21 year old virgin

>M[21], KV

I think I've reached a point where there's no turning back. Only had one date in my life (over a year ago) and my normie friends think there's something wrong with me. it's so bad I relive the moment a girl held my hand once when I was on my first ever date.

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Is it that bad to be a virgin? Even for men, no sexual partners correlates to lower rates of divorce (i think it's more important for women, but it's better if both are virgins).

Focus on enhancing your qualities, building a good body and upping your social skills and having a good career. Women will naturally be drawn to these attributes.

>Is it that bad to be a virgin?

>21 year old virgin
>I think I've reached a point where there is no turning back

Jesus Christ

women pretty openly disrespect male virgins, and it's socially unacceptable for a man to be inexperienced in dating.

Not really, men who are picky > men who will fuck anything with a hole.

Ikr? society is a literal shitshow

that's how I felt when I turned 23, because it's already been a huge problem with trying to date girls my own age

>women pretty openly disrespect male virgins, and it's socially unacceptable for a man to be inexperienced in dating.
No, they only disrespect incels. And being an incel actually is unacceptable.

How often do you get out of your house?

Just tell them you are religious.

Many religions out there favor people who are chaste.

I am spiritual although not religious but I tell people I am religious.

I am 26, a virgin, and I've only had 3 dates in my life.

You have to get out there when you are good and ready. Fuck everyone who dislikes your life choices or shames you for not doing what other people do.

I was shit on for being a virgin before I was an incel. Plus I got to overhear nice things like "I can't stand having sex with virgins anymore because they always get so clingy afterwards"

So you became an incel because some vapid bitch was shaming virgins? Who was she spokesperson of all women?

all of her friends were agreeing with her, and they treated me worse. Like when they would address the guys in our circle to ask something along the lines of what they look for in a partner, then if I ever gave an answer they would blatantly tell me my opinion doesn't count.

you sound quite personally offended

I should add I was stuck with these people as the closest thing to friends I had for 9 months while I was living abroad.

People like to surround themselves with people who are similar to them. Most airheaded bitches will have airheaded bitches as friends as other women wouldn't tolerate their presence.

I just hate assholes who give other people a hard time.

I am sorry you their stuck with such people. Even if you don't like someone you should show respect to them. And they failed at that showing what horrible persons they are.

protip: most people are assholes

also protip: women don't like pathetic virgins who are scared of sex

Pro tip: Not everyone lives in Cali.
Another pro tip: Virgin doesn't equal to incel

more like everyone from a major city is an asshole, not just cali

There's lots of assholes in rural places too. Just don't bother too much about their stupid opinions.

>Virgin doesn't equal to incel
if that's what you have to tell yourself

Just don't go all Elliot Roder about it and you should be fine. It itsn't that big of a deal unless you make it one.

Only if you LOOK like a virgin. Recently, I read about a couple of guys on those degenerate bachelor shows being open about being virgins till marriage or something. They did not look like virgins.

It's all about the appearance. And the masculinity.

I've heard from a friend who is an attractive virgin male that women go nuts when they hear that he's a virgin.

>It itsn't that big of a deal
sure, it's only indicative of being a failed human being. Why should a woman have to settle for that?

>I've heard from a friend who is an attractive virgin male that women go nuts when they hear that he's a virgin.
that's because they know it gives them a better chance of manipulating him

You are seeing the wrong women then. It isn't a competition and it isn't about settling. Find someone who loves you and they are happy to experience love with you regardless of your experience. That's how it works, you know?

>It isn't a competition
oh man

Get out of that death cult. It will only get you bitter and not laid.

you're so innocent and sweet

Nah. I just leave my basement at times.

if you think mating isn't a competition, then I feel sorry for when your naive bubble gets popped

Don’t ruin your chance at true power like I did, sadly I’m a normie and lost mine at 15, but you have the potential for greatness.

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Well, here it comes: Have sex, incel.

will do. I genuinely do hope life rapes you thoroughly though.

And there I was wondering why everyone hates incels

I'm glad you understand now.

Don't pull Elliot Rodger on me. pls?

if I was a 5'9 hapa twink like elliot I would just become a trap desu.

Why be a trap if you could be the perfect gentleman?

