Is it true that height is the most important physical attribute for men?

Is it true that height is the most important physical attribute for men?

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Don't forget cock size. If you're not 6'1 and up and don't have a 7 incher you should just kill yourself.

It’s not enough to just be tall.


If you can't compensate with status and cash, yes.

A tall man is a hot man t b h

Yes. The height of your wallet.

What is your stance on height for women? Is there a too short or too tall for you?

For me, as long as they're either roughly the same height or shorter, i'm good.

I'm a 5'2 female will I die alone



Pretty sure OP was asking women, not gay men like you.

There is no height requirement for women, although the rule of thumb is the smaller, the better.

Is it true that being short is the most important physical attribute for women?

Is it true that OP sucks dicks?

No, it's mostly about wealth.

I am a tall man, and let's just say things started to explode ONLY when I became confident about myself.
Also, have some respect to women but NEVER claim you're a feminist : women knows if you're a good man or not. No need to be cocky. Also, avoid to generalize them (aka "women only fuck tall men").

Anyway, being tall is helping : I've lost weight more easily, and didn't need huge muscles to get laid. But you got to be a man of justice before anything. Confident, funny, respectful, subtle, dominant if you need to... This is my point of view, not the sacred truth. You got a chance OP with girls if this what you want to know.

This 100%. Confidence is often key, but certainly height does help



Being tall actually makes it more difficult to lose weight or get muscles or generally look good and healthy.