Stuck between getting a dog or a cat

Should I get a sheltie dog or siberian cat?
I'm an uni student, currently on extramural studies and will be back at some work soon to pay for it. Im living with parents for now, got gf who will probably spend 50% or more of her time in my house because of her situation soon.
I plan to stay in the same city after uni, since I'm like 15km away only from major cities so I can drive to my future job with no problems.
I've got a lot of parks in my city, 2 of them are just on the other side of the road. My city has the highest % of parks in my country.
The problem is, I love both of those. I love dogs and cats. I know cats are more suited to my personality, as I'm an introvert who likes to keep himself in his house, and I always wanted a cat since the young age. Since my brother got his sheltie dog, I understood how loving dogs can be, and how attached they can be also. Going out with his dog has made me happier for sure, since I've got some minor depression, so every opportunity to have a schedule to get out of my house without any sort of excuse is a relief for me, but cats are low maintenance compared to dogs, so when I just don't feel like going out, I wouldn't have to worry about it with a cat. I'm now stuck between getting a dog or a cat because of that. I would be equally glad to have a dog or a cat, I just don't know which one will be a better choice for me.

pic rel is my brother's sheltie dog.

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Get a lizard, or something that doesn't require much attention. You're an asshole if yo'u're going to get a dog that you'll leave all alone in your dorm most the time.

Honestly, I didn't say that I would keep him in my dorm most of the time. If I didn't want to give any attention to an animal, I wouldn't think about getting any of those in the first place.

Alone 50% of the time is a large portion of time to spend alone.

Then you'd have to rant basically 90% of dog owners for it because we are living in a society which requires you to do it.

Get a dog when you're done with your studies, and retire from work.

When im already in advanced age and cant move a lot? kek

So get a old dog.

Fuck off dude, OP is asking for an advice, not some aggressive comments. It's not /b/.

Well, not going to take any word from you since you are here just to get your frustration out of yourself.

Definitely get a dog just to spite this poster.

based and redpilled

user, I know it's hard to live in your mommy's basement, but every other person doesn't do that. Get used to it that you are the only one living the life of a looser here.

Okay, can I get some advice here rather than have some PETA-grade acid spiting monkeys have to talk here? Please

If you can care for both either is fine, but I'd go for the cat since a dog in an apartment is kind of meh. Still possible but maybe consider taking care of your brother's dog as a test run before getting one.

The thing with taking care of my bro's dog is a great idea, but sadly he is living 300km away from me sadly

Then consider going to a shelter and asking about it and looking at the animals there. Realistically, nothing stops you from owning both, but either one would make for a good pet.


Had a sheltie growing up. They are great pets. Just watch out, when they get older they start to shed their fur.

Partially yeah, but you never know how both animals would react to each other. That's where I stopped thinking about owning both, at least for now.
Indeed, shelties are great. Shedding their fur is not problem for me, would have a lot with a cat already. In fact, my brother's sheltie is shedding a lot and this dog is like 10 months old

Dogs are high maintenance. Cats are low maintenance.

Get a dog if you have plenty of time to go outdoors, take it to walks, socialize with it, etc.
Get a cat if you tend to stay too much at work.

The same 'holds true' for more than one cat or dog, but animals get used to each other and I've never had a problem. As long as they spend time together and you discipline them they should be fine with living with one another.

Apartment? Cat
Dogs want yards and their own space, apartment dogs always seem to end up as noisy, restless sorts
Cats are basically designed for the apartment living and it's much easier to give them elements of nature indoors. They're also generally less hands on care but if you get an affectionate one, they're absolutely as adoring as dogs are.

The problem is dogs just require a lot more hands on training and can end up a lot more destructive, and generally are more liable to earn complaints (which can happen quick in apartments).

as a guy with a cat, it's completely subjective. cats love you, they really do, but they either don't show it (intentionally) or show it in an alien way. reading a bit on them can help you understand it
dogs were bred for literally hundreds of years to be companions but you need to walk them out 3 times a day and pick up their shit.
otherwise i heard birds are happy medium. not as apathetic as cats and not as hyperactive as dogs

Yeah I understand it that cats love people and their ways of showing it. I mean, there were always cats somewhere in my family and is a lot of them with my friends. My brother's dog is the first dog in my family actually.

Birds are cute, but are too loud sometimes for me and it's harder to show affection for a human towards a birb and vice versa, comparing to cats or dogs imo.

What about if I live in an apartment but basically on the other side of the road there are 2 huge parks? I mean, my brother is living in an apartment too, and in his house there are plenty of people to entertain the dog and walk him out if there is a need for someone else to do it, just as in mine.

Fuck cats.

This is more valuable post than

Don't get a dog if it's going to be alone most of the day, most of the week.

I want a dog too but I just can't justify getting one for it to stay at home alone while I'm at work for most of its life, or resort to leaving it in a yard or something unattended. Cats are a lot better being left alone so that's why I got cats.