I used cocaine and my girlfriend caught me and confronted me...

I used cocaine and my girlfriend caught me and confronted me. She was very angry and during the fight she provoked me so much that I beat her. It was just one punch and it wasn't really hard. She ended the relationship and now she wants me to move out of our apartment. Her brother wants to beat me up. Can I still save the SItuation? I think I'm being treated really unfairly. I wasn't quite with myself during the fight and I told her so. She is incapable of logical arguments. I'm getting my life stolen

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no, you're a piece of shit and she's acting perfectly reasonably

yadda yadda yadda, you crossed the line, aren't even a tiny bit remorseful, just pack your bags


You are lucky she isn't calling the cops tbqh

You’re a piece of shit drug abusing degenerate and I hope you get beat up and have to move out of your gfs apartment. Also kek,

>living in gfs apartment

Lol dude if it was my sister you'd be looking for dental advice as you'd be missing a few already

You're being treated fairly. She'd be a fool to stay with you after a thing like this. You should consider yourself lucky if nobody presses charges. Take responsibility for your fuck-up, learn from it, and be better in the future.

If I was her brother you'd be fucking dead mate. You pathetic little cunt.

You're overreacting. We have had a wonderful relationship for 2 years with great memories. I used cocaine regularly (at least 2 times a month) during this relationship. She never noticed it and it has never been a problem. If you handle it responsibly there is no problem. But she decided to escalate completely, to insult me as a junkie and to provoke me. She pushed me into a corner and forced me to an act I didn't want to commit. She wants to destroy our relationship because she doesn't want to understand my side. I find that unfair to me and our relationship. Two years and she just wants to throw it away? I don't understand it.

>this thread
just because you change the story a little doesn't change that it's pasta


Get your head out of your ass. I don't know where you live, but in many places, women are a protected class. You can be hypnotized, drugged, mind control via memory repression, whatever, if you hit a woman, even if she hit you first, you are in big trouble. You are obviously too immature for a relationship, and do not have the support of a community. Im assuming you don't live in an Islamic state but I wouldn't even try taking it to trial. Gtfo, grow up, if you're a bastard, which you must be, maybe try to find a family. Life isn't fair, know when to walk away when you're down.

Consider yourself extremely lucky that you aren't in prison. My cousin threw a Big Mac in his gf's face and went to prison for three months. No joke.

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To fix the situation you need some sort of recognition that what you did was wrong. Recognize that you she doesn’t want you to do drugs, recognize that when you hit her you were wrong, recognize that all women make illogical arugements. You just sometimes has to bite the bullet and go along with it.

I don’t know about your drug use and i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that your drug use is recreational or at least you would consider yourself into this category. You really have to ask yourself are you ready to stop? If you aren’t then you shouldn’t be in a relationship with her.

Somehow I think that there were quite a few things you left out in the description of this story. I don’t think it was just a simple bump of cocaine that set her over the edge. It was likely a patteren of behavior from yourself that led to her blowing up.

It really doesn’t matter how hard you hit her you crossed a line. When you cross a line like this she doesn’t know how far you might go the next time blow a gasket. You could beat her to death for all she knows. Maybe you won’t. All it takes is for her to think that.

At the very least if you apologize to her and tell her you don’t want any trouble with her brother, she might be able to smooth over everything with him.

> She pushed me into a corner and forced me to an act I didn't want to commit.

She didn't force you to do anything, you're just an asshole.

I use drugs 0 times a year and you do sound like a junkie to me, you deserve homelessness.

Coke rage is real bro I got the shit kicked out of me when I started trying to fight some guy twice my size up town on it. It's not fricking fun

i love this copypasta

This victim shit is gonna give you a short life. Grow up. Apologize, and leave. Maybe get some treatment or some self reflection.

maybe you could just not be high on cocaine and beating your spouse lmao

OP, you're a huge rationalizing faggot and I hope your next line has fentanyl in it you POS.

You're kind of fucked. People who don't dabble in cocaine don't know not to confront someone on cocaine because it makes them more likely to respond aggressively in a way normally outside of their character.