There must be something seriously wrong with me if no guy ever liked me for the past 18 years

Isn't that right?

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How are we supposed to know when you said nothing about yourself?

You like anime, so there's one thing wrong with you so far.

Well are you fat

Despite what the loud mouths say, gays are a very insignificant minority. You'll live 18 more years without meeting a gay.

Don't you read this board? Incels will do everything they can to make sure that they show zero interest in a woman while secretly hoping she will admit her undying love to them and then they spontaneously start dating without ever having to ask her out on a date.

I'm shy as hell and don't talk much at all. I draw in my free time but I'm not like super skilled or anything. I used to be a big anime and video games fan but not so much anymore. I think I am average looking, no one really tells me I'm "pretty" other than my dad, but I don't think I look ugly. I have wealthy parents and I've been sheltered most of my life but I don't really look or have a "rich girl" personality so people can't tell. I wear plain clothes all the time and I'm not stylish.
I know I'm boring. But people say women live life on easy mode regardless whether they have dull looks/personality or not.
But no guy has ever showed slight interest in me. I'm not evil or horribly ugly. So there must be something wrong with me, right?

I watch it casually but I'm not crazy about it or anything. Does that turn people off?
I'm average weight. 47kg and 163cm.
No, I'm a straight (afaik) girl. Most guys are straight.
>they spontaneously start dating without ever having to ask her out on a date.
I don't understand, what do you mean?

>I don't understand, what do you mean?

Asking a woman out risks rejection. They refuse to do this because it will put them in a position of weakness. They think that everyone else in a relationship got there by never asking anyone out and they just randomly where in a relationship for no reason.

That's not average, that's borderline anorectic. Are you also flat as a board?

So you mean, some guys may have liked me in the past, but they couldn't say it/show interest?

You're only 18. You're still a kid. You will have plenty of time to grow into an adult and get your first relationship eventually.

I used to think that about myself, around the same age too. Then I stopped feeling sorry for myself and hoping for a qt gf to "save" me and "fix" me and I started doing that myself.

Find out what it is you respect in other people and adapt those things yourself. Be the person you would respect and people will start respecting you too and then you'll attract the best possible partners for you, right now if you managed to attract anyone, it would either be a chad that just wants to fuck you, or some other insecure, depressed guy, but he won't make you happy either, you'll just have to deal with 2 people with insecurities now, instead of just yourself. I noticed I actually attract people now, once I adapted this attitude. Thinking back, I think nobody paid attention to me because I was a downer, a depressed, insecure teenager. And who wants to be with that?

No I'm not flat. I think my chest is considered big for the rest of my body. But my mom buys my bras for me so I don't know the exact size. I know I'm immature but I was never comfortable going to shop for anything.

Yes. See these threads for more details.

>So you mean, some guys may have liked me in the past, but they couldn't say it/show interest?

Nah, it's most likely all on you. Start investing into cat toys and ice cream refrigerators.

Maybe you just didn't know they liked you? Like I never realized half of them and the rest it took a while and it didn't matter because guys like a new girl each week so they'll move on before you even realize.

Doubt there's anything wrong with you

Thank you.
I see some girls on youtube that I wish I could be more like. Claire Wineland was my role model. But there's really no way I could be like her.
I try to look people in the eyes when I talk to them, but then my eyes just avert back to their neck, in the past I used to just look at the ground so I made improvement I think. If a random person talks to me I subconsciously flinch and I feel like I make them uncomfortable. I wish I could be more funny and easy going and brave. People say "fake it till you make it" but the process of faking also seems impossible in my eyes.
How did you start your transition? Did you have friends that helped you?

Sounds all fine, so have you considered looking online? Such as tinder or dating sites.

>Start investing into cat toys and ice cream refrigerators.
What do you mean?

You'll get it when you're older.

$50 says she's fat or she has a fucked up face.
Post body

No I can't meet a person that just wants to have sex like in tinder. I will disappoint him and he will feel tired of me. I think I need months with a person till I can kiss him.

>some guys may have liked me in the past, but they couldn't say it/show interest?
lol no if you haven't seen any interest from guys in 18 years you're physically fucked up in some way

gib moni

>Like I never realized
You have to be over 18 to post here.

You're on the right track. Practice and keep a positive mindset and you'll make it. Also try working out and eating more.

You're still young so you need a bit more life experience to get on that level of self awareness and being introspective to understand it's full purpose and benefits, but I can give you some words of advice. It'll most likely be a case of when elderly give you advice and you just nod but in hour head you know they're full of shit and they know nothing about your specific situation, but when you get older you'll realize that they were right lol.

