Is it morally reprehensible to fap to your coworkers?

Almost all of my coworkers are female, very attractive, and very friendly. I recently got dumped so I have a lot of pent up sexual frustration. I don't really like how I feel engaging with porn, especially since prior to the break up I hadn't looked at it in several years.
Going to a coworker though, while its creepy I also don't feel like its damaging me mentally in the same way porn is.

I guess I should just stop masturbating altogether so I don't have to worry about this huh

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It’s not right but it is better than porn desu, just don’t do it too much and you should feel bad after. Do it too much and you become that creep

if it doesn't interfere with your professional interactions with her why not? if it does then stop.

Porn has it's place, but using your imagination can lead to a more fulfilling and "clean" fap.
Depending on you, it might even help with how you deal with interacting with them since you'll be relieving that frustration and it won't be on your mind as much.

I use to care. .

If you're using their photos, you'll run the risk of your brain pair-bonding with a woman who doesn't care about you the same way, but will be close to you every day you work. It could make you act awkward, feel more depressed and frustrated, and run the risk of getting complaints from them.

Lol brain bonding wtf

>morally reprehensible
Morally obligatory. You owe them that much. All my friends and coworkers get a turn in my imagination. It is only fair. Some are more fappable but they all deserve my consideration.

It's true. Your brain releases chemicals upon orgasm and you become increasingly chemically attracted--in some cases addicted--to the person. You may not consciously notice it, but the chemicals will influence your interactions in a way you probably won't like. It's happened to me. Altho I inevitably ended up with her sister and then someone else and it did sort of work out.. Still, that user has a point. You don't want to become chemically dependent on someone who isn't all that into you.

Interesting. Maybe I should jerk it to my wife and other people I hate. We should all whack it to the boss.

>working with females

Do any of you actually work for a living or do you just sit around and talk to women all day in an estrogen-saturated environment?

In my lifetime I've fapped to pretty much every woman I've known. When I first started fapping at 11/12 I would fap thinking of my female teachers, classmates, even my aunts. Growing older I pretty much fap to every girl I know, friends, acquaintances, classmates at college. It's actually ridiculous. I've even fapped to pics of girls from my classes I'm not attracted to at all, but when I'm horny I get turned on by the thought of fucking them and get that instant "eugh" and regret feeling when I cum.

If all of this is morally reprehensible, then I am going straight to fucking hell.

not as long as it doesn't affect your relationships at work. can't look them in the eye? stop. no problems? keep going.

Yank it thinking of their asshole in the company bathroom.

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Well I'm pretty I don't have that problem as far as I know and that's why I was laughing

Try to fuck one of them, if you fuck one the others will get jealous and now you have a harem

>small boobs and big ass
IDK why but I love that bodytype

You mean nearly zero boobs and 1" hips?

Don't get used to doing that OP, it will start to spill in your consciousness and when you see them you're not going to feel comfortable or see them the same way. I wouldn't do it.

4channel tell me please tell me is it morally reprehensible to fap to photographs of your great grandmother when she was 9

Nice broscience.

Just ask her out bro

absolutely not. I fap to 3 of my 4 cashiers all the time. the 4th one is not attractive at all, but the other 3 get my spank. I think it helps overall, I'm more relaxed around them at work and we get along better since I've removed my end of the sexual tension, because I'm getting my release.

if women want to wear spanks to work, i spank to them at home.