New girl left me on read yesterday and hasnt texted me today

New girl left me on read yesterday and hasnt texted me today
Dates tommorow
Text asking if its still on? Or drop and ask someone else?

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Don’t go, don’t say anything either

Show up and bring a book. If she texts you at the last minute with "user I can't make it because 'something' :(((". Then you just be like "bitch wat you talkin bout im here tryna readin a book, tonight I'm readin is all. I ain't missin your ass I got a book."

Good advice

what did you tell her?

Wait it out, don't count on the date happening. Don't text her. If she wants to see you tonight she will hit you up, otherwise plan on doing something else.
It fucking sucks to waste your time trying to be a with a girl who doesn't want to be with you, don't chase her.
Flaking is no big deal, i doesn't mean she doesn't like you at all, and it's pretty common with modern women, treat it was more of a shit test. If she flakes act like its no big deal, like you don't give a fuck. Text something like "No worries, hit me up when your free" Then do not text her again and write her off. Unless she texts you, put the ball in her court and walk the fuck away.

Ended up texting her when i woke up
>we still on for today?
No response so its a flake, but if she texts back ill follow your advice anons. Thanks

She might be busy you should wait until the date if she doesn’t show up text “was it that hard to cancel a date so that you wouldn’t waste my time?” Then block her on everything

She works nights so in trying to be a bit more patient, but usually if theyre down its constant textinf, dates at 6, ill give it til 2 to make other plans

Women like assertive and confident men. You need to text her every 10 minutes to show her that you are a suitable and strong mate.

Apparently i shouldve because she straight up didnt even read the message.

For context she sent me a friend request and messaged me first.
I dont even understand, why fuck with me like this

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You're a nigger.
OP just live your life, if she doesn't answer knowing you have plans then forget about it and move on just don't be petty/passive aggressive about it

Women do it for confidence boost
She feels like she already won you over and could date you if she chooses so she aims higher
Kind of like beating a boss in a videogame you dont just stop there you say "ok that one was ez" and keep going

Enough with the "she didn't saw the message" meme.Those bitches live glued to their phones 24/7, their entire life is their phone.

This makes alot of sense.

I didnt say she didnt see the message, i said she didnt read it.
I know she saw it because she posted memes lol

Its over m9. Block and move on.

If she didn't reply to confirm place and time, just fuck her.

Yeah youre right.
Just feelin stupid because i wasn't even looking for a girl, she came at me and did this shit

Anons about to get hit with the text at 11:30 pm
>Heyyyyyyy sorry lol I’ve been super busy the last few day my sisters been going through some stuff. So yeah I can’t tonight lol sorry


Nah, blocked her.
Was gonna do what
Said, but if it meant that little that no response happened, there was like the closest chance to 0 possible she would ever date me desu