How do I cope with this unfair world. It seems like most people just say that it's unfair and then just ignore it...

How do I cope with this unfair world. It seems like most people just say that it's unfair and then just ignore it. What about those at a natural disadvantage?

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It's unfair to everyone, not just you.

To some more than others

Kill yourself so you won't breathe oxygen away from people who aren't low test.

>tfw this dumb whore will have an infinitely better life than you for whispering into a mic over generic melodies

Being an ugly male is the biggest disadvantage in the world, if you are, its over. Don't even dream.

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There is no coping. You really have no choice in the matter except to go out and try to do something.

Wrong. Being dumb is the biggest disadvantage. Like you are demonstrating right here.

>ur dumb if you don't accept the inevitable

You're right, I'll start practicing my vocals right away. I'll take my Ferrari in red.

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>blaming someone successful for your own shitty life

It's not even about being low test. How others cope with the fact that they never really earned anything on their merits? How can they get by on pure luck while I suffer? I didn't ask to be born, I didn't ask to live in the environment I did. I hate it all. At the same time I don't think I could kill myself. Too scared.
And so what if I end up a failure ( which I will) what if I'm just miserable throughout my life? I could bear through it all, for what? What's the point of even living if you know your human trash

You can only play the cards you're dealt user the vast majority of people aren't born rich, or into royalty, or a talented genius everyone has different qualities and limitations. Hardly anyone gets their dream job clues in the name. Lamenting over the things you are not only makes things worse. There's always someone better off and always someone worse off.

>And so what if I end up a failure ( which I will) what if I'm just miserable throughout my life?
Everyone fails and falls short and it all ends up to be for nothing.

My advice is to put that out of your mind and "engineer your life" in a sense, so you can maximize your happiness. Enjoy your accomplishments and go easy on yourself if you falter. I can tell you are way, way too hung up on what others think of you. That way of thinking will guarantee your misery since you will never be "enough" for the artificial "they". Don't let that rule your life, go your own way and it'll be better for you.

Also, go on a media diet. News and social media are destructive and are designed to make you anxious and make you keep "tuning in".

Follow this and you will be just fine.

What if your cards are unplayable? What if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Do you realize how funny this is?

That's the whole idea of unfair. If things were equally unfair, it would be fair.

The only unplayable cards in life are all the poor bastards that die young before they live or are born with mental disabilities limiting them to a child like state for the rest of their days. The fact that you are here talking to me means you have a playable hand.

Fug man. I use my disadvantages as advantages.

I hate this pain, but at the same time I see this as truth. If I ignore what is true for my own sake. I could stop beating myself up, but something keeps driving me to want more than I can get out of this life, so I shoot for the moon and instead of landing among the stars I suffocate.

There are a lot more factors than you're considering. I'm average or slightly below average intelligence at best. I'm short and ugly and socially awkward and fat and stupid and worthless. If you knew me in real life you'd agree. No one wants me for a reason


>most people just say that it's unfair and then just ignore it
Because it will never be fair. All we can do is rotate who gets the short stick every now and then, but unfairness will never end, as it is the natural state of things.

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You're a tune to the problems we face its clear you've given it a lot of thought though are a bit pessimistic at the moment. Part of growing up is realising everyone isn't equal and the world kinda sucks that's why your teachers told you to enjoy your school days but we don't really listen and rush to be "adults". I think you'd find meaning in a line of work that helps other people.

>no one wants me
You're not a commodity on a store shelf. You hate yourself for alot of reasons beyond your control. Most people are average height surprisingly enough. We aren't all super models. If your weights an issue that's something you can control. You'll be a lot less socially awkward if you stop beating yourself up and get out there. Find meaning beyond other people then you'll be attractive to others without even realising it.

Well your just shrugging your shoulders. That doesn't help me much

How do I find meaning beyond other people?

Also I'm well below average height I'm 5'1"

The point was you can't control your height, face or natural IQ there's 6ft 3 people, fatter people, uglyer people, people less intelligent who have all faced similar or greater hardship. As for meaning in life beyond other people that's like asking the meaning of life itself I can't answer that for you. Have a goal, something you want to achieve not like be the president or a CEO but a simple goal. Get fit, get a job/get a better job, learn a new skill, travel, find a hobby... anything.

You can either devolve into a bitter miserable little human being or you can rise to the challenge. Adopt a pragmatic mentality rather than focusing on your disadvantages. This will only build resentment which will actually make things even harder for you. Nobody wants to be around a miserable fuck no matter what they look like or own.

