Why is getting a gf such hard work? Isn't there an easier way?

Why is getting a gf such hard work? Isn't there an easier way?

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Just let the girls come to you dude! I've waited 38 years but I still have hope one will come along.

>girls like me
>talk to some
>realize how much fun I'm not having
>go do something else
Is this even worth trying to fix? Can someone please tell me why this crap is even worth my time? I really don't get it

You can put your pee pee in their eye of terror and make an Incel that will have to survive of cockroaches in the far future of 2040.

It’s really not. Be yourself, be confident, and they’ll come to you. Literally stop caring about them.

T. 5’3 black chadlet with no problem getting girls

Because you live a waste of a life.
You have no interesting hobbies
Your job is dead end and boring. Let alone isn't respected by society.
You make no effort to contribute to society in anyway shape or form.
You do not eat healthy food
you do not take care of your body.

Name one single attribute about yourself that a woman would be interested in?

Can you name a single positive thing about you? One?

You are dried out jerky, girls have options like fresh hot bbq ribs.

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I repeat it to basically all dudes in this board. Here we go again.
Girls are more attracted to guys who are busy taking care of their OWN business.
Pursuit your own interests, hobbies, career, etc. These things should come first. Better yourself, get some skills, any skills, anything that enriches yourself in some way. The girls should come behind all that

It's not hard work. It's easy. Why are you saying untrue things?

>Why is getting a gf such hard work
How have you actually applied yourself in the pursuit of a girl?
And there is your answer, it's not hard you just haven't done anything and expect results.

None of these things are true. I have several hobbies, whether they are interesting to everyone is hard to gauge.
My job is well respected, and through it I contribute to society.
I eat healthy and I take care of my body.

I don't know what women would be interested in, they won't talk to me about anything but work.
As for positive things about myself, I can name plenty but I don't like people who are so far up their ass they feel the need to.
None of what you said is true.

Fascinating. Maybe you don’t do anything interesting outside of work?

Women like to be entertained.

Maybe girls are not interested in you because you act like an arrogant stuck up cunt?

>How have you actually applied yourself in the pursuit of a girl?
I wash my hands after I take a shit and I have done for months.

Having a girlfriend is harder work than getting one. If you can't handle the workload to get one then you will NEVER be able to keep one. I had to make a small effort to see my girl one day a week for a couple hours before we started dating. Now I am at 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and staying at her place once a week. If you go by time spent together than having a girlfriend is literally 10 times as much work as getting a girlfriend.

It's not as frustrating though

>Isn't there an easier way?

How will that help?

Lmao at larping as a manlet to own the incels


The hard thing is finding a single and decent one. Since that is impossible to achieve, there is nothing left to not giving a fuck about it, living and enjoying your life.

>How have you actually applied yourself in the pursuit of a girl?
Do you mean asking out hundreds of girls just to get one date?

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I'm a white 5'3 manlet, oh dearest niggerchan please share your ways with me.
>hardmode: no fat chicks

Whenever it feels like work it's because I'm not that into the girl or she's not that into me. I've had a few over the years where we were so into each other it felt like I was sliding down a hill uncontrollably into her pussy. All my jokes hit the mark, we had a ton of fun together when I touched them it was absolutely electric. I couldn't wait to be around them and do things for them. Then I've had girls where it seemed like no matter how hard I tried it didn't work out, or if it did it felt really forced and unrewarding for one or both of us