Before you can start going about being more confident, I would advise you to get better at talking to people first.
For starters I would say that you seem to be on edge all the time when talking to guys, that projects and makes them feel the same way, people are like mirrors in that sense, so everything you feel, they might also feel depending on their level of intuition. I used to be like that with people. What you do is remember to take your time, pause if you have to and collect your thoughts, then give your answer and it'll eventually become a habit with everyone you meet. If someone doesn't give you time to respond then they're impatient and its on them, so don't feel like you're always to blame. Another thing I realized in recent years is that sometimes you get that sense of urgency from people, like you need to say something, and you feel responsible for not saying anything. I used to feel on edge because of that, and then I asked myself "are they saying anything to me? no." "do I have anything of value or interest to say? no." "do I expect them to speak or do they? I don't." so its people's expectations that get to you sometimes, but rid yourself of them and realize that just because you're expected to do something, it doesn't mean you should feel responsible and do it. Some people here tell me to kms and some expect it to actually happen, does that make me obligated to do so? no.
This should help for starters. Then just find something about you to develop and be confident in.

But I'm not deformed or anything. I'm sure. I just look normal.

Maybe you are ugly and you just don't know it.
Or you're autistic and missed it every time when guys showed interest in you.

>I'm sure. I just look normal
Normal women get a lot of attention from boys in 18 years. Fix yourself.

>I need months with a person till I can kiss him
Seems like we found your problem. No guy is going to put up with bullshit like this. Withholding sex for months is already a bad move that will turn most guys away, but not even kissing?

She's ugly nobody wants to kiss her anyway.

OP, don't listen to the negative anons on this board please, I'm in the same situation as you so you aren't alone but I want to tell you that after reading your replies I can really tell that you are a sweetheart and kind person with good morals, not just an average teenage girl who goes on tinder just for sex. SO I'M PROUD OF YOU. I know you must be beautiful inside and out and I'm sure you will find that special someone. Being more open may help and if you're underweight (some anons gave me that impression) then try to eat more, but healthy foods and good fat until you reach a healthy bmi or weight you're comfortable with. Just saying this because it's unhealthy to be underweight, also I'd love to see one of your drawings. much love to you OP

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OP, stay away from guys such as this. He is not interested in you, only your virginity.

Do you have male friends?

Maybe during those few months she can build a good friendship with them and know who they are all about then they can enter a romantic zone and kiss each other. Also, going slow on sexual things is a good thing because it filters out the guys who just want you for your body and shows you the REAL ones who want you for you and actually love you. Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady by Steve Harvey and his 90 day rule.

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Fuck off, overpositive faggots are evil as fuck.


Have you tried? No guy ever took interest online or in real life? At all? I find that very hard to believe.

>don't listen to the people telling you the truth, believe in a sweet lie. Also pls be my gf ok :3 ?

I'm a girl too as I said I was in the same situation as her. Ily tho just clearing this up so OP doesn't think it's a thirsty man not being genuine

All i need in order to know whether there is something wrong with you or not, is a picture. Because your looks determine for 99% how attractive you are to guys.

If you don't post a pic, this thread is pointless.

You sound very young. Your life has barely started. Come back when youre 25

>Because your looks determine for 99% how attractive you are to guys.
not true. If I'm attracted to a girl based on looks and she turns out to be a cunt or just boring and high maintenance then I lose all interest.
Your looks only matter to a fuck boi, but if that's what OP wants then you're correct, but relationship wise, looks are not enough


Girl, you should know that women are judged a lot on their appearance. You don't have to be outgoing or bubbly, just do your best to look decent and feminine don't be a shut in and guys will come

Are you cute though? Would you be up for a lesbian relationship?

>Guys, why does no one want to fuck me? I look decent and am a nice person, I am definitely not deformed or fat
>Can you post a picture?
>OP has left the thread
Nice larp

Why is it whenever 20+ males say they've never been wanted by someone, people here say "fuck off, incel" but when this poor little lonely roastie does it, everyone prostrates themselves before her asking for forgiveness? This board is hilarious

They're both pathetic to me and honestly a failed roastie is even sadder than a male incel.


You're still young op, and that's good.
Best advice I can give is not to worry about finding someone right now and just put yourself out there and talk to people more.
You mentioned you like drawing, you might not be interested in college, but something people don't realize is that you can still take single classes to learn stuff without focusing on a degree.
See if a local community college has an art class and try and mingle with people there, make friends and connections, the more people you know, the more you might run into someone you might actually like and who will like you back.

It's likely your lack of social ability.


Nobody can like you if they don't know you exist femanon, get out there somewhere and interact.
Don't allow yourself to wallow or you might find yourself in a hole that you will find almost impossible to get out of eventually.

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Kek underrated

I admire this level of isolated purity
You're the woman guys always wanted but never met, OP

How can you be so hurtful with your internet lies?!


This except don't actually come back to this website ever

BULLSHIT literal bitches always have guys chasing them and showering them with money and gifts and trips just because they're good-looking

I don't know
Are you sure you're not a ghost?