When things are hard you need to be harder. Yeah its not fair. But are you going to give up or are you going to FUCKING DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET YOURS?

Even the playing field.

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you dont cope, you conquer

What's mine?

Elliot is the prime example of wasted potential due to destructive thinking. The guy had far more going for him than me and a lot of other people out there but look where hatred of himself first and then the world got him.

It got him revenge. A fair enough exchange.

I have an illness. I can show up for work late and nobody's gonna say shit. Cop pulls me over and I have MRI imaging with my registration. Have a good day sir. Gas station clerk ask how I'm do and next thing you know, I'm getting a free drink. You know, that kind of stuff.

How to cope? Seek others like you and live among them. No other way from my experience. That's why some call it the genetic lottery, you're either born with some of these things or not. There are things you can get through hard work but not everything.

Revenge on who? The few innocent people that he actually managed to kill did nothing to him? He pathetically destroyed himself and selfishly took other people with him. His one stupid goal was to get laid and he never managed that.

Yes, like attractive

Oh well, life's not fair. No such thing as "innocence" as far as I can see.

Wasn't that guy on the autistic spectrum though? I heard he had a lot of hard shit going on in his childhood. This is why every fucking country needs a mental healthcare system to avoid stuff like this when people lose their shit.

Innocent in that they had nothing to do with elliot or his mental retardation. If you unironically look up to him or support what he did then please by all means kill yourself and ONLY yourself.

Then you probably cant see past your nose

Nope. Life's not fair. Maybe they shouldn't have been at that corner store?

Yeah he needed help but never saught it. Guy had a list of personality disorders. Some outwith his control but most he could have fixed. Plenty of people on the spectrum and with worse mental health issues who didn't have a "day of retribution" by killing like six people then themselves.

Well yeah, I'm pretty much an example of a dude that got some of the genetics to blend in with just about any crowd but part of my genetics in my nervous system make my stand out like a sore thumb so I just hang with the average crowd. If you want to make it in with the highest crowds intelligence is probably more important than looks, that and having the right influences in your development. Without these things looks don't matter.

Yeah just off yourself lad. Nobody will ever like or love you.

What about them?

Maybe posts like this are what make people like him want to take some other people with them when they go?

Maybe your mom should've aborted you. Cry harder virgin.

Maybe or maybe he's just an irredeemable cunt who probably doesn't even have the balls to do a great "Day of Retribution" by barely qualifying as a "mass shooter" who knows?

Nope, sorry chap. Sorry you didn't get what you want. Life's unfair like that sometimes

Lots of projection lmao
Protip: life isn't fair.

Why push him though? Obviously plenty of people are capable of it, judging by recent events.

Hey I don't care if you live on as a miserable irredeemable cunt or die just take yourself when you go.

I don't think it's OP a lot of people have given good advice to him and I hope he finds peace but the elliot fanboy can rot.

I'll rot as much as is fair... which isn't much lmao. You know why? Because life isn't fair

There's nothing. There's no future, no hope, nothing to look forward to. There's no hero coming to save you, no miracle to change things. There isn't a pill you can take or an exercise you can do that will fix it. All that's left is to survive until the rot takes you.

All these people going "hurr just get out there! just be yourself!" or talking about testosterone or other shit can't know. Whatever "struggles" they've had were never more than they could handle. They've never been broken. Whatever moments they've had where they felt lonely, they've never been alone. They can't fathom it. So they just declare you deserve whatever happens, wherever you've been shoved in life, because if they can win everyone can. Ironically it's because they fundamentally don't understand what "the world isn't fair" means.

Bro don't say that. You might be the victim when someone snaps and gets an AR or rents a moving truck and starts plowing through a pedestrian gathering place. When people feel like this guy, insults just feed their hate and make it seem like killing people is the right decision. If society hates you why should you care about society's laws or morals? Combine that with today's lack of meaning or religious belief and you can see why people are snapping and going on killing sprees.

This. Normies have had an easy life and assume everyone else does too

Some people are beyond help especially when there motto for life is "its not fair waaaa"

>still thinks life is fair
Sad. Grow up

Oof that edge. High schools tough champ? Hang in there.

We've got a live one

Never said it is but being an edgy cunt about it, hating yourself and everyone else isn't a good thing for you or people around you. Grow up take responsibility and do what you can.

