How I get out of Ireland?, should I even consider college in China as a way to get out?

How I get out of Ireland?, should I even consider college in China as a way to get out?

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Why do you want out, and why to a third world shithole like China?

Why? Ireland is comfy and nice.

>Sell potatoes
>Save money from said potatoes
>Buy airline ticket from potato savings

Lots of Irish still move to the USA you know. I know a bunch of people who recently moved here

>How I get out of Ireland?


I'll trade you spots. You can live in the USA with my mom and I'll live wherever you do

Not in china you moron. At least go to canada

>Cheape bear
>Comfy countryside

Why u want to leave??
If at least you wanted to go somewhere with fun and beaches... But China??

>Hauw du oi geht aouwt of Oirland? Should oi eefen cunsidur cawlidge in Choina as a waehy tuh geht aouwt?

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Shit salary unless you work in Software Development or are like a Doctor or something.

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Only dubs talk like that. Americans only know Dublin accent and Norn Iron accent.

Wtf do you mean shit sallary? Go into medical factories like I did a couple of months ago and not only will you be making good/great money, youll also ne doing pretty much nothing the entire time. Galway has a shit ton of them.

how many accents can you possibly have on that tiny fucking island?

Its funny you say that. I work for a Medical device company in Microbiology and only make 32,000 Euro a year.

Which isnt bad, as the minimum wage in Ireland is about 20k :P

Yeah but I went to college to study this Microbiology shit. My brother did software development and he makes 70 grand.

if you're in college next year, next summer take your j1 to New York and work there for the summer.


>Its fonnie yous say thaht. Oi work fer a medicul devoice cumpenie in moicroeboiologie and ohnlie make Tirty-Tew-Tousand Euro a yeeur

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