Today was my birthday

Today was my birthday.

My existence is more or less relegated to a handful of hours of late night isolation, almost always with alcohol and sometimes with nicotine. It is confined to approximately two rooms. There is a noise limit and an almost total lack of human interaction. It is being aggressively invaded by the very people whose aggressive invasions are a large factor in why my existence is largely relegated to this tiny sliver of time in this tiny sliver of space.

These people cannot be convinced of their tyranny. They cannot be convinced of the necessity of any boundary no matter how I frame it. If I meet their invasion with the intent of driving them back they respond by trying to wear out my resistance or sanction me for daring to claim some sliver of time and space for myself.

Work does not provide me an escape. Nor does escape into the public sphere, for there is no privacy there and my life is always subject to probing in every aspect. Nothing is sacred. Not my career aspirations, my artistic inclination, and certain not my sexuality. Tyrants who think themselves benevolent are ever driven by their own anxieties to do their utmost to invade all of my thoughts and feelings. They have even tried to steal my perception of the moon and the stars from me in their own way. They would intrude into my thoughts and dreams if they could find passage.

They are so numb to their dehumanization of me that it does not factor into any kind of moral calculus that affects their actions. I could flee and they would do their utmost to follow. I could form other relationships and they would do anything in their power to invade these relationships or sour them, as they have countless other times in life when I attempted to form such relationships.

They even went out of their way to ruin my birthday for their own satisfaction.

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Save up some money and move out of your mom's house.

This, but cool writing style op. You should go write over on /x/

Idk did you try looking for houses outside of Adv?

Happy bday op.

You sound like a supreme gentleman bro. Surprised you’re not swimming in pussy desu

The irony is that I was making more money before I moved here. Living here ground my productivity to a halt.

I write horror.

To measure someone's character inversely against the fineness of their language, and their value in the level of pussy in which they swim suggests perhaps a sadder state of existence than my own.

Housing is not affordable to me until I regain my productivity.


Can you provide more details regarding the depth of the 'dehumanization' and 'invasion' so that you don't sound like a pretentious 16 year old that just got yelled at by his parents?

Based emo teen poster

Appraising events in the abstract offers a more readily accessible understanding than the veil of particulars.

Which horror authors do you like/recommend?

How did you get into writing horror?

What topic specifically do you want advice on?

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>Which horror authors do you like/recommend?

I'm quite fond of King, Lovecraft, and Machen.

>How did you get into writing horror?

A feeling and an empty word document.

>What topic specifically do you want advice on?

What to do about the eyes and ears buried in the walls.

Your writing is beautiful but it’s hard to offer practical advice without know exactly what’s going on

I am watched. Always. Even now.

Noise cancelling headphones or an alternative place to stay while you work sounds ideal. Get a job to buy the headphones or rent an apartment. Or go to an alternative workspace like a cafe or bar.

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I'm gonna take a stab at translating - he finished college and now he's back at mom & dad's house, he got a taste of independence and now he hates to be back under his parents' well-intentioned but overbearing scrutiny, but he doesn't really know how to make enough money to move out in the near future. He's hoping to make a career out of his writing (not entirely unrealistic, he's not bad) but he's hitting the brick wall of reality that it's going to take years to get that off the ground, and years in his current living situation seems untenable for him and his parents.

so basically I'm just gonna add one line to my first post - he should suck it up and get a shitty day-job, save up some money, and move out of his mom's house.

The eyes on me are lessened when I leave this place, but still present. Still, it may be a good fix during the day.

I laughed quietly to myself. You capture a large part of it. Larger than the gaze of the eye looking up from the belt of the idol whose gaze is blocked by the back of my laptop, and the glittering eye at my back that cannot see the haze of my screen through my shoulders.

Dude I'm too tired for your talk. Try 3 words or less.

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Watching from objects.

You're pretty autistic good buddy

You laughed. I laughed. The microwave laughed.


Jesus I thought this was supposed to be horror, not comedy. Sides are leaving orbit.

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Don't let the bastards get you down OP. Happy birthday bro!


Thanks, you too.

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Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Temba, his arms wide

Smiles on faces.

Ears are dumb, allies only perk up when they tickle.