I don't think anyone is beyond help. And your attitude is shit. Sure some people are whiners about minor things. What about someone who is paralyzed from the waist down, or who's family died in an accident? Are they whiners? What about people we openly mock as a society, like a guy who's 5 feet tall or a girl who has cystic acne and facial hair? Everyone has problems but some people have REAL problems. And especially with men, it seems like society doesn't give a shit about them and tells them to man up or kill themselves. Well, you can say that but don't be surprised when there's blowback and some guys refuse to go quietly into that good night alone.

>they've never been broken
Quit the dramatics it's pathetic.

True, the majority of happy people I know are little bitches who have never had any real problems in their life. Sorry honey but mommy and daddy's divorce or your recent breakup aren't real problems. Try losing a loved one to suicide and then tell me life is fair. Bunch of spoiled fucking brats.

Why take "responsibility" when nothing is fair? Maybe you could define that term to clarify what you mean

You're one to talk

Fuck you. My problems are as bad as yours. Grow up and realize you're not special

Yeah okay it's not helpful what you said about disabilities and real issues have already been said and I'd agree with it. You help him(the Rodger fanboi) then. What would you say? Some people are beyond help though I've seen people in wheelchairs take it well and I've seen some just give up and vegitate despite help. Everybody's different.

I seriously doubt it, but okay buddy

No seriously though how we're you "broken"?

"taking responsibility" for the things you can control in life you are not happy with.

Exactly, most normies are bitches who would snap like twigs if they faced real problems. Google the Just World Fallacy to see how their minds operate. They're literally delusional.

People like Rodgers himself and any similar people need a mental boot camp of sorts. Take these young dudes to nature for a few months, make them fit, make them learn to interact, maybe even have mandatory fuck an escort day. Radical I know, but today's world has destroyed the traditional communities that would've helped troubled people in the past.

There's one suicide every 40 seconds worldwide I'm sorry for your loss but it's far from unique.

That's not a definition of "responsibility," but a clarification of what you meant. Try again

Sounds good. What do you think Rodger Jr?

>"try again"
You're ignoring a point because of a misused word there's always things you can do to make your life better. It's not my job or the worlds job to do it.

Fuck you. That's like saying thousands of people die everyday worldwide. What's it matter if someone decides to go on a killing spree? It's just a drop in the bucket right? Either every death is a tragedy or no death is, pick your poison.

No. If life is unfair, effort will not be rewarded with success. So either life is fair in some cases and improvement is possible or its not at all. Your choice

Your the one thinking your specific pain is unique and special and so much more than anyone else's. It's a problem lots of people have to deal with and there's worse problems to have. Remember the world isn't fair. Right?

Its actually your choice.

Sounds fine on paper but 1) it won't ever happen because youd have to be literally insane to think normies would ever help male outcasts and 2) it would be just as effective as anti-bully initiatives and would actually end up benefiting chads and normies instead of the people it was designed for. By all means, write to your lawmakers and request it

If you went to camp would it make you feel better?

Camp as described would make me feel like someone's actually trying to address my issues instead of pretending they don't exist, which is more important than the camp itself, so sure

US Military, Civilian Conservation Corps, Boy Scouts, hell even the Nazi Youth, if you want to strengthen young men, put them together in nature with a leader and a plan.

Well good. There's programmes out there but it's the luck of where you live and what's available. Probably not a camp sadly but it sounds like you'd benifit from professional counciling. It's there duty and job to care for you in that regard. I'd look to your local health service and see what is available. There's also group counciling where you can meet and engage with others facing similar problems. Do try seek it out though only after you try it can you say for sure it'll work or not. Best of luck.

Once the female goes fugly, be it hitting the wall or via her bad decisions (in which of course she’s the victim) she’s forever seen as a burden on society

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Ugly to not even human. How does this happen?

Kek they hit the wall the patreon dries up.
"So what have you been doing for the last 10 years and why do you want this job?" would pay to see her answer.


She was given self-determination
She used it towards drugs

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out for them years for now. Reminds me of how you hear of rappers that always seem to go broke

Xhibit kek time to pimp dat ass

Most people just understand how pointless and unproductive it is to constantly bitch about stuff you have no control over rather than trying to make the best out of whatever situation you're in. If you have internet access and enough free time to be feeling sad on the internet then I guarantee you already have more opportunity to succeed in this world than most humans in history.

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