Relationships have failed me and I need companionship.

I just found out about this site where you can find sugarbabies, and my luck there seems to be good and I've been getting a lot of messages. The bigger question is, will a sugarbaby fuck up my life or should I just say fuck it and get a sugarbaby?

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Only as much as you let her. It's literally someone who spends time with you expecting gifts and money. You still have to be smooth to fuck them, but just to flirt and act cute you can even be a creep.

It's basically just a prostitute
I guess there's nothing wrong with it as long as you keep that in mind and don't take the "relashionship" seriously

Yea I mean as long as she can keep me company then I'm good.
I lost my partner of 7 years recently and just can't manage an actual relationship. I had no idea that there were actually so many sugarbabies near me until i joined this site.

Yea i dont really plan to take it seriously. Just something to fill the hole in my heart with synthetic love.

I'm a sugar baby and love the relationships I've formed. I think it has been a perfectly beneficial thing for my daddies and I.

Just do it then, king
Take some precautions, of course, and don't waste too much money on it
I wish i had money to do it too

Shut the fuck up, whore

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Once you go the sugar route you don't want to go back. It's so much easier than conventional relationships. Go for it. A sugar baby is like a part time girlfriend. You get the dates and sex and companionship without the hassle of commitment.

Damn that sounds pretty awesome.
I'm just blown away that this secret world of sugarbabies was out there all along and I had no idea.

I did not expect an actual sugarbaby to post ITT

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>this secret world of sugarbabies
It's not a secret if you're rich. Are you actually well-off enough to keep a sugarbaby?

That does not sound appealing in any way.
How much do you typically pay on a monthly basis?

When I discovered the world of sugaring it was like a new awesome universe of possibilities opened up.

t. Actual sugar daddy

It appeals to some people, for others not so much. I usually pay per meet, between 500-1000 depending on things. That's for a weekend together. But that's just the sugar part, everything else actually costs more, like flights, hotels, restaurants, gifts.

>per meet
Wat. What does it depend on?

She won’t fuck up your life if you don’t let yourself be used by people. You an find a balance where both of you get what you want, except for a real relationship and genuine affection for another human being.

What I agreed to with the girl, the length of the stay together and so on. For 1000 I do want her to be with me an entire long weekend.

Okay I’m going to be a sugar-baby. Might as well clear my debt and get myself a house when i still got a tight hot body.

Is that all? For 1k???

Are you looking for more sugar babies? I could do with 1k per weekend.

You know I used to look down on girls who do this shit. But at that rate, I can see why they do it.

I could fit another sugar baby in my schedule. But first to know if it's possible I'd need to know your approximate location?

I’m far away. I’m in Scandinavia. But that’s alright I won’t have a problem finding clients, I have gotten offers in the past. Besides I’m going to team up with a friend, the trouple poly life is in high demand and pays disgustingly well. I’ve been thinking if i wanted to get into this for a while, but the payoff is just so ridiculous it’s no longer a real choice.

Also Europe
Hey wanna team up?

Scandinavia is doable, I'm in Europe.

>and on this day on Jow Forums, a new sugar daddy and his two sugar babies team was formed

Yea I'm well off, I am a manager at my workplace and make decent money.

Do you usually keep the same sugarbaby, or do you change it up every now and then?

Generally if I have a sugar baby I will keep her around as long as possible. What usually happens is a sugar baby eventually wants to call it quits for one reason or another. Maybe she gets a bf or doesn't feel like she wants to live that kind of life anymore.

Interesting. This is all very interesting. I am experiencing both shock and excitement about this whole sugarbaby thing. This is incredible.

Have you created an account on seekingarrangement yet?

Does it hurt when they leave, the good ones you've grown close to? I'm not here to suffer.

That's something you just have to live with. You need to be able to not fall for any of your sugar babies, and know that no matter how much you are enjoying each others' company, the date you are on might be the last.

Guys usually want the gf experience, like i would tip toe around the kitchen making coffee for “my man” in my t- shirt and undies in the morning. Being overly excited about our upcoming date. Show affection towards him in public and social settings like i truly admire him, making the other guys and wifes jealous with my looks. It’s all fake, but as long as i get that coin I’ll make it all believable.

Jesus fucking christ this has really got me trippin that my ex was lowkey a sugarbaby. My heart feels like it's breaking right now.

Can I be your live-in gf like for a week for 5000?

>Relationships have failed me and I need companionship.
>need companionship

No you don't. If you can't stand to be alone with yourself why the hell do you expect anyone else to be able to stand being alone with you either? Don't be a hypocrite.

gib moni plox

I could consider that depending on how good of a live-in gf you would be. Are you in Europe?

Yeah. I'd be great, I can cook and clean and act like I love you more than anything in the world.

Fuck off schizo

>be a woman
>date incels for ludicrous amounts of money

we truly live in a society

Sounds good so far. Would you be available for a week in September? And could you quickly describe your bodytype?

