How do I find a man who is into the same boring shit as I am...

How do I find a man who is into the same boring shit as I am? Meaning he's down to smoke weed sometimes and go wandering around the forest. Who is capable of working and paying his bills. Also someone who works on bettering themselves and wouldn't be co-dependant on me. How do I weed these guys out.

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idk nowadays you could just explore going on dating apps and just bare your interests on your bio. go on a couple of dates and look for red/green flags
don't be too picky because you probably won't be able to weed them out. also go to events reflective of your interests

That's most ppl what are you talking about

Smoking anything is a retarded method of substance administration. Someone actively pursuing self-improvement wouldn’t agree to commit such unnecessary self-harm. Perhaps consider coming up with less contradictory ideals.

I highly doubt that you've ever known bodybuilders or been in a gym outside of Pokemon, but trust me, they're big on self-improvement and also big on intoxication.

I was clearly referring to smoking as a means of intoxication and not intoxication as a whole you fucking nimrod

>implying bodybuilders don't smoke marijuana
>implying Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger didn't light up after a workout

You fucking nimrod, smoking is included in that.

Do you understand that there are ways of consuming marijuana without inhaling poisonous fumes and raping your respiratory system? Any level-headed person who seeks to better themselves would choose such an option.

Yeah, you've never been around anyone that seriously works out with weights or anyone in martial arts. Those are some of the biggest people on self improvement and health and there's quite a few that see no issue with smoking marijuana.

Simply put user, you don't know what you're talking about.

Smoking anything is a gutter tier habit.
Thusly you will only attract gutter tier mates. And your "hobby" of adventuring the woods makes you sound more on the homeless side than the fun quirky zaney activity you think it is. Did you mean Hiking/Backpacking? Do you have other hobbies besides abusing a mild drug and pretending to be homeless?

>Smoking anything is a gutter tier habit.
>Thusly you will only attract gutter tier mates.

This is what people who have never dated as an adult say.

Uhhh, no. That's what most people say because the cigarette industry is dying, and vaping is for gay children.

Also, how cute of you to call me a virgin~

We can argue why the cigarette industry is dying until the cows come home (and trust me, cigarette pricing has ALOT to do with it), but the fact remains that no sane adult is going to say "check please" if they catch their date smoking outside. If you've ever dated when you're out of high school, then you'd know this.

How the fuck did you get that insult from my post? No where did I call or imply that you haven't been laid.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with occasionally smoking weed as long as the habit doesn't interfere with work or other activities. And enjoying hikes through the woods or trails doesn't make you homeless. You must be slightly retared.

How old are you? You use a lot of dated language, which makes me think you are a boomer fag. This makes more sense as to why you think smoking is a normal thing because every pre 90's movie ever has programmed that into you.
Smoking isn't cool nowadays. It is a disgusting habit for sadbois and useful for oldfags to die a torturously long death.
nice try. :)

Lmao nobody would remotely insinuate that but it was cute the way you fished for a compliment.

>needing attention on the internet bad enough that you have to establish you're female through a screen name despite anonymity being the appeal of Jow Forums

Speaking of bad habits- what with weed and cigarettes, wouldn't you agree that spending ludicrous amounts of time on this board to contribute your broke-dick opinions isn't all that healthy either?

Spending forever in an advice thread does not validate your input.

this. you are looking for normies, as if they were special or difficult to find.
how old are you, OP?

you weed them out by being successful yourself, your not going to meet driven guys if all you do is smoke weed and wander through the park. Its pretty hypocritical to meet non deadbeat guys when your a deadbeat.

I'm 26.

I go to school and I work. Its as sucessful as I can be at the moment.

then theres your answer school and work, also most guys that are the ones you want don't like to smoke weed all the time, because it makes you unable to do anything else for hours.

>speaking intelligently is now dated language

Nigger please, and nowhere did I say smoking is cool. You also don't seem to understand my point, so I'll make it clear for you. When you're dating as an adult, you date for the person. Things do (and should) get overlooked, and if something as trivial as cigarette smoke will end the date, then you're going to die cold and alone. It's a bad habit that will kill you, but there's more to be concerned about on a date or in an individual than a cigarette.

Once you get out of high school, you'll learn these things. From the way you talk, it sounds like you haven't.

>because it makes you unable to do anything else for hours.

Christ Almighty, that must be some fictionally potent cannabis.

No its reality, if you smoke enough to be worth it sure you can be somewhat functional but you cant enjoy anything. You cant play any games, you cant hold a decent conversation, you cant enjoy a movie properly or really a meal.

This is all predicated of course on the idea that you are not one of those addicts that smoke so often they are hyper functional while completely high.

In general tho, weed if not for the high it gives but also for the culture around it just doesn't fit into the life of a person thats doing anything productive.

women will drop a guy for the most trivial reasons
the only way they would look past smoking is if they do it themself, or if the guy is a gigachad

Move to Portland, Oregon. You’ll get a contact high just walking around downtown. I’m sure you you’ll find someone.

>t. someone who has never smoked or even been around it

It's not the coolest thing in the world, but atleast know what you're talking about. First off, if you're smoking in excess like that, you have an addiction problem and you shouldn't be using. Period. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana can become a crutch just like alcohol.

You can enjoy things and go on about your day with two or three hits from a joint. It makes life more enjoyable for some, and that's alright. I'm not going to debate that there's people who abuse marijuana to the point of what you're saying. However, either you've bought into that stereotype because you don't know any better or you're trolling. I hope it's the latter.

If they're below the age of 21, sure.

Either your physiology or the weed you’ve been smoking is utter garbage but you shouldn’t assume that everyone has the same reaction. My experience has been the complete opposite when it comes to enjoying things and whatnot. I can also do productive work perfectly well high if necessary, just takes some effort to maintain focus and motivation.

Sounds like you want someone who has no real agenda or motivations, but has suddenly realized how pathetic their life is, so they're trying to get back on track by doing token efforts to project progress-- AKA: Broken people trying to become unbroken

Most people are either still broken, and not in the recovery phase, or have already recovered and are no longer into walking around woods, smoking weed, and going on nighttime drives, because it's such a waste of their time.

Neither of you are ready for a relationship, and because both of you are unready, ironically, you both think you're made for each other. Wait until you're better, and wait until he's better, and THEN go and find your prince charming.

By "he", I'm of course referring to your hypothetical future lover. He's not ready yet, if that's the man you're looking for. You won't be happy with him, you'll just be "satisfied". You'll hold on to him like a comfort blanket, and when the two of you have changed too differently from one another, you'll drift apart until you find someone more suited for the "new" you.