It's impossible to find a gf

unless you're chad or you luck out, it's hopeless for guys like to find a girlfriend
>inb4 get fit eat better
I workout regularly and take care of myself. besides I've seen schlubs with hot chicks
>bee urself
that patently hasn't worked
>have sex
anyone can buy sex. it's attracting a mate that's the problem

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You're not asking for advice.

Fucking gay psyops again.

Yes I am. Help me find a gf, or at least help me believe it's doable

>I've seen schlubs
So clearly that is not a requirement to get a girlfriend
>>bee urself
>that patently hasn't worked
You apply it at the wrong time. Be yourself is decent advice if you have multiple girls to be around and you want to find the one you want to spend time with out of those. You are still at the desperate phase where you just want to talk to girls and being yourself is stopping you from talking to any girls. Once you can get several dates, being yourself makes it easier to find someone who likes you when you are yourself instead of who you are pretending to be.

I agree that having sex isn't related to finding a girlfriend. You probably want sex with your girlfriend but treat that as a secondary problem and this is why you can't find a girlfriend. They need to know you want to fuck them first and then they will talk to you as your girlfriend.
Women these days don't want men to court them first and fuck them later, they can get dick anywhere they want, if you aren't willing, then you probably aren't interested.

Why do you want a gf?

I used to be in your place. I used to believe the chad/incel memes, i thought i'd never find love or meet a girl. Then I realized that these memes and coping mechanisms are poison for your mind. You have to let go of these dumbfuck beliefs and work on yourself.

Learn to get out of your comfort zone, slowly do more things you're afraid of and realize that the only thing that was stopping you before was your fear. Get lower bf%, dont be afraid to make your opinions known and express yourself. Treat girls as if they were normal people, and treat the ones you like slightly better than the rest. Do all this and eventually you will meet a girl who might like you.

I know this is true because i used to be a sadfuck loser with no hope and now I am going on a beach date with a beautiful smart qt in an hour. Its not instantaneous and you will make sense of these words as you go along, but you have to go and try otherwise you will never evolve. Good luck faggot

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>So clearly that is not a requirement to get a girlfriend
I saw the weediest, whitest looking dude once. He was wearing glasses and didn't look like he'd ever worked out a day in his life, but his gf was this smoking hot latina with big boobs. I guess it's just luck or he had money?
I really don't know wtf I'm supposed to do. Everyone else makes this shit look so easy but for me I might as well be chasing rainbows.

I can smell the desperation through my ISP

ofc I am desperate. If you have the kind of dry spell I have you'd be desperate too. Imagine watching everyone else find a gf but you're forever alone. I thought it would get easier with time but not really


help me Jow Forums


No one wants to help me?

Have you tried having a personality?

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It is doable. Perhaps you aren't personable, interesting, attractive, or even sociable. You just need one. Scratch that, you don't really need any.

You ever watched "My 600lb Life"? There are morbidly obese men, up to 700lbs, that have had wives/girlfriends or at least kids (sex). These disgusting blobs of shit can fuck a woman. Most of them lack self-control, looks, personality, etc. Here's the thing, the fuck women they can GET. Fat, ugly, low-self-esteem porkers. It isn't just a gf that you desire, but a sweet, semi-attractive, loyal woman that is at least somewhat tolerable.

TL;DR nigga stop whining

>if you want to be happy for the rest of your life

>never make a pretty woman your wife

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Thanks dude. But how do I accomplish this? Women are never interested in me. Girls aren't that subtle. I've seen them hit on my friends. If a woman likes you, you'll know about it, unless she has a serious personality disorder. It's no wonder I think I'm destined to be alone.

Ok, so you have friends. that's good. They get hit on? Even better. You are around guys that are getting attention from women, you're almost there.

My best advice. Work on yourself. "But user! everyone says just be urself, that shit is stupid." Yes, on its own, being urself is fucking stupid. You have to "righteously" be yourself. By that I mean genuinely and openly, stop giving a fuck about what people think. Focus on yourself and improve in ways that are meaningful to you, not just "lift bro". Women just want a man who is unapologetically himself, as long as you aren't smearing shit on walls or some other wild shit. Are you gonna magically start pulling women? No. Will some women, women that you may find attractive, find you interesting because you have things going on and are self assured? Yes. I'm not a fucking wizard but this is a decent start.

This is the truth OP, anyone can find at least 1 person the problem is 1 of 3 things.

1.You're a loner as in not a single friend and your circle is limited to less than 10 people and all these people are pretty simple/ not interesting people. Trying to find a gf and make her feel comfortable with this kind of lifestyle is going to be impossible for a lot of people.

2. Your standards are too high. A lot of younger women are not going to settle for average guys especially if you don't stand out in any particular way. If you have some looks you'll attract some women, usually average women. Have some masculine traits desired by women and you'll be fine.

3. Your personality sucks as in not interesting, no hobbies beyond those NEETS enjoy and that kind of things.

Men that can't find a single girl in a well populated area have at least 1 of the 3 problems I listed.

You didnt mention how to fix any of these problems bud

>it's attracting a mate that's the problem
Nah, anyone can 'get' a gf. Keeping a gf for a significant amount of time is the hard part. And even then, the chances of being cheated at are greater than 50/50

I'm not the life and soul of the party. I'm not the kinda guy who cracks jokes 24/7. I have a friend like that. He's great with the ladies but that personality type is exhausting if you're not naturally outgoing. I'm the kinda guy who sits back and occasional throws out a zinger.