Sugar daddies are the complete opposite of incels.

shit just rich incels then

Not incels in the slightest. What makes you say that?

why'd you pay a woman to be w/ you if you can't find one to be w/ you just for the sake of being with you?

I mean you don't have to have a relationship with the other person, I'm sure one can find someone to be around with no major strings attached.

But I can and do find girls to be with me without paying. As do all sugar daddies. You have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about. Clearly your judgment is impaired by your virgin bitterness.

>companionship in exchange for money or expensive goods
>y-you're the i-incel


It's the only possible explanation for you being so angry and attacking the subject.


also why would you be giving your money away to someone who only talks to you as long as they receive a steady amount of money/goods? it's pretty sad 2bh

She gets my money in exchange for her company and time. Money that she could use. And have fun earning it. Why does this make you so angry?

i am just asking why would you give away so much money to someone who doesn't really give a shit about you

But she does give a shit about me. Enough to be my part time gf when we are together.

wow, you are poor, ugly AND a morron :D

ofc you can't get a fuck

literally just pretend to be broke for a month and see what happens.

just go on a trip someplace abroad with that money or put them in the bank instead of throwing them around to what are basically escorts.

do prostitutes give a shit about their clients when theyre with them?

The nice ones do

That's retarded. If I invite a sugar baby for a date together then she knows what she gets. If for some reason I went broke I simply would not invite them on sugar dates anymore.

Seriously, why are you so seething mad about this whole thing?

no they don't. theyre just better at convincing people they do.

literally every time you try to present something to someone that opposes their world view on Jow Forums they will start with their "why are u so upset", "who hurt you" and "you're an incel" bullshit.

she's a fucking escort. OF COURSE she'll pretend to care about you, that's her fucking job. why are you lying to yourself about this?

I mean I get it if you want to blow off some steam and hire an escort like e.g. once a year or e.g. once a month, if you can afford it, but having one almost exclusively and using it as a gf substitute it's just sad.

literally spend that money on travelling around the fucking world if you can instead of just banging a girl. you can hire an escort even at your fucking 70s, but you can't go around backpacking when you're basically older than 50.

I do all this and more. I travel. I bang girls in foreign countries. I get matches on tinder. And I have a list of sugar babies I can contact and invite on a sugar date.

Your anger is really clouding your thinking.

>i think prostitutes truly care about me
>no they don't
>wtf? you're angry

>I do all this and more. I travel. I bang girls in foreign countries. I get matches on tinder. And I have a list of sugar babies I can contact and invite on a sugar date.

well it seems you're just another rich fellow with no purpose in life.

>inb4 ur mad!1!!!

The real question should be, "Can I afford a sugarbaby?"

If you want to go into debt to finance her nxt shopping trip, lmao. Prepare to get utterly wrecked.

I'm perfectly content with my life. You on the other hand seem to have issues. You have been desperately trying to pull someone down to your level and trying to tell someone anonymous on a Vietnamese waterpainting forum that his life is shit and he can't be happy. It is a sad life when all you have is raging at people who are better off than you all day long on the internet.

Seconding this. I wonder if sugar daddies are partly to blame for the incel epidemic, why go for the poor bloke when the rich fella will whisk you away?

>no I'm happy and ur sad and pathetic1!!!11

great arguments

>incel epidemic
The what? Their 15 minutes of fame are up already.

Well, you are the one who is trying to tell everyone else their life is shit and they shouldn't be happy.

You girls actually think 1k for a weekend is a lot? An escort gets 3k+ for a weekend.

i'm just saying that paying a ludicrous amount of money for a girl to just hang around with you is retarded

>lost partner of 7 years
c-checked ;-;

Not him but "hanging out" usually means sex too.

>An escort gets 3k+ for a weekend.
How many hours of dicks would you have to take for that though?

My friend who's an escort was flown to London for the weekend and took 2, the dude who hired her and his driver, with a few more fellas watching.

If you think 1000 is a ludicrous amount then you must be quite the poorfag.

A high class escort with a lot of demand. Most sugar babies are just ordinary college girls and will be perfectly happy with 1000.

Nice thread. Let's hear more from real sugar babies and daddies.


i'm sorry bro. I couldn't resist

So have you started looking for sugar babies already?

Get as many sugar babies as you can afford.

>spending this much money
Oy vey

Just inherited 3 million. I'm very successful with women but my Jow Forums autism has led me to become redpilled about their true nature. Once I get my degree and achieve full financial independence, I might honestly take the sugar daddy pill. Marriage is a failed concept in current year imo. I'd rather be single and wealthy for life.

>500-1000 is a lot of money
Oy vey

And sugar daddying is going to end up a lot cheaper than losing half of what I have in divorce

Also having a sugar baby is not necessarily that much more expensive than a girlfriend.

Sounds awesome. And all the universities do nowadays is indebt hot girls with retarded degrees

If you live in a city with a sizeable university you'll find loads of young hot sugar babies easily.