BF does not eat me out

Yes I am clean. No I am not fat. Yes I do (almost all) the sexual things he enjoys and even found new ones. He’s saying his jaw gets tired really soon and my bush bothers him (even after I was completely shaved so I don’t even). What’s the fucking deal? I’ve tried talking him about it as gently as I can, assured him I wont be offended if I smell, but he says that’s not it. Kinda running out of patience. What do you guys think is his deal? Don’t say he’s gay. What’s the best way to talk about this?

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>What’s the best way to talk about this?
Tell him that this is kind of a deal breaker for you and if he isn't willing to work on it then its a really, really big issue. Either accept the fact that he'll never enjoy reciprocating or you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

I think he's a lazy fucktard. Tell him that you need your pussy eaten out to satisfy your needs. If he doesnt care then tell him youre getting a vibrator

Stop dating old Italian mafiosos.

>Don’t say he’s gay.
Ok, but not wanting to please you kind of says he might not be attracted to you or the genitalia.

women have needs too and it sounds to me like you are trying your best so props to you, if he is gonna be lazy he needs an incentive so i think just proper communication is necessary. ask him how he would feel if you stopped giving head without a reason and if he give a mediocre response... stop giving him head lmfao

Long shot, but how is his bite in general? Could be actual jaw alignment problems. My jaw gets soar, clicks, pops etc. if I have it is slightly opened, and can sometime get painful eating out vag.

Thank you guys for the support. I don’t want to write him off as lazy and I don’t think he finds me unattractive since he have lots of sex.

He does get back and knee pain randomly, maybe his joints are shit. Does the soreness occur any other time?

You have to eat his butthole first dork. That’s just rule of thumb

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, genital-blowing for genital blowing, anus for anus bud.

This MIGHT be a bit of a long shot, but maybe he's just ashamed of it? My friend had a similar situation with her bf because he thought it removed him as the "man" of the relationship, since it means going down on the female.

Kind of weird though because anybody, myself included, don't got a problem with it. Maybe he just feels like it'll turn him to the bitch of the relationship?

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Mine is more on the extreme side and I plan on having jaw realignment surgery later, so ymmv.
Sometimes when I wake up my jaw will be really sore, like someone punch me the night before. Eating lots of foods that requires lots of chewing, like bread, will also cause soreness.

Personally, I don't like eating a girl out either. Girls these days have had so many guys inside them I feel gross for just fucking around.

If you're not marriage material, no way I will eat you out.

tie him up, sit on his face and tell him you're only getting off once you've had an orgasm or he passes out. simple as

Eating bitches out is fucking gross. Nothing you say will change this fact. If you really want it, withhold sex from him if he refuses to do it, and he'll do it. However, if he acquiesces to this, your boyfriend's a fucking bitch.

maybe just maybe he just doesn't like eating pussy for what ever reason, just like some girls don't like sucking dick. maybe he doesnt like the taste of pussy, maybe his jaw does get tired (mine does a lot); your not entitled to every sexual thing from him.

Show us your pussy, it might be busted

I had a boyfriend like this in college. I loved the hell out of this guy, but he would never go down on me. One year on my birthday he gave it a try but started writing the alphabet on me with his tongue because he read it in a reddit thread or something. It sucked but I encouraged him anyway. He gave up pretty quickly and it never happened again.
We eventually broke up for other reasons and about a year later i started seeing this guy who literally had a fetish for having his face ridden. It's bomb (tongue over dick anyday). Find a dude who's into eating pussy, because if this guy doesn't get off on it theres no way you're going to change that fact and it'll always just be a gross obligation to him. Or just accept him for who he is and never get eaten out.

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Just tell him the following
"Lick my yeasty axe wound or ima cuck you"

He will be all up on your puss-crater in no time

Why not be straightup honest with him instead of shitting on your boyfriend so anonymous strangers can circlejerk with you. Imagine going to seething drama queens over your life partner.

Maybe you have fishy smell

Try the carrot rather than the stick. Instead of complaining when he doesn't do it, let him know how much you enjoy it when he does. No man worth the name can resist driving a girl crazy

>the old college alphabet trick

WTF? IT DOESN'T WORK? But that's what all my brothers/cousins/friends/guys-in-the-locker-room told me worked. Wtf is this bullshit? Does it just not feel good at all, even when concentrated on the clit? I've been doing it for years, and no one told me to stop, so I didn't stop, wtf. Is it actually not as effective as everyone says?


You can do this to me if you want OP.

Some new perspective: maybe you get really wet and that can make things harder. Also, maybe its your taste? Being overly salty (no pun intended) can make him stop being horny. In my honest opinion, try to talk to him even more about it, the taste, hair, smell, his jaws, insecurities... theres to many things that surely you both can tackle, good luck

jesus christ I don't even know you and I want to break up with you. the level of insecurity is beyond unattractive

I'm being over dramatic for the sake of comedy, you dumb bitch. It's a bit. I'm doing a bit.

Maybe he doesn't know how.

Your pussy smell like fish.
He's too kind to tell you.

>GF won't suck my dick even though i shaved and washed
>GF won't let me do anal even when i explained how do it safely
It's just preferences. Maybe he simply doesn't like it/want it.
If you REALLY want it you could try an exchange or a compromise.

also stop sucking his dick, that shit makes your jaw hurt too.

His instincts are fighting back against explicit emasculation. Be happy you have found a man who has not entirely fallen to cumbrain syndrome. Sexual satisfaction being part of healthy intimate relationships is one of the most pernicious inventions of the 21st century. Instead, overcome your base instincts and pursue a relationship rooted in more virtuous goals

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>explicit emasculation
Even Arnold would go down on women