That's the logical conclusion to come to, but at the same time it's hard for me to accept them as horrible people and brush off what they say.

The same girl that made the "virgins get too clingy" comment could read me like a book, noticed what everyone was saying was getting to me, and was the one who recognized the signs and sat me down when I was thinking about killing myself.

For that she's the last person I would want to call a bad person, but I still can't forget that even she would say something like that.

It's the same for me. I'm a 23 year old virgin who's never had a girlfriend in his life, and I've been told by a lot of people that I'm really handsome.But I just can't get women to be interested to me.

You have to understand that even most assholes are rarely 100% complete assholes. They can be caring and compassinonate people in one deparment and heartless in the next.

And let's say she isn't an asshole but was just voicing her personal experience. Her statement still is insensitive and superfical. She was inexperienced too at some time and probably isn't a sexual demigod right now. And generalizing a whole group of people about something they didn't actively choose is just sort of a dumb thing to do.

Regardless, there is no objective reason to let it get to you. She might not be your type for whatever reason but she is just one women. Think about how many men are out where and how varied they are in opinion and character. Why should there be less variation in women? They are no borg-collective but people just as men.

Chances are you don't pick up their signs. Women are far more subtle at showing their interest than men. Took me some time to learn that too.

such as?

Depends on the women. Usually they mimic you, imitate your body posture or position of your hands.They shift their voice pitch or get closer to you than to other people during a conversation. Seemingly random touching can happen. They often make eye conact or you will feel checked out because they look at your body. Also will love to be around you and ask you personal questions.

>Even for men, no sexual partners correlates to lower rates of divorce
If you're virgin you can't get married so you can't get divorced.

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>No, they only disrespect incels.
I mean, nobody should be disrespecting anyone because of stuff like this. But to pretend that virgin shaming isnt a common as fuck thing is extremely disconnected with the real world.

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Never happened to me.

>Friend was sexually assaulted by her ex
>He admitted much of what she told me, fuck if I know why. Felt guilty maybe
>She recently transferred colleges and saw his car there, called me in a bit of a mini panic about it
>Share the same major, its basically inevitable they'll bump heads at some point

I have no fucking clue what to say when she talks to me about these kinda things

They can be subtle, doesn't mean they always are. I usually have women trying to preen when they show interest. It happens within a couple of minutes I'm around them. If it happens it will, otherwise nothing happens. One girl in college did that imitation you're talking about, it was weird how she sat next to me with the exact posture I had. She then proceeded to talk to me and occasionally tried to get me to look at her eyes and then she smiled. It was a chance I didn't get that easy since.

Women don’t find me attractive and I’m a virgin. How can I improve my odds? I can’t find anyone.. I’m 27 which in my opinion is too old to never have even had a kiss.

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first impression, you look scared and feminine
t. female

How can I change this? I am scared.... I’m getting old and nobody fucking likes me and I’m genuinely suicidal

Is this a better pic? I just want at least some females to like what they see

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Do you actually ask girls out?

Have sex with Brenda. You are the same.
That is more of general shooting shit targeted at abstract groups (Me and my friend at hs was ridiculing Russian a lot for every bullshit doesn't mean we actually hate them). In reality, unless you are in company of assholes you don't get along with, people will get awkward at discovering that you are virgin.

I don’t like trans girls and I don’t find her attractive and she’s annoying

>I think I've reached a point where there's no turning back
You think ? The point of no turning back is 20 how new are you dumb faggot ?
Even if you have sex now it will NEVER EVER be as fulfilling as teenage sex, you will always feel like you missed out on an important part of your life, you will always be a bitter salty faggot and there's nothing you can do about it.
Now get to the back of the line, you're not special, 21 KHV is nothing, it's the norm here. See you in 10 years.

I lost my virginity at 21, I didnt really care too much. People were always surprised when I said I was a virgin because I didnt make a big deal of it. You need to get into the mindset that sex isnt everything, because it isnt. Its great, and so are relationships, dont get me wrong, but you need something more stable to identify yourself with. If you call yourself a 21 yo virgin, thats how you will see yourself. Practice habits that make you feel happier about yourself, not worse

You're only 21 you've got a lot more time to find a girl