Hey Jow Forums, I have a huge crush on one of my boyfriend’s best friends. My bf’s friend is funny, flirty...

Hey Jow Forums, I have a huge crush on one of my boyfriend’s best friends. My bf’s friend is funny, flirty, and definitely my “type,” appearance-wise. He’s also a khhv which for some reason turns me on even more.

He always jokes about coming and stealing me, or pleasing me if my bf can’t, and touches me whenever he can. I get so excited whenever we get to hang out and always sit next to him. Is this just banter or does he feel something too?? What should I do?

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Listen, I've been part of a friend group where this happened and it sucked for everyone. If you don't like your BF leave but dont break it up with him for his friend dick.

You definetly makes his pee pee hard
Also, your boyfriend must be really stupid if he did'nt realized what's going on

If he makes a move you'll definetly cheat, there's nothing to be discussed here, but maybe you should dump the absolute imbecil that is your boyfriend since he's not your type anyway

If you break up with your bf over this guy you need to wait at least 6 months or until bf gets another gf before you get with him. And you have to make it seem like you just got interested in each other. Otherwise it's going to be all shit with everyone.

I don’t really have any other problems with my boyfriend, though, and things are so stable with him that there’s no reason to leave. I just can’t stop thinking about his friend. I just wish I could fuck him without anyone knowing, although I do love the sexual tension and the idea of my boyfriend not being alpha enough to tell his friend to stop flirting with me

Then what do you want us to do about your shitty ideas?

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Roasties always ruin friendships

>I don’t really have any other problems with my boyfriend, though, and things are so stable with him that there’s no reason to leave
You clearly don't feel anything or even respect him

Just cheat and break up or whatever, at least he'll know he's being a massive cuck and try to improve

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>friend outwardly jokes about fucking me
>wraps his arms around my neck while we’re hanging out
>whispers in my ear talking shit about my bf

Like yes I’m a roastie bitch but my feelings aren’t completely unprovoked

Dude just fuck 'em if your that dead set on it but like you can't argue that your not fucking up your relationship as well as a friendship.

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I know I should leave him, but I know that either way I’ll probably never get to be with his friend. I wish I had met his friend first but it just all happened this way. And my bf and I live far away from his friends so I don’t get to see his friend often, and I’m always trying to restrain myself from sending a suggestive snap or something dumb

Well do it or not you know you could be happier with someone else so break it off with your BF cause at this point your just giving him false hope of a future.

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Just cheat with the friend and let him know
You'll get your creampie and your break up, also your bf will know how much of a cuck he is and how much of a piece of shit his friend is.
Literally everyone wins

I doubt the friend is honest
he's jusr baiting her waiting for her to fall for it and then he'll go to the bf telling him he's got a disgusting slut on his hands

Kek. Serves her right if this happens user.

This is my fear lol. But he’s sorta chubby and like 5’9, rude (in a way that i love), not many friends, with no real prospects of getting a gf so i dont know why he’d fuck around and flirt with me if I didn’t at least somewhat turn him on

Fucke you, nigger, let the roastie get fucked if that's the case

Also, how can a KHHV be this fucking smooth? There's something off in this story
If that's the case, he will Impale this chick with his dick the moment he gets the chance to do it

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Gamer clap that friends dick. Its obvious there is no other option.

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Thanks for the support, kek. My bf and his friends are all pretty autismo, and my bf was a khhv before I met him. maybe I just have a thing for taking nerds’ virginities. Also his friend isnt really that “smooth,” he’s just so fucking bold, it turns me on

Both of them probably browse Jow Forums too, so it's possible they might be lurking in this very thread.
The idea that your stupid bf might have replied "have sex" to me on /tv/ at some point make me want him to get cheated on epic style

But jokes aside, you're a total slut anyways, just fucking do it, both of them probably know it so who cares?

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You don’t even know how right you are, kek. But at least my bf is asleep right now

fuck off, roastie deserves to be exposed to her boyfriend. also what kind of friend flirts with a friend’s girl? or maybe she’s just self-obsessed and thinks its flirting

>khhv turns you on
>Love taking nerd virginities
>turned on by the thought of your bf being cucked and suffering emotionally

idk what's wrong with you OP, and I really feel sorry for someone like you. Sounds to me like you were treated like trash and you can't get anything better so you take it out by being held in a pedestal by virgin incels that are too beta to even do anything.

But hey, best of luck though. Idk why you're here posting on this board since you're still gonna do it. Looking for justification or for someone else to give you the green light?

Who knows, go hop on that dick and live life with no regrets. Godspeed

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Eli Roth

WHATEVER you decide, if it involves going off with the friend, break with your bf first. You owe him at least that

>Send something suggestive
>Start fucking
>Break up with bf
>Get in relationship with new bf
>Relationship with new bf stops becoming exciting
>He's actually kind of a piece of shit (the same kind of piece of shit who'd hit on girls who are already in a relationship)
>You're actually kind of a piece of shit too (the same kind of piece of shit who'd sleep with their bf's bestfriend)
>The two of you end up becoming bored with one another
>He only sees you as another one of his "conquests" and eventually hits another girl, the same way he started hitting on you
>You only saw the good side of him, but realize you don't like who he is as an entire person, the side that he was hiding, and once you got to know him you're now stuck in a bad relationship, or you try to go crawling back to your old social circle
>Old friends hate you
>Old bf hates you
>New bf resents you
>You resent new bf
>Have to leave new bf
>Lose everything and have to start from the bottom again

I feel like you're the kind of person who never used to get a whole lot of attention, so now anytime anyone ever gets a lot of attention, they go crazy about it. Likewise, your bf's friend sounds like someone who never used to get a lot of attention and recently got hot or realized how hot he was, so now whenever he acts bold around women, and women reciprocate it, it fuels his ego, and you're going to burn down alongside him if you keep fuelling him like that.

In short, you're young, dumb, and full of cum. Stop thinking with your clit, you stupid cunt.

>implying ops a girl