Should I wait for this bitch?

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If you have something better to do no.

Yes but she shall be graded on this.

No I wouldn't
There's no reason to be late except for emergencies out of ones control

If she's a friend, than yes.

If it's for something romantic, then no. Tell her to never waste your time. Walk away with dignity.

I don't trust anyone who uses emoticons.

If you do wait, find something meaningful to do in the meantime, kill some time. If you just wait for her it will go to her head.

Fuck I decided to wait for her after another woman was late and people told me I should have waited. Anyway maybe I should NOT pay for her coffee/smoothie even though I asked her out?


I once waited for a friend like that, not worth it.
People need to be on time. Showing up 1.5h late isn't acceptable. 20 min max.

No. If someone is more than 15 minutes late, I'll usually consider them to have cancelled (esp. if you don't have a strong commitment to the person, ie first couple dates, acquaintance but not friend). If they warned me about it I'd consider waiting based on the circumstances, but if they do it last minute I'd be pissed.

Rescheduling for 10:30 is okay if you have something productive to do for 1.5 hours, but even then she'll lose all respect for you.

If you really want to, try for a different day but have a backup plan.

Yeah, maybe you should act like a little bitch and take advice from thirteen year olds. Act like a man. Get that pussy.

I mean I wouldn't have waited, it makes you look like you have nothing else going on for you if you are willing to wait for someone THAT long. Not to mention that she didn't even bother letting you know early enough that she had something else come up. Have some more respect for yourself and your time man and act according to that

What kind of date is set up to start at 9am?


I never get why bitches think that using tons of emoticons will make them less mean

We met and did the thing we planned. Then afterwards we were going to another place and I said my car was parked nearby. She said she wanted to use public transportation instead. I walked off. Fuck her.

She told you 15 mins before and gave you an alternative time, nothing wrong in my book. However, if she does that more often, I'd not do anything with her anymore. Basic rule of thumb for me is:
* Cancelling is okay if it's not absolute last minute
* Anyone is late if he/she's 15 min late or more

No need to be passive-aggressive about it, shit happens. Nothing kills the dateability more than this. Leave that to women.

>Paying for someone on the first date
Dude what? You split the bill until you get to know each other better. Otherwise, it's a great way to get used for free coffee. If she's being a bitch about it, you should ask yourself if you wanna be around someone that's so dependent that she can't even afford a coffee on her own.

Second that. Don't know why but excessive emoji use almost always feels like you're texting with a teenager.

Not gonna lie OP, you sould like a sperg.

That makes it seem like you wanted to kidnap-rape her and got mad when she wouldn’t comply

My god, men and their fragile ego. All she's doing is asking you to be patient and you fucking flip the fuck out, already whining and calling her a bitch.

You're an idiot. Its fine for a man to pay on the first date. In fact if a guy asks me out and I go and then he springs on me I have to pay or pay half then it isn't a date and there won't be a do over.

Its apparent you guys just want to get sex for free, with no effort and you have no patience at all.

7/10, very solid effort. With a little more fine tuning I'd possibly have fell for it


You’re saying that you expect monetary compensation for having sex. That’s literally prostitution.

Fuck no.

A friend would text you she's running late and why - She has some "staff to do with my friend"? That she didn't know about before? That she can't tell you specifically what "staff"?

Fuck no I wouldn't wait for her. Who knows what she's doing - probably getting dicked by a guy or doing drugs.

Why? I asked her why and she told a lie about wanting to see "the views". She's leaving my country this evening and this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. (Or whatever is the best expression in English, not my first language) I think she slept over at a male "friend" last night. She pretty much ignored me throughout the quided tour we were at. She was constantly texting some friend. She was going to meet the other friend at 5 pm. There wasn't going to be any sex and I don't want female friends so she can go to hell. I wasn't letting her waste my time.

Shut the fuck up, you worthless whore. It's an unbelievable impudence to be late for a date. That whore has no right to expect him to wait for her there that long. She showed him clearly that she doesn't respect him and doesn't care about him. She didn't even have the decency to at least let him know much earlier. She acted like a stupid degenerate who she is. Such a whore does not deserve attention. He should just go and not even let her know.
You're a money-hungry, worthless creature. You expect to be able to allow yourself anything without being criticized. Fuck you you bitch let you get pregnant by a black animal and then die in the gutter.

>In fact if a guy asks me out and I go and then he springs on me I have to pay or pay half then it isn't a date and there won't be a do over.
Wow, you've proven my point without even realizing it. That lack of self-awareness deserves my utmost respect.
Now please go be annoying somewhere else.

