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i have a fetish for men worshipping my feet, but my boyfriend doesn’t like feet

Post your feet or discord so I can worship them

I mean I understand it's your last day home and you want to spend it with your parents, but I'm stuck here on my own for the whole day, I don't think it'd hurt you if we did something together for a hour or two, heck even less

i would but i’m a runner so my feet are kind of ugly...

I don't get it, why do you call me bro even after a year we're dating? I give you every sort of pet name, but you call me with the one word you use for strangers too

I'm okay with that I even made a room just for you

just because of those digits

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Very smooth. You could go for a pedicure and be flawless.

i also have blisters and callouses from running so much... which i know i can fix, but my boyfriend doesnt care about my feet so i never bother to put in the effort

Sounds like you need someone to run with you and lotion them after you have a nice intimate shower

I met this girl once at college, and the idiot I am I never asked for her number. I know her name, but she doesn't have any social media so I have no idea where she is or if I'll ever be able to find her again.

I mean, I could comb deeper. I could try and see her relatives are and ask them or even go as far as to try and figure out her address. That's creepy don't I don't think I'll ever go that far, but I don't know it's always will be able to see her again since she doesn't go to that college anymore.


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I will save this forever

I'm happy I apologized. I owed a lot more than that but that's about the extent of what I can do.

Stop spamming these dogshit threads, the old one hasn't even reached the limit

Had a chance to hook up with a few people at a party tonight, ditched it cause I knew I had an interview early next morning (gotta wake up in like 4hrs). I guess the fact that I had the chance kinda irritates me, but busting a nut isn't gonna make me money in the long run.

I never get invited to parties. Being an average man is true suffering.

I want to have sex with my sister. She's the most attractive girl I've ever seen.

I used to be close friends with her, then she just made the transition from friend to wanting more. But I don't want more and the way she made it sound, its either all or nothing.

Thing is, she thinks she's got no issues and that we'd be happy together. She knows there is nothing to worry about with me, but I've huge issues with her when it comes to relationship and she's just too much of a mess and I can't be doing favors by dating her, that isn't right. I'm kind of angry that she had to just jump at me like that and just forget we were ever friends, because now I have to turn her down and pretty much lose a friend. But at the same time, if she genuinely loved me and it wasn't some sort of attempt at a rebound to spite her ex, then I suppose I can't blame her for falling in love, you can't help it, but I can't help but be put off by her issues and I know that for as long as she has them, I wouldn't be happy with her. And as it stands, she doesn't even consider them issues, its just things she does because her loose sense of morality justifies them all. Men and women can't be friends after all, its just too much tension eventually when you're both single and it just ruins friendships. Wish it didn't this time, or that she was different, otherwise she'd be perfect, but she's not, so I guess this is it then?

So, I'm slightly concerned. For a long time I've had dental issues, and I haven't really been able to afford to get them fixed. Well, a few days ago I woke up, and half my face was swollen, like REALLY swollen. No pain or anything, but it's kind of persisted for the past 3 days. The swelling is actually fairly close to the affected area, and it's going down my neck a bit.

Not really sure if I should go to a doctor, or what. From what I could find online, it looks like it could just be some minor issue that will go away in a few weeks. I guess if it doesn't improve at all by the end of the week I'll maybe think about it.

It's kind of embarassing. I know my girlfriend is worried, but you'd think if I was going to die, there'd be like an obvious sign or something, right? Not much has changed aside from a bit of swelling, and darker urine. That's what tylenol is for though, right?

I think she does it on purpose. Adding all those fuckbois on social media. Never any girls, just fuckbois. And then you claim you love me at the same time while you're off either playing with some guys or just fucking them, because you can hardly be friends with a fuckboi, especially looking like she does and attracting all the attention like she does.

Thing is, why do surround yourself with those people and then reach out to me and want to talk about fixing our relationship? do you not think this makes you look bad and you're just giving me more reasons to move on?
God, why do you have to be like this? can't you just stop attention whoring? is it that hard? you make me feel terrible and you have the nerve to ask if we can rebuild this... no, the only reason I want to talk is to tell you we're done, I just want closure. You can go to your fuckbois after, if you do then it'll just confirm that you were always like this, you didn't change and you lied to me, so why would I want to stick around when I could be much happier with someone else?

