This incel guy claims that a person who has never masturbated in their life will actually live forever, and that each time you masturbate, shorten your lifespan - but you can regain it by not masturbating and eating a lot of eggs.

Is this true? Does it have any truth behind it?

This is a video making fun of it, I don't know where the original is, but is what he's saying here possible?

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It's all horseshit, of course. Aging happens at the cellular level, when copying errors magnify. Kind of like taking a photocopy of a photocopy, information is lost.

It's "possible" in that you continue on in some way shape of form in your offspring

How can you do that if you never ejaculate?

did you pass biology in highschool? did you pass highschool?

I did, but listen to what he's saying, he says it's from some ancient Buddhist philosophy

>but you can regain it by not masturbating and eating a lot of eggs.

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I didn't say it, the guy in the video says it, and he's being serious

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It's true, I'm 323 years old now. AMA.

>I didn't say it, the guy in the video says it, and he's being serious
>and he's being serious

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What's forever shortened by one minute?
What's forever cut in half?
What's forever cut by 99%?

He is being serious, that video doesn't seem serious because it's not his original video, it's somebody who's taken his video and edited stuff in to mock him, but the ginger guy talking in it is called JustJames, and he's genuinely being serious, I don't know which video that immortality bit was taken from, as he has hundreds of videos and they're all like an hour long so I'm not even bothering to look for the original video, but he definitely believes it. It's this guy

>pic related

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You are a literal sheep and the reason politicions get away with the shit they do becuase there are 5bill of you compared to the 300k people that are actually smart.

Stop bumping this.

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Its not true. It just seems like you live forever since you never cum.


All human souls are immortal(for the most part) and reincarnate to a new body each time you die(this is a curse actually). You need to read more about the sumerian gods. I am not willing to help you more.

TLDR: Each time you die you reincarnate to a new body.

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>Each time you die you reincarnate to a new body

But if you have absolutely no recollection of the previous life, how can it be still be you?

ur a fuggin idiot

based druid

you do but you don't remember it. but you can get a glimpse from past lives if you're advanced enough.

If it’s true I should be dead and I’m barely 21 rn

>Retarded enough to actually believe this shit
You should have already died by now.