>You guys just want sex for free
>If a guy won't pay for my coffee, I won't consider it a date
I don't know what amazes me more, the sense of entitlement or the cognitive dissonance.

Try to brush it away all you want but its true, all of it. You men have no patience and unwilling to put any effort into what could be something mutually enjoyable. Why would a woman want a guy that starts playing games from the start, who secretly seethes believing we're a bitch so fucking cheap he won't pay for dinner unless he believes he'll be rewarded with sex at the end.

Can't you guys see your mistrust doesn't benefit you in the end?

You're acting like a cheap whore. Your mother should have aborted you.

No I'm not. I'm saying the opposite. You pay on the first date because thats what a gentleman does and he does not expect sex in exchange.

I don't expect a guy to pay every time we go out but lets begin after a pleasant, comfortable date the first time. Yes, he makes an investment, my half of a meal and hopefully a great choice in where we go and his time and attention and I give my time and attention and a sincere thanks and a good feeling afterwards this guy just might not be like the rest and not treat me like a transaction.

Sure, the fact that she is sending you like 3 messages for every one of yours is a good sign she is interested

>I'm supposed to get everything for free because I'm entitled to everything and I'm a worthless whore.

I seriously doubt you'd be very pleasant on a date. Probably try to run out on the check or berate the wait staff, get sloppy drunk and punch me. Wow and you guys complain about women.

You guys are cheap, admit it. Or maybe its because most of you do not hold full time jobs.

Next time, when someone is going to make you wait you must out-wait them.

>09:02 She:... I think I'll be free at 10:30
>09:16 You: Ok no worries, I can wait. 10:30 then.
>09:20 She: Thanks and sorry :(
>09:21 You: It can happen to anyone. Looking forward to meet you.
>10:02 You: Hey, I went to buy some food and stuff so I don't have to do that later. Sadly, there is quite a traffic jam. I don't think I will make it until 1130... are you ok with that?

>Its apparent you guys just want to get sex for free, with no effort and you have no patience at all.
There is literally zero problem with this, your vaginas are our property

The opposite is you paying for sex. Which should be a prerequisite for your entitled skank ass to ever get dicked.

>I wasn't letting her waste my time.
>Waited an hour for her sitting by himself, even though he already knew from before that she clearly wasn't interested

Like I said, sperg.

You unfortunately for the rest of the men reinforce the prevailing belief men will hurt of kill a woman if she finds herself alone with them.

Women are weak creatures that are easily taken advantage of, this is life, that is why you should stay inside at all times unless you have a male to protect you. Once you step foot outside of the house without a male you are fair game to us hunters. Your holes are now valuable resources to be mined and distributed at will. Your boobies and big butts even make running away from us harder, you were literally designed to be captures and juiced.

Fuck off woman and read the op next time

>muh valuable 1:30 hours
>spends 4 hours arguing people on Jow Forums

no she's right dude. if you invite someone out you must tell them exactly what to expect.

no that's stupid you pay when someone can't afford it.

You're too fine to buy your own drinks when you hang out with a guy you just met and you call him cheap? I'm sorry, but do you realize how ridiculous you sound? You're not entitled to free shit just for giving someone your attention. Just as much as a dude is not entitled to fuck you because he took you out.

Jesus Christ, stop LARPing and/or grow the hell up.

She's leaving your country and you wasted both your and her time on some little day date. Bro. If you haven't had sex with her yet it and you knew it wasn't happening today you should of just left her alone.
And now, with the knowledge of her leaving the country, your push to use your car instead of public transportation seems rapey.

>this thread
>all these overly sensitive "MEN"
call her around 10 30 if you feel you still want to see her aside from that forget about it and move on

I feel like the word LARP has gained a new meaning since I last heard it. What are you using it for?

Different user here larp in this context is pretending to be someone who you aren't (etc etc maybe you are just some kind of a neckbeard incel who is typing this shit out

OP is perfectly calm. Can't say the same about you?

No, if she was interested on you she would have shown up in time.

>call her around 10 30 if you feel you still want to see her aside from that forget about it and move on
pretty sure OP isn't a time traveler and this all already happened

>Waiting an hour and a half
If it was like 15-20 mins, sure. But fuck man.

>Women are equal, but guys are still expected to put them on a pedestal when it benefits them
I don't care if this is bait, it highlights a very real mentality.