Is life honestly worth living for a bald 5'4 guy?

is life honestly worth living for a bald 5'4 guy?

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Grow a huge beard to compensate.

Marry a tall woman


I've never seen a really short bald guy with a beard look okay


user, you'll be dead for all fo eternity, and life lasts like 80 years. It's worth living merely because you'll forget what suffering is after it.

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it is worth living I love you user

This. Neon Genesis Evangelion and the End of Evangelion will change your shit life.

Some people look good as fuck bald, you just need to change your style to match yourself. Also work on yourself and be successful, yeah sure you're short and bald but who gives a fuck when you're going to be making more money than everyone? Work on your personality be a cool guy.

It's OK sliker

by living

Ask Paul Shaffer


as long as you dont have a small dick you should be fine

I mean.. uh.. w-well I would, u-uh.. I mean um, good luck man.

learn skills
Looks are for women

Obviously your dad thought it was, unless he just snapped and you're a rape baby

I want to die
I literally am

Depends. Got cash?


Live for yourself, not a woman (or guy, I dont judge). Btw my best friends dad is a ripped 5'4" manlet, one of the coolest guys I ever met.

yes. get fit and lithe. don't get too muscular, do like swimming and bodyweight. in any case just make sure to keep a low bf%. I doubt youre completely bald,, so grow your hair out medium-long even if it's obviously thin/receded and looks like shit. train your forearms especially, more than your biceps and shoulders. go light on legs but definitely dont ignore them entirely.
be mostly clean shaven but maybe have some stubble on some days. try to cultivate an inner feeling of dirtiness, but tasteful dirtiness. like if you were a manual laborer who knew how to clean up decently.
start smoking (not weed).

trust me on this

Yeah you just gotta own it. The things that make you different make you great.

my hair is bald way past the point of no return, can't grow anything on top

its really not

Don't worry about that self-improver fantasy shit, just do your own thing. There are happy people with much worse problems than bad hair manletry, get over it.

Getting into a physical/excercise hobby is a great idea if you haven't already done so though

lmao what a load of shit, the things that make us different make us susceptible to being ostracized. being a very short man is a very ugly thing to be.

alright well the main point is to not be fat. just dont be fat and you look better than most short people. that includes like builtfat, dont even do that. just be skinny you will look good short

skinny is so not better than built fat. being skinny and short is a death sentence, because physically you are no different than a child at that point. become as big as possible if you are short op

Cope, fatty

If Jeremy from Achievement Hunter can do it you can too, just get buff and grow out ya facial hair

I'm beginning to bald and I'm still in college, girlfriend and I have 5 baby names picked out, you deserve and are cabable of joy user