Eyes aren't so sharp in the dark. Always they face outward from the lights.

Soon someone will bring sustenance. My efforts to use the bathroom will be in vain.

Just master the sword and UNSHEATH your +7 uchigatana to slay your parents in one mighty blow.

Works surprisingly well as apposed to flowery dialogue.

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Cock seethes with discordant pleasure. He speaks in the black tongue. Sinful invasions inject a maelstrom of pleasure to the mind. The keepers serve the dark lord bound to his Manor.

Loosely, they murmur painfully,

"Ur a faget"

Lustfully he writes.

"Look at me..."

Squirming, he locks eyes.


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I lay dazed covered in the days filth. Slowly, I relax into the frilly panties thoughtfully prepared for me. The watchers warm breathe tickles my neck, probing my innards. My body betrays me and gyrates against them.


Haha. Good saga. I sleep soon, lest I reach a time of multiplicity. Goodnight fellows!

Happy birthday, spooky qt, enjoy your nightmares

The terror fades as the sun rises.


Good night you Cyclopean horror, you!

Get a job and move out of your mom's house, Jesus.

Also, as an actual, legitimate writer, who actually went to school, dropped out of school, went back to school, and wrote and published a few books and everything, your writing kind of sucks. No offense. It's the flowery bullshit amateurs try to do, because their real topic lacks substance.

"Ooooh, look at me, I'm so poor and my mom and dad won't let me be an emo, how tragic, oooooh." Yeah bro, real harrowing. If you're going to write about middle class problems, write it in a middle class way. Not some quasi-shakespearean, amateur hour bullshit.

>King, Lovecraft, Machen

Wow. I bet you enjoy the films of Wes Anderson too.

On the off chance that this isn't all LARP to rise a response, fuck you and grow up. Your parents care, because you're being selfish. Imagine raising a kid for 20-odd years, only to have him be an ungrateful prick who hides in his room all day playing videogames, drinking, and smoking cigarettes.

It's a wonder they didn't boot your ass.

Okay, after reading through the whole thread, it's pretty obvious this dude is fucking around.

Some of his problems are pretty real, and some of his emotions are probably pretty real too, but the weird way of typing, and the ominous language is pretty obviously his way of trolling or experimenting on an audience.

You know how you can tell when a writer is worried that another writer might be better than they are?

Upon the hour of an author's face, he who writes so little prose is no writer, but instead, an orator of mediocrity.

AKA: Whenever they write like a fucking hack

Sherlock fuckin Holmes over here

Usually when their writing becomes their excuse not to move out of their mom's house lol

I know it's you, bitch. You're not as smart as you think you are, you pretentious fucking faggot. As far as raw IQ goes, I bully you in comparison. Just because I choose not to talk like a fag to impress bored suburban teens doesn't mean I couldn't mentally rip you apart by threads.

For that matter, I could probably physically rip you apart too. I have both brawns and brains, whereas you have just "brain". Sad. Come to me when you're better.

I'm not OP, and I've lost faith in your detective skills

But his raw IQ bullies you user, aren't you wooed by his writing chops?

If he couldn't tell OP was fucking around from the first post, I don't have much faith in his raw IQ either. Or his cooked IQ, I guess

[spoiler]that's because I am OP[/spoiler]

>OP was fucking around
For the record of course we bite bait, all there is to do on Jow Forums is reply.
Baiting Jow Forums is like stealing candy from a baby: we know, patently, that you can do it. But why? Why would you be that person?


Bullshit, op. Just admit you got BTFO.

but it wasn't bait, he was describing a genuine problem in a goofy way for the sake of self-amusement

get a Jow Forums Plus Platinum account so you can see everyone's IP address and social security number, and you can stop embarrassing yourself like this

Ahhhh is that what we're doing.
Ok then sweaty

That's not what I fucking said, you fucking nigger ()

I said "most of his problems are real, and he probably really does mean to gripe, but his faggy prose is just an effect he's using to entertain himself, or to experiment with his writing while he has a captive audience".

You lack reading comprehension, which makes you a double nigger.

Your mom told me your social security number last night, bitch

I started this conversation responding to and I guess you jumped in and assumed I was talking to you, for some reason. So I assumed that was you.