions (video games, youtube, etc..) and do things that actually better your life
Clean your house, read a book, go outside, work out
Nofap is retarded and has zero evidence of doing anything positive
Spoken like a true virgin

jesus fucking christ, stop larping you fucking degenerate
and you newfags should stop falling for the bait

No. That’s not how the body works. It’s weird people have to say this daily, but NoFap is a meme and only a unscientific solution to people with addiction. Masturbation is a healthy process and gives you energy, keeps your sex drive in balance and generally a healthy benefit.

To be honest nofap makes me pissed off and quite obnoxious, like I'm always angry but in a bad, drunk, annoying way not angry in the good masculine way.
However, fapping too much makes me apathetic and mellow/soft which sometimes is even better.
The golden spot is fapping once a week and release than stupid tension.

Obviously, nofap is best done when you have a gf that you fuck, but for us permavirgin incels, fapping once a week is best.

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after like six days you feel a slight vigor boost but it goes away at the 8th-9th day
useful if you are a body builder, you just gotta fuck once every 7-8 days after a hard workout, but not much for a regular guy
i stopped masturbating (as well as taking hot baths, eating tasty food and drinks, watching trivial media, having the AC on all the time, talking to people, etcétera) in order to diminish my drive for easy pleasure, and it kinda worked but just if you have more of a philosophical reason
otherwise it's barely helpful if, at all
and blue balls not only hurt but make you ANGRY so be careful

BTW the "boost" never comes back unless you ejaculate again, so if you go 2-6-24 months without cumming you'll just feel the same

The same 2 guys arguing about nofap with the same arguments in every thread

They want to deny simple pleasures anyways they can, their life is really sad.

For me, it's my 3rd week now and don't feel so much different. I think it's more of a psychological thing that you but so much importance on it that you start to believe it. Nofap alone wont change anything. I feel as much tired as I did before starting.

You really should stop. It’s not healthy.

if you meant me
I started feeling much better since I started it
obviously I didn't go full ascetic but it definitely made me bolder
however nofap is retarded, I have to make that clear

living isn't healthy. Every day you are closer to your death because you live. If you weren't alive your health would not be deteriorating every day. Life is the main cause of death

NoFap can slightly increase your testosterone levels after roughly 10-14 days but it's a temporary spike. After a few weeks it comes down to normal levels and the benefits of NoFap are pretty much non existent. Why? Well because if you don't ejaculate for weeks on end you body will simply discard excess sperm through wet dreams and some of it will get reabsorbed by your body.

All the benefits you hear people talk about from NoFap are nothing but placebo effect. Yes, if you honestly believe not fapping is benefiting you mentally... it will. But it really is just a psychological thing.

Do a breast massage to women, keep er fuked, you will see a happy and confident woman, she will shoot up in carrier ladder.
Why do you think no fap does the same to a man?
You are wrong. masturbation closes you within your self, your mind does not improve, you need sex in your life to improve, masturbation maybe fixes you for some period of time, but it's short. Keep fapping and soon will you meet yourself in a situation where you have a female naked in front of you, but you won't be able to get hard, because getting hard was your personal thing withing yourself for to long.
No fap - it's your biblical joke that everyone took literally.
Strange generation these time, goes whole extreme either way. "Yeah let's fap 5 time/day", or "let's become a priest". Do you know you can beat your meat when you start getting boners and there is no escape but to release it?
Why people go extreme? cult? cool? imageboard reputation points?
You either find a female and have a regular sex or you become socially awkward impotent.

This is a master bait thread

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It doesn't gives you energy

After 2 weeks of nofap/noporn I feel more motivated to do exercise and also I've the sensation that girls look more at me. Maybe it's placebo but I kind of feel good.

There was a study that said that for preventing prostate cancer and stuff an adult male should ejaculate 28 times a month. I can't recall the study tho

nofap is basically antivax but more widely practiced and with prostate cancer instead of polio

Wait what? How is it not healthy? The monks do it for years and I haven't heard that they have any health problems related to it. You mean to say that nature designed us to fap once a week and if we don't it's unhealthy? Doesn't seem necessary.

>source my ass

From what the research says, yes but only if you're masturbating frequently. Two of the studies mentioned in the article found that frequent masturbation can lower T receptors and increase estrogen receptors. So it might be worth looking into if you have a legit addiction. It's not going to mimic trt or steroids but the idea that it's okay and healthy jerk it on a daily basis is laughable. The other point that I want to make is that your body uses up a lot of nutrients producing sperm, most notably zinc, zinc is essential to test production and you lose about 4mg of zinc each time you ejaculate. You need about 11mg of zinc a day and if you masturbate frequently and you aren't getting the required zinc from diet or supplement you can quickly become zinc deficient and I think this is one of the main things that causes the symptoms of lethargy in frequent flappers. Also porn and masturbation have similar effects on dopamine to drugs like cocaine, that's why cocaine addiction leads to depression and anxiety because frequent exposure to dopamine leads to loss of dopamine receptors. So contrary to what a lot of detractors in the thread are saying, there is some legit science behind the effects of frequent masturbation which can easily be resolved just by abstaining. Whether or not you'll see benefits depends on you, so ask yourself honestly: do I have a problem and is this negatively affecting the quality of my life? Look up everything I just said for yourself if you don't believe me. I do believe there are personal and spiritual benefits from abstaining and there's something to be said about the good feeling you get from learning self control and accomplishing that goal but that's my personal belief and I'm in no way imposing that on others.

Holy fucking quints!

Don't listen to people who tell you it's okay to jack off/watch porn. They're cumbrains.

