19/F/UK, been with bf for year and a half

>19/F/UK, been with bf for year and a half
>Only guy i've been with/ had sex with
>Good relationship for the most part BUT
>Realised we want different things in life
>It's been a life long dream of mine to work and live in US
>He hates America, is studying medicine here in UK and plans on staying
>Give up on love and follow my dream?
>Or Give up my dream and stay with my love?


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Go work in the U.S. People will come in and out of your life in rapid succession in your 20s. You'll meet someone new. Treasure the good moments you had, but you can't let a relationship hold you down like this. Just the same, he deserves to find someone willing to stay with him in the UK that won't have lingering doubts.

As a person who was born and lives in America, why do you want to move here? And I mean specifically. What does the US offer that the UK doesn't?

Your dream is a career in a foreign land you haven't been to yet?

Good food and guns

Dry weather

Dental Care

Fair enough

Guns are overrated and I own a few

>Dry weather
Depends on where you live. Weather varies greatly depending on where you are. Some places are as cold and wet as any area in Europe

>Dental care
Only if you got good insurance

You need stronger reasons. Just stay where you are right now until you can think of better reasons.

The only valid point on there is food.
Just vacation here, you'll see why the others aren't.

You're 19 gurl, follow your dreams. There will be other men.

I have gone to the US a lot since I have family there and i love the place. Been to many states as well

You're still a little girl, in 4 years you will have cheat on him so many time anyway.
Do what you want, the only thing that count in life is your family, even that is not even true.

Let's be chaotic clowns in this chaotic world

No need to decide right now.

Just enjoy the years you have now. If by the end you love him then you might have to sacrifice. But if you end up breakup up then no problem.

Don’t be fucking stupid. As a doctor he will be earning so much money

You won’t have to work a day in your life.

You can visit America on holiday as many times as you want.

OP here: An additional dilemma I have in this situation is a conflict of my morals..
I feel impure with the idea of having sex with multiple men

The land is vast and full different experiences.
England is cold and small and often boring

But not feeling impure for sacrificing the best years of your life for a career? Why the need to leave at 19? What's in the states that can't wait? What do you really want to escape from, asides from bad dental care?

That bad dental care post was not me

I feel constricted here .. I'm happier when i'm there

>Don’t be fucking stupid. As a doctor he will be earning so much money
>You won’t have to work a day in your life.
lmao, no

t. Euro med student

>It's been a life long dream of mine to work and live in US
What's your dream work? Don't say human resources.
>That bad dental care post was not me
So? Still facts. lol
>I feel constricted here .. I'm happier when i'm there
Constricted how, making money as a doctor while you slave away? Asides from that, you're just describing emotional states and locations.
>I feel impure with the idea of having sex with multiple men
So you've already considered having sex with other men? So far, sounds like your young age and honeymoon period fading is contributing.

>I feel impure with the idea of having sex with multiple men
Do you know what cognitive dossonances are ?
Sooner you will know, the sooner you will be able to cure them. Typically the idea to be pure in something implies the what is good and what is bad theory.
You are so fucking young you do not know anything by yourself, your idea of bad things and goods things doesn't come from you but from other people that you have met in your life, and guess what ? They are certainly wrong.
How do I know that ? Because you are actually feeling bad, in like a dead end because of a shitty non sense moral of purity.
Listen your body, your desires, your dreams, your feelings don't lost your soul for the hypocrites judgements of pathetics losers who poison good people like you. You already have prove your purity by your intention to act well. It's already so much bunch of times better than a large part of the world will be able to do in their life.
So do what ever you want, you're free now.

thats god telling you not to be a slut

the love of your life only comes around once

don't ruin it over some bullshit America dream

yes you might meet other guys but you know they will never treat you the same. They will use you to fuck you. You will become broken and jaded and keep chasing more hookups. By the time you are 30 you will eventually have to settle down with some loser and will be wishing how you could have stayed with the loving doctor boyfriend.

Kek the copepill
Of course women do not want hookups it just a a man thing. Oh no, it's just society that is making women ashamed to follow their desires. Go fuck yourself you are a fucking retarded human robot that poison people with cognitive dissonances.
Let her do what ever she wants to do to be satisfied in her life. Faggot

My dear, the chances of you staying with the same man you were with at 19 for your whole life are slim to none. Don't stay with somebody you're not sure you want to be with and may jeopardise your dreams because of some stupid Jow Forums bred idea that if you have sex with somebody else you're worth less.