Just shaved my head due to severe balding. Keep it real, how do I look? Any tips for appearance?

Just shaved my head due to severe balding. Keep it real, how do I look? Any tips for appearance?

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That shit in your ears looks worse than the top of your head.

You know some people completely lose the hair on the top of their heads. If what you have is severe, what do you call that?

That’s just my style user. I am not gonna change for you

It was looking really bad for me. Stupid thin flat hair, it looked way worse before I buzzed.

Find another glasses. Grow the beard a little bit longer.

i honestly think you pull off the look. maybe different glasses but I can tell you take care of yourself.

On board with a different set of glasses, but also thin your eyebrows a bit, get them done at a salon.

Ditch the glasses

It looks good! And the beard goes well with it. Don't listen to the other losers they are jealous.

You look perfectly fine the only bad thing is the gauges

Ignore this dumb fucking tripcunt, your eyebrows look great, OP

If the gauges won't go then fine, but at least get some new glasses. Otherwise you're p solid OP no worries.

as chick, i can say ur looking fly as fuck
most i can say, is the glasses are a bit wrong and maybe tone it down on the brows

Fuck you, the arches are two different styles.

You look like a faggot, lose weight, shave your face and get that gay shit out of your ears.

I think, you just subconsciously realize the faggotry of the choice of artistic photography. He'd seem way less fag if he just took a damn picture and didn't work out all the faggy details.

you look well imo, but I agree with these:

What kind of man would take themselves to a fucking salon because their eyebrows are ever so slightly different?

You look great OP, same as everyone else here, change the glasses. Definitely a thicker frame.

You would look fine if you didn't have bullet holes in your ears mate

Your face makes me physically sick and I am 100% certain that you are a massive fucking faggot

Looks good lad.

You have a nice shaped head.

Agree glasses are too big. need to be more narrow. Keep the beard. You look good.
I'm straight male I go to salons every 5-6 weeks for streaks and color

That's not your style, that's Chester Benningtons style

Look where that got him

Lose the gauges dawg you look like Linkin Park

Grow the beard.

Bro, I'm really not feeling the earrings, I don't believe it's a good look for you.

The top of your head looks great and I think you made a wise decision.

I've seen much worse user. You might even get a female to like you if you have muscles for her to hold.

wear a beanie and ur solid

Good facial aesthetics and pretty solid beard action. You look above average imo.
Smile more

Is that you Chester? I thought you killed yourself

You look pretty good desu

Looks really good, man.
Beanie would be cool sometimes.

You look like a gayer Chester Bennington, so you could be worse off.

>RIP pic related

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You're looking pretty good, but I'm a guy so I don't know if girls are going to think the same.

They're not, 90% of girls hate facial hair

>t. tranny

I'd fuck you and I'm a guy.
Lose the earrings though.

Nice projection, but it's true.

That shit in your ears looks really bad with the bald. Also that style of glasses looks like shit with the bald.

You're in trouble unless your goal was to become an asexual egg man.

Moby was such a cool band.

you look really cute, don't listen to the incelposters, I'd say grow out the facial hair a bit, and get swole and thicken your neck. many people won't like your gauges but I personally find them okay-ish, just stay hygienic. You don't look bad at all with glasses, but maybe consider ditching them for contacts.

who the fuck told you that statistic

his ass