Aw man this is so weird
I gotta fix myself for good

I look at that door and I know you will never walk through it again. It used to fill me with hope to see your face, to hear your voice, to get lost in your eyes..

I lie to myself every day saying it will be ok, I lie to everyone else that I'm fine when they ask. I tried to play it cool but I only played myself. The loneliness is soul crushing. The silence is deafening. I scream out for you and I cant make a sound. I cry but the tears wont come anymore. I'd kill a man dead if I knew it would bring me back and you know I would if it could.

I miss you KS and I would do anything to have you back in my arms. I look in another woman's eyes yet my heart still cries out your name.

I wish you the best in your new life but I cant help but worry about you. I know he doesnt treat you right and I dont think a change of scenery will make him treat you right. I just hope for your sake that you are happy. You already know I won't hesitate to hop on a plane and snatch his wig smooth off his head because cant nobody get it like you and no matter what, I got you. KSS I will forever love you no matter what

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Cramped the fuck out

I just read up on emotional manipulation and they match every single fucking thing it says. It's not one of those things that you think might be going on, its too specific and they do that to me. 10 fucking years I've known him and her I've known for long enough too. I guess I'm better off friendsless than manipulated because its been making me feel like shit for too long, I just didn't know what to call it, now I do and I feel shit for myself

I really do miss you. I'm sorry I was a mushy clingy beta. I'm sorry I couldn't man up and be somebody you could count on. I know your father sheltered you too much and your mom was distant from you. I have an alright relationship with my mother. Maybe that's why you'd say I'm "mommy's boy". I guess you were envious. And you know what? You might be half right. I am a pussy. I never had a father, you know? I'm trying but it's hard. But fuck that. You're slippin now. Making out with random people in clubs?Fucking in random degenerates cars? What the fuck. I know you're doing this for attention, but can't you see how it's destroying you? You're addicted. You weren't like this. And I know you don't enjoy this. I wish I could help you but I can't. I promised I wouldn't bother you anymore. I wish I could move on but it's the guilt that's killing me. I feel partially responsible for what you're doing. And I can't do anything to fix this. I'm weak. Powerless. I'm weak. Life is a sick joke.

she dont liek you ,get a clue dude

I wrote a whole paragraph about how much I hate you.
But it's not true.. I'm frustrated with you, hurt by you. Lost because of you..
...And I painfully still love you.
You blamed me so much for your problems and took advantage of me..
But you probably never really saw the damage you did...
How could you, even though it's been years since it happened, I was the villain at the start of our story.
No matter what I did, how good I was, how hard I worked, it was never enough because I still had that blemish to you.
I was stained from that moment and I realize now that in truth there was nothing I could of done to make it better.
But there came a point and time where it didn't have to turn out like this.
You didn't have to abuse the person I became because of the person I was.
At first I didn't tell anyone what you were doing to me... They started guessing on their own.
Then they saw it first hand.
Now they know just how broken I am now, how quiet and scared I am.
I'm starting to see it too, all the damage you've done.
I'm not trying to play the victim in this, in all actuality you were the victim...
But it doesn't make it right for you to do what you did to me.
I honestly hope one day you'll see what you've done and how you treat people, as how I saw the error of my ways, and that you'll grow.
Maybe if that day comes where you do grow, we could try again, because I miss you every single day.
But from what I'm seeing, I don't know if that day will ever come.

You'll stay in my heart forever.. as cheesy as it sounds you're someone I want to keep a part of with me. I just miss you a lot.. I wonder if you realize and if you did if you would come back.. but I try not to spend energy on thoughts for things I can't control. I never got to tell you I love you.

Oh how I wish you were him user I would run to you in a heart beat if you were.

I'm so lonely man. I can't stand seeing couples in public even if they're my friends. I just wanna have that someone to fill the gap in my heart. I don't wanna be alone anymore.

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I don't want to start a thread on this so I'll ask here.

When a girl says she loves you, gives you compliments saying that she finds you attractive and that any girl would be happy to be with you, then gives you those looks and puppy eyes, always wants to be around, initiates things, treats you like her bf (laying her head on your shoulders, cuddling etc) and then invites you to spend the night with her at her place. It means that she's into you right?

Because I wanted to talk about us and she agreed, but she makes it sound like I got the wrong idea and misread her signals. They're pretty evident to me, but could someone enlighten me if I'm wrong or if she's playing with my head?

