Girl I am thinking about dating:

Girl I am thinking about dating:

>binges cocaine maybe three times a month
>same for molly and other drugs like acid
>smokes weed everyday
>probably abuses xanax
>told me she has anxiety problems

is she a lost cause bros. and as a general question what do you think the limits of drug use are before it indicates deeper mental problems? (drug type, frequency) can someone do hard drugs recreationally and just be normal otherwise?

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You lost me at cocaine - walk the fuck away now.

Yeah don't even bother with that shit.

otherwise this woman has held down a good professional job for years, if that makes any difference

i smoke weed like 2 or 3 times a month and
i wouldn't date somebody who smokes weed every single day, that's kinda sad and it probably fucks you up mentally and physically
if she's addicted to coke that's worse though

>3 times a month
You mean weekly.
>Weekly drug user exceeding even the most hardcore of recreationalists
>is this too much

anything that isn't mainstream recreational like weed is a huge red flag.

a friend of mine said she used to (hopefully she still doesn't) huff whip-cream cans before sex. Now that I got to know her better, she has PTSD and BPD, not self-diagnosed or on my suspicion but diagnosed by her therapist.

I have nothing against her, but it was the first clear sign that she's unstable.

what the fuck do whip its have to do with anything dude? Im looking for opinions from people who have some life experiences with this stuff

She's a loser

Sounds like she parties hard every weekend. And she's smoking weed and abusing Xanax trying to deal with her anxiety. She's a little old to be drugging like that still. How long has she been at it?

Since college, I think

>binges cocaine
cocaine isn't cheap, especially at binge amounts.
Just put two seconds of thought into what she probably did in the past to get her fix.

Don't do it user.

Sounds like a dangerous ride. If you want to party and aren't looking for anything serious, maybe consider it. But be careful, always practice safe sex, and watch the drugs. You don't want an addiction or legal trouble.

I can't recommend it though. At least not without seeing her. Lol.

Good luck OP.

Jerk off 5 times in a row and then read your post outloud in the mirror three times. You will realize the answer then.

My GF does coke once every 2-3 months and its a huge issue, i cant even imagine drug use like that.

Dont ever commit to her. Just use her as a surrogate GF




Go for the ride for some time, enjoy the experience. Then get the fuck out asap, you don't want her in your life.

It's likely guaranteed she's banging a dealer or 3.

Use her pussy then dump her.

>Go for the ride for some time, enjoy the experience. Then get the fuck out asap, you don't want her in your life.
This. Consider her a pleasant detour on the highway of life.

>at least 2 big redflags

Don't do it

OP, how desperate are you that you even have to ask?

fuck her for a month all the while try to fix up her addiction. if she isnt getting any better after a month gtfo

>>smokes weed everyday
Just a matter of time until she OD's on marijuana bro.

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