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For the doubters, I present my strongest argument in favor of nofap (really noporn is the goal but nofap can help you get there):
Be a proper skeptic, prove them wrong. Going 90 days without porn shouldn't be very hard to do if you're not addicted. If you get to the end of it and nothing happens, what have you lost, really? 90 days of porn is not a high price to pay. Then consider what happens if it works? What if you do get some or all of the purported benefits? The worst case scenario is not that bad, and the best case scenario is amazing, so why not give it a shot?

I think you should pursue a career in infomercial presentation. You're a natural at influencing naive idiots.

So jerking off lowers your testosterone below a natural baseline your body decided for you. However over the course of three days your body raises it above baseline to some maximum on day 3. After this your body lowers your testosterone back to a baseline leve over the next four. A seven day period total.
Now imagine youre jerking off everyday. You're keeping your body below this baseline it decided was good for your life and style (God forbid you jerked off a lot as a teenager when this was being figured out, but that's somewhat speculative on my part) you're depriving your body of this testosterone which effects your daily actions such as having more energy and motivation. The confidence is mostly from your body wanting to shoot its load into girls and trying to give you the urges to do so since outside the past 60-80ish years humans were banging to reproduce and have kids around the age you're considering nofap.
Working out also increases testosterone by a bit as well as ingesting vitamins that contribute to testosterone production such as Zinc.
Aside from people spouting "but masturbation is healthy, like for your prostate" there's really no reason aside from unaccepted addiction to the dopamine shots from doing it. Take into account that just like other chemicals used in your body (caffine, nicotine, even alcohol) excessive dopamine 'consumption' can create a dependancy in your body for it leading to feeling depressed or unmotivated and having less energy as well as being more apathetic at baseline dopamine production.

You meant this as biting sarcasm but I'm taking it as a tremendous compliment.

I meant it as an accurate assessment of reality.

Well thank you.

>asking for sources
>bro believe me

masturbate like anything is bad in excess but pretty much any chad jerk off usually.
I know because i tried too for like 6 months and pretty much nothing changes, all your changes are more like psichological than physical. All the superpowers you mencioned is because the lifting you did, the physical activity helps to the mental performance and boost your testostero. With all being said if you wanna do the nofap it's ok, fi you feel better doing it then there's no problem, but remember that all bodies are not the same and the so-called superpowers you mentionated are not hokuto shinken, at east you don't give money to the pornkike

And you did not post a single source for your long list of claims.

Fuck piece of shit faggots like you saying bullcrap like this. People can think for themselves. Who gives a fuck if some idiot's scientific research or some fake website is referenced I'd like to see you fools reference a fucking book now and then. That guy, retarded or not, contributed content to the thread and you waste everyone's time with nonsense.

Not in my experience. I think it's just a made up thing.

Just made me kinda angry after a while.

I think this guy's got it.
Making a better life for yourself makes your life worth living;
so, then you're motivated, which gives you some drive.

Confidence isn't important anyway. Just do the things you want to even though you're insecure or have doubts or whatever. (Not that it's easy...) In my experience, people would be better off if people reserved confidence for things they actually know something about. A healthy dose of doubt keeps you on your toes.

>how dare you point out someone wrote a long post full of bullshit and made up untruths

Just use your brain to find. But you will need some time to read

That website is one with an agenda and full of shit, you know this right?

Alright. Have a ((You.) at least you are humorous.

You know that people have better things to do than jerk off all the time right? There is no decent evidence one way or another and anyone would be a fool for reading trash about whacking, when they could be reading something better or spanking the monkey.

Here's yours.
>source: trust me bro

What a fucking idiot. You can play with yourself all you want. You don't need to justify it. This is obviously bait. All one would need to do is take the grape nut challenge and decide for themselves.

But I didn't post bullshit and I even outed the parts where I had my own opinions on the matter. You can literally do a Google search and find research papers on any of this by searching just the keywords of "testosterone and masutrbation" or even something like "too much dopamine" but you're too lazy to and clearly just want to be spoofed. Considering you wouldn't have read it even if I did post it (because if you were actually interested you'd Google it) maybe you could at least provide sources for why that long write up is incorrect?

>hurr google it
Why don't you just post one study that supports your claims?

No, but you'll get better confidence from not watching a man fuck a woman on a screen. Our brains didnt evolve to state at images of other hairless apes fucking all day and can't tell reality from fiction in this regard. Kind of like movies for some people.

Fapping is absolutely fine and normal, its its cumming to porn that is fucking so many people up.

Just try not to jerk off every day.
Or at the very least, cut down.
If you find yourself doing it 5 times a day, you have a problem and you need to curb that.
Might want to cut down on activities that expose you to stuff that activates your Wang, Like Jow Forums

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>Slave to sexual distractions

Isn't the point of nofap to make you more successful sexually? Half the people do it since they believe that it gives you more motivation to find a real girl to smash instead of their hand and it's supposed to make you more attractive in the eyes of females.

No one does nofap for "being more creative". If anything, then after fapping your head is so empty of sexual desires that you can really focus on something else.

..are you not aware that jacking daily can lower your chances of having prostate cancer?

Radiation is everywhere my man, not a valid reason to beat your sick nonstop every day, sorry.

I'm feeling kinda good and I have been challenging myself to shoot a load three times a day. Maybe you just gotta find what works for you. I could never really get into myself before but I've put in a lot of effort since this conversation became a thing. Thanks to all. And I wouldn't read a source if one was provided.

I want to jerk off before sleep

It makes me more easily irritated.