I slept with this guy on a couple of occasions but honestly I'm not into him at all but he's the only person that provides me with the affection that I'm obviously more desperate for than I realize. I want to just stop talking to him but i can't bring myself to cut him off despite the fact he's a constant reminder of a lifestyle that I want to leave behind.

The hardest thing I've ever done was leaving you. I had to leave, my physical and mental health detierated and I started to feel like I lived in constant pain and fear. I was afraid of you and what you would do if I tried to leave, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out while I was able to even if it cost me everything. It damn near did, but things are finally ok. My life isn't on hold anymore, I got help, and now I'm working towards a better future for myself. I finally feel like it's ok now, I don't have to be afraid anymore.

Ask her to what extent she loves you. She might like the idea of having someone but not you specifically. She also might be insecure or self conscious about something. It does sound like theres something real, it also sounds like you're getting played.

Woke up this morning, and my gf's phone went off with a little message ding. So I thought I would silence the notification noise as she needs her sleep for classes later. I ended up reading the message as I was trying to figure out my way around an iPhone and she refers to me as a roommate. She never really calls me her bf in any messages she sends others.
It kinda makes me feel like she isn't serious about me this which only adds weight to my suspicion that she's with me because I was retarded enough to bite the hook.
I don't like this at all and really have no idea how to handle this.

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A girl like her moves pretty fast and all the guys she's been with she fucked before she met them. I was the first to not do that, maybe she doesn't know how to deal with a person like me. But that just sounds like a bad match, I also wouldn't be surprised if she was fucking other guys and doing all that to me at the same time. I don't know, I guess I'll ask her to know for sure but thats going to be a very uncomfortable conversation

yeah she probably just wants to fuck. if she has a history of just fucking and isn't willing to settle down just yet, then she's probably not willing to go any further than that. Shagging her might be your way in, but she might not because she'll think you'll get attached, which she doesn't want now.

>if she has a history of just fucking and isn't willing to settle down just yet
thing is, she was in a relationship with the first and the last guy she fucked, both were mistakes tho but I don't think she sees her ways as the wrong approach, she just thinks the guys sucked and she was unlucky. But I've seen her ex's and it took me literally a second to tell they're bad news. I don't know what to think, but I won't fuck her, I don't have enough interest in her at this point to be comfortable enough with that. But when a girl like her asks you to come over to her house and spend the night with her then she wants something, I just don't know why she acts like I'm looking too much into it, I'm not, she literally asked me to spend the night with me after she said "I love you" then she's acting like she never sent that hint. I don't know, like I said, maybe talking to her would help, but I really don't know what to make of it

I don't want to be with my girlfriend of almost 4 years anymore, but I'm too weak to just do something about it

There are 2 girls I want to date but I don't know which to choose first in case it works out. One I feel like I'll get along much better and we'll have more interests. With the other one I seem more sexually attracted but I feel like we don't have enough in common and I think its important to have both.

On one hand, the first girl might become more attractive to me once i get to know her more, but its a 50/50. The other girl might be able to share my interests and I her's but its also a gamble since I feel like we're living in 2 separate worlds. They're both in college and I feel like I can't just date one and think about the other and if it works out, then I'll lose my chance with the other forever because college is close to being over for me and we'll never see each other again.
So I have to act soon, just don't know what one I would be happier with

Nobody’s perfect

Why can't I stop loving you?

Why do you want to?

Well think about it. It took you a second to realize they were no good right? so in her eyes, what makes you different from them on that token? Anyway, talk to her about it.

Tell them...

so she's justified stealing things and attention whoring?

attempt to introduce her to your friends and watch her reaction if you introduce her as your girlfriend. You'll get what you need

Hey there. I'm having trouble getting out of bed lately, so I luckily had some leftovers in the fridge from yesterday after deciding to order pizza for dinner instead of eating them. I cooked potatoes with green and red peppers red onions and some other good veggies all chopped up and melted with a lil cheese.
The only problem is my fruit smoothie actually has tomato and garlic spinach and kale in it so I'm leaning towards not drinking it. I really want something sweet guys but this distilled water will have to do.

Hopefully I can sneak another hour of sleep without being awakened by the local gorillas who parade tantrum and cahoot until no one else can function without paying them mind. Fuck them and fuck my smoothie I want orange juice but it's not healthy.

