Struggling with misogyny

I value women for their empathy, social skills, and tenderness, but I also see a lot of what seems to be stupidity, such as astrology, crystal healing, crushes on serial killers etc

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It sounds like you have a shit taste in women.

>I see the good and the bad in people
That's nice user, what did you need advice with, though?

>lists positive and negative facts about women
that is not misoginy user

You can't generalize all women based on some things a group of women do. Not all women do that stuff just like not all men buy overpriced bathwater and crush on anime characters or buy body pillows.

This. I'm kind of a misogynist too, and I feel bad about it. I remember watching this project a female director friend made and the framing was just shit, my immediate thought was 'of course it sucked, a fucking woman directed it' i feel bad that i think that way, but you know all men are pigs too, right? It's hard to deny nature in the new age, but also generalizing is equally stupid. Some women are dumb bimbo's and some aren't, some will really surprise you just like I'm sure you want to surprise them. Basically don't be like me.

So the things you don’t like aren’t gender specific, that’s the good news. The bad news is that you’re stupid.

I'm struggling with my prejudice against annoying idiots like you.

I take it you’re into astrology and crystal healing, and have a crush on a serial killer?


OP, you're a fag

No, I'm a man who is not 'struggling with misogyny' because I'm not a faggot.
Either be a chauvinist or be a feminist. Pick one and stick with it. There's nothing women hate more than an indecisive man.

Women are superior to you, you just think you are because of conditioning.

Women hate men, who hate women, people like yourself. We have no empathy for you.

Your inability to view women as individual, sentient beings with and instead consider them a hive mind and hold them all responsible for the things that some of them believe or do is a sign of severe autism. I'd suggest getting yourself evaluated because your understanding of how the world works is, how do I put it... stupid and wrong.

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Consider the possibility that functioning, well-adjusted people who have successful relationships and interactions with women aren't exactly floored by your smarmy "cuck" retorts. If not being a cuck means being a sexless, autistic sperg who can't tell the difference between the opinions of one woman and seven billion women then I'm good with the cuck-life, thanks. I enjoy having sex and not needing the advice of angry teenage virgins on an indonesian hackey sack forum.

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Some women are dumb and or vapid just as some men are dumb and or vapid. Generalizing is bad M'kay?

Crushes on serial killers is bonafide crazy, feel free to disparage those women.

The propensity to mystical thinking is a consequence of women being generally more in tune with their limbic system, which is more susceptible to the cycles of nature and harder to explain with logic.

Personally, I believe astrology has merit. People as a whole act differently in different seasons. There are season specific stressors, allergens, events, traditions, and foods. Being in the womb in different seasons implies (especially 50+ years ago) that the babies born at certain times of the year would have been succeptible to certain seasonal hardships and conditions in the womb which could give those children some baseline environmental commonalities that have been studied since we named the stars.

Crystal healing is a little farther out there but both meditation and the placebo effect are powerful and the combination of the two is, at the very least, not going to make things worse.

damn homie he nailed you in one shot without even using any words

you typed out that whole paragraph and said you're good with the cuck life

do people say pwned anymore because that's what this feels like

Founded, studied and used by men for thousands of years.

>crystal healing
An extremely niche activity that isn't widely practiced.

>crushes on serial killers
What are those serial killers? Men.

Not him but you are one foul mouthed incel.

Cucks are actually latent homosexuals. They imagine themselves being the woman while they watch. Pretty sick stuff.

Just call a spade a spade.

Women are stupid

I'm a woman and I think most of the women are fucking retarded these days

Who uses it now though? Not men

>I value women for their empathy, social skills, and tenderness,
you best be joking nigger
(this was drawn by a woman)

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Women are program from birth to be the way they are you cannot hate them for this.
It's llike getting upset that a wolf eats meat.

not him but most women do not have any of these things and in fact have quite the opposite personality aspects

Honestly, as a woman, I feel like I’m pretty misogynistic too. I really dislike most women- I find them to be vapid, self-absorped, and generally such fucking normies. My boyfriend always says I’m too harsh on women, or that I’m too quick to brush them off, but I honestly prefer to have no female friends. Men are usually just much easier to get along with, and are actually funny.

I'm guessing this is some hentai where the ugly dude is conned and rapes the girls as revenge? Dudes draw that all the time. It's popular and people buy it.

You just dislike competition with attractive women. I bet your cuck bf is pathetic and you're fat

he is pathetic but i’m not fat. i’m novstacy though so youre probably right that i feel naturally competitive towards other women

I know I'm right, I've been on this board for several years and seen every female personality type

Are you conscious or how insufferably, undeservedly overconfident you come across and how much what you say sounds like super cringey copypasta from someone projecting their own bs onto everyone else? She expressed a pretty valid point of view in my perspective and a seriously large swath of others'. If you disagree, it isn't because she's necessarily insecure, you ironically insecure, totally unhappy, projecting douchebag.