Am I depressed/slowly turning into schizo? Suddenly failing school, no motivation, no emotions...

Am I depressed/slowly turning into schizo? Suddenly failing school, no motivation, no emotions, only anxiety all the time, feeling like all my friends are only making fun out of me, also addicted to Jow Forums/yt. Rarely left my house since I stopped socially drinking about 1 year ago cause I blacked out almost everytime and thought that drinking was a reason for my poor results.

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Sounds like extreme stress. Stress is a bad thing you should find ways to alleviate it by exercising, playing video games, meditation, sex, what ever makes your mind get off of what ever causes your stress.

Nothing you mentioned sounds like schizophrenia, any reason you think you're developing that?

See a therapist

think of something that will make you happy. Think really hard why you're depressed and try hard enough to remove it from your life. It's okay to run away. You weren't born to save the world. Be an asshole. You are not significant. I could just say in front of your face "go kill yourself."

At the end of the day, you are not different from the good and bad. The blessed question repeats itself, "why even bother?" Read the Myth of Sisyphus and convert to Absurdism. And chant these words everytime you feel shit "I don't give a FUCK"

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my friends pointed out at several occasions that my way of talking is very confusing, often switching between unconnected themes and non-linear

If you really don't have a reason to be depressed, it could be lack of vitamins. I was in the same situation, but then i found out i needed more vitamin d.

Self fulfilling prophecy look it up.

Well I have always been very neurotic (extreme nail biting, skin lesions) but also straight A student to the end of high school, everything changed at uni tho, so probably its connected to it

I sort of can relate i did bad things in my life even had a full blown psycotic episode after smoking spice or a stroke. Never been evaluated but what i do know is 99% of my stress and break downs were caused by the anxiety that their was something wrong with me. What made it worse was my mother was schizophrenic. Im just trying to say I understand. You may need to find ways to destress. Think of it of cleansing your mind. Same way you cleanse your body when. Make it a point to do something out of the norm daily like going for a walk or bike riding, talking to a girl you like, or taking care of a pet it helps. But im no doctor so if it is really bad you may need therapy.

I also just want to say to you embrace it, i didnt get better i just accepted my fate. I have a great wife, a great job with the railroad, and im working towards more. Dont see lack of emotion as a weakness see it as a strenght, that guy that cries everytime and says its unfair in the work place your that guy that just gets the job done without bitching or putting personal feelings in the mix.

ok you're probably right, but the symptoms seem similar to early signs for psychosis

Are you hearing voices or hallucinations? Once you hit 30 its hard to get schizophrenia. The fact you are sane enough to question is fact enough you dont have it. Most schizophreniecs dont know they are schizophrenic.

Get an mri if that make you feel better, schizophrenia is a degrantize disease. Cause by an over flow of dopamine. They can tell if your brain is schizophrenic. I mean if thats what it takes get an mri done check your brains health.

never heard voices, sometimes I'm just afraid that people are staring at me or talk bad things about me, I'm 22 btw

Sounds more like generlized anxiety disorder, i dont think you are schizophrenic or schizoid. But hey you know what? There is no cure for schizophrenia so take comfort in the fact your frontal lobe will degenerate and you will essentially die. We are all guaranteed one thing in life and thats death.

well my diet is shit and I don't get any sunlight

how long were you recovering? my friend's brother was put in psychiatric hospital for a month after smoking it and then on pills for about a year.

My maternal grandfather had depression (concentration camp survivor tho) in and paternal grandmother got psychotic breakdown, my mom only freaks out for the smallest thing constantly

Self recovery never needed all that. I dont want to say what helped me but weed and alcohal basically bitting the snake that bite me. I desensitized my self from that experience theres not a day i wonder but i am doing good as far as i know.

If you feel like people are talking shit about you if they are friends approach them not hostilely but camly. Ask what they have a problem with. Then tell yourself it doesn't matter what another person thinks about me, i mean what can they do to you really? if you become indifferent you will not care, and people are drawn to people who do not care. Basic instinct a baby crys why? Because the baby knows it will get attention. Thats how easy it is my friend, learn to use your sickness as an advantage and you will never have a problem.

Of course weed is from denver is a lot cleaner than spice. I was smoke shy i couldnt take a hit without fear of going to my old ways. My wife i meet her high, and my life was improved by pot not that i smoke now. I guess i am a firm believe in marijuana as a cure for mental illness. Just the fact you have to make friends to get it should be good enough.

Bottom line op i reccomend good striaght weed, it has been proven to help with anxiety. I also want you to work on having friends people who give a shit sbout you besides senpai. If you can do that you will be doing good.

I smoked weed frequently 2 years ago, was fine while with friends, but i got paranoid as soon as i got on a bus or walked into shop