Told myself I'd get to work early so I can be free from this job and pursue the woman of my dreams.

bring it to her attention. if she really likes you, she'll change her ways. give her an ultimatum and stick to your guns.

We broke up and we still love one another. You still like me a lot - I know because you told me so. I know I didn't listen to you many many times but I've changed. I know I've changed. I didn't even betray you, so why won't you trust me? Knowing that you have feelings for me but you won't give us a shot because I made mistakes in the past in killing me inside.

I love you so much. We could be so happy together. It's a shame you will turn me down. I'll still love you just the same.

isn't that forcing change tho? like being controlling. Isn't it better to be with someone who is more like you? if she has to compromise a lot of her habits for me then I don't feel like its going to be a fair relationship

well stealing IS wrong. sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to set us straight. So what happens if she keeps stealing, gets caught and goes to jail? She would have wished that you were there in her life to guide her away from that. She might appreciate the fact that you want her to do better in life. Part of what makes relationships work is the willingness to grow and change as people individually and as a couple. She might just think you're special enough change her habits. Suggest ways to earn a bit of extra money so she can just buy the things she was gonna steal anyway.

I want to break up with my boyfriend but he told me that us breaking up would "fuck us both up" and now I just feel guilty any time I think about it

well yeah it's gonna fuck you up, but if you aren't happy it will only get worse for the both of you the longer you stay.

rip the bandaid off. if you peel it slow then you risk doing more damage than the original injury

No need to silence anything for her. You're her roommate not her dad.
Sounds miserable. Move. On!

Not the person you replied to, but this helped me too, thanks user

I used to post shit here when I wanted to talk to someone, but no one ever replies and all the people that do are samfagging their own replies with some roleplay bullshit

Sis break up with him

My ex did the same thing toe and I stayed with him for FOUR YEARS and felt incredibly depressed and hopeless about my life the entire time. If you see that it's not working out, just do it now. Please

What's on your mind, user?

Get it off your chest thread is not the place. Everyone just shouts into the void here and leaves.

If you need advice post a thread, otherwise try soc

My cat died.

>thanks for always being a good friend to me
Not even a "you too". I wish you would at least let me believe you gave two shits about me.

Today i'm going to have sex with this guy I've been seeing for a month and it's the first time I'm having sex since my last relationship and I am freaking out. My body is really gross looking. I don't think I'm very attractive. And I have a shy, insecure personality I kind of doubt he wants a relationship with me. I wonder if I will cry at some point. I almost cried last night bc I'm so spooked about it.
Also I have been eating junk food this past week leading up to this day and I feel run down.

I really am mentally unstable people have sex all the time but this is a massive deal for me because I know I get attached .-.

After hating myself my entire life, I was left by my wife because of it.

Why do people expect you to not hate yourself? Why do they think that you yourself have to imagine that there is something inherently positive about you just because they delude themselves in that fantasy.

I'm sorry I'm a waste of space. But not noticing that was your own damn fault.

so you say you have found love and have moved on, prove it. You don't have to leave to prove it however, it simple really a sexually explicit pic between you two will suffice, could be a handjob, cum on your back, ass, or hands, be creative.

ball is in your court sweetie.

I'm trying to not kill mine.

If you argue every day. Feel obliged to date him. It’s a chore to be with him. Don’t get excited to see him. Cry when you think about the relationship. Then it’s time to break up

>letting her live rent free in your head


its silly but i think about having a gf and watching fireworks with her and she's also wearing a kimono and im also really happy and relaxed

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I recently found out an acquaintance was being a stupid memer racist wannabe chad piece of shit. I found out because people started asking me why I was associated with him.
This isn't the first time, but I'm a "nice guy." I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was being a fucking idiot and I can't do nothing anymore.
Should I reach out and try to talk to him first or just ghost and block him?

Acquaintance? Reach out?

Little baby, why you so cute? :3

Acquaintance: someone I know but wouldn't consider a friend, but sometimes chat with
Reach out: to initiate communication and talk to them about what happened

There’s no meaning to any life, but I see an animal and think... well, they sure do enjoy themselves. I don’t know why I don’t wanna die, but I sure hope one day I could reach the animal level of contentment. Even for just a little bit.

ask me, you doofus

The last days I can play WoW. This is sad, so very sad ):

What will I do now?! Die??!?!

Remember: you can't trust anyone. Everybody will betray you. They will never care.

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Everyone I ask for help from prove less than incompetent. When I ask here, thread gets ghosted in favor of whiny no gf incels.

I had a dream I was eating a whole load of bread without even removing it from the bag


Art block, my desire to draw gets stronger by the day but i still can't bring myself to do it

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And you'll betray others. Forgiveness is King. It's that or live your days as a cynic.

It’s good to “image” what you want. Ideally, if you do that then you’ll work towards it and make it happen. I think I learned that from the book The Secret.

this whole month has
Fucking sucked.
I’m a retard that ran from
One problem straight into another.

I have nothing. I am nothing.

Why do you want to break up? What’s good about the relationship and what’s bad about it? You need to weigh those. Don’t let him decide for you... if you want to leave him you should.

I have zero friends, zero associates and live in a big city. Where do I begin making new friends? I am looking for any type of irl socialization. I am tired of the online world. I fit right in with everyone irl, im not a neckbeard or anything. Where do I begin? I have social skills and all of that but the concept of cold approaching and introducing myself seems desperate.

you have too much clothes and those are expensive =\

no risk, no gain.
let's just go out on a fucking date, shall we?
we're on the same page about every single thing we ever talked about, can read each others minds, and clearly are attracted to each other, let's stop pretending we are interested in anyone else but each other.


Id say yes

I am a man that goes into men's locker rooms at gyms and smells the benches after naked men sit on them after a workout. I have only been punched twice in the face, but, oh boy, the smell is worth it.

We begin the operation. I am now lying to you as I see I made a mistake so I'm jumping the ship as it sinks. You can't handle the stress of real life. You complain about your professors, yet you aren't going to fight and tough it out. The moment I talk about you studying and applying yourself to succeed you shut down and argue about everything that can go wrong. I'm done trying to support you. Next we have the issue of you pretty much dumping your dog on me. In the last few weeks I have done everything for that dog. I feed her, walk her, take her out to play at the park and wash her. Then you get upset that she prefers me over You? The biggest thing is that you have turned me into a sort of live in servant. You complain about not having the energy to hear up your breakfast, I can't even ask you about dinner because you are too stressed. I'm fucking done with you but thanks to you I am drained financially. I was stupid enough to believe you so I came here to try to make shit work. This was all a mistake and you are one of the few things that I can honestly say I regret.
So I am going to save up money on the side, start to slowly pack my shit and get rid of what I need to. I'm abandoning ship as I am the only one trying to keep shit afloat. Sink bitch, maybe then you'll learn how to swim.

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we definetely splitting the bill, I insist

I asked her at one point to stop and she said she will. I need to confirm this with her, but a common friend of mine told me she stole something a few months ago, and I think it was after she promised me she wouldn't. There again, I understand your point, but I've my morals checked and adjusted and it never occurred to me to do things she does. I just think this would be a struggling relationship and I don't know if these things aren't related to her need for constant attention and validation, in that case, it could get rough trying to help her out with it. At this point you start to question if the relationship would be equal or too problematic to start with, some girls would just be more like me and not do these things, maybe I'm just being a dickhead who can't commit, idk

Just having a tough time in this situation. I hooked up with this girl I liked and met online, and we had sex and I lost my virginity to her. But she got super mad at me for not telling her. We smoothed things overs, but days later she flipped out on me again and I tried to calm her down, but she was being unreasonable and said some hurtful things like the sex was awful. When I asked how I could make things right, she said I could paypal her $35 for a plushie and lunch, the two things that make her happy. I obviously said no. So we're not talking anymore. Then I found out from some dude in the same server who was into her that I gave the go ahead to ask out because he didn't want to go for her since he knew I was into her that she doesn't want to hook up with anyone in the server because of me and apparently she told him my dick was small. I know she's just being shitty and petty. But it still hurts and I'm not sure how to cope. Anyone know how to work through it?

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Aw man I feel like I could've lived the life but I'm too old now. I'm like 23 now it wouldn't be the same. I should've taken shit really seriously in high school and aimed as high as I could. I was trying to undercut myself strategically so shit would work out in my favour no matter what. Damn, I think if I got what I want it would be everything I've ever dreamed of. These are not the things a grown-ass man says lmao