Has anybody ACTUALLY cured depression without any negative side effects?

Please tell me about your symptoms and what life it like afterward. What all did it take?

My problem is that I can't be alone. My whole life I've never had a single friend but I've had three long-term GF's. Being alone is too painful, it destroys me. I'm functional and normal appearing when I'm in a relationship but afterward I'm suicidal depressed.

I'm tired of EVERYBODY telling me to "love yourself bro" as if I'm going to jump up and say "OH GEE! I GUESS I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!" How does somebody value their "self?" That makes no sense to me.

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I went to a psychiatrist, got some meds prescribed and started working on my issues with the help of said meds and the guidance of my psychiatrist.

>My problem is that I can't be alone. My whole life I've never had a single friend but I've had three long-term GF's. Being alone is too painful, it destroys me. I'm functional and normal appearing when I'm in a relationship but afterward I'm suicidal depressed
Dude i'm exactly the same, whe I was with my boyfriend I was so happy and I felt like everything was ok but now that he's left me I cry every fucking day and being alone feels so wrong but talking to other people feels like cheating, I don't want to feel this way.
Last time someone broke up with me I got someone new in two months so that really helped but at the same time I feel like going from relationship to relationship doesn't give me the time to analyse why I feel this way and how to deal with it
but at the same time i dont want to be alone????? help

Labor, work. Work at work and work for fun. Get things done. Do stuff. That is how you love yourself.

There is no cure for depression.
You can only find techniques to make yourself less depressed and try to acknowledge what it it that is triggering you into your depression.

Dude I've been looking for somebody who feels exactly like me so I can hear how stupid I sound.

Point is, I KNOW I'm depressed and I KNOW I need work but I need somebody who is going through what I'm going through to talk to my heart and mind in the right way to make sense of this and be more introspective.

What messenger do you use?

I used to be this. I focused so much on work. But no matter what I was doing, I'd get drained a lot of days and slip off to sleep or arrange things as if I was leaving and never coming back and just start walking as far as I could for as long as I could. I'd end up in other cities, walking day and night, and eventually wake up and go back home a few days later, only to be depressed again once I got to an empty home.

Aimlessly walking around isn't work. And I'm not talking about a job. I'm talking about work. Not some shit you have to just do to get money, that's pretty easy. A trend I notice among perpetually depressed is that they think that they do things independent of them selves. Like you end up walking. That isn't your body magically taking you places. It is a decision how you act and how you decide to feel about shit.

>Has anybody ACTUALLY cured depression without any negative side effects?
that's literally impossible, mine were minimal though
>Please tell me about your symptoms and what life it like afterward. What all did it take?
i took prisma. the most noticible side effect was that i had to sweat in my sleep for like a year, though it doesn't happen anymore. i also recognise i'm "not my old self anymore", but i don't see why that's a bad thing. i have to take a pill every day which i actually like, it's a nice little routine
my life is normal, i guess.
>I'm tired of EVERYBODY telling me to "love yourself bro" as if I'm going to jump up and say "OH GEE! I GUESS I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!"
you don't know what it's like unless you had it, but everyone wants to be a hero, so just get used to it. though self esteem does play a major part

here's my email
[email protected]

I've also been told by TOO MANY PEOPLE that I just need to love myself and focus on me and do things I enjoy and then at some point that person will just notice me and gravitate naturally.

Yeah fucking right. We live in a society where 99% of people that I meet wouldn't be compatible if they even WERE available, and the 1% that would be compatible are in happy relationships already because they're intelligent and creative people.

I'm tired of hearing that there's someone for everyone. Explain that to the people that die in their 80's, with friends and happiness mind you, alone and having no kids and never settled down. I'd KMS if that were my fate

I was 32, took a questionaire in an NHS office with a nurse and found out I'd been depressed for likely over 10 years without knowing it. I'd never felt sad so never connected it.
For context at the time I was
>32, friendless, jobless, no income, no hope, no real ability or skill, sat in my room playing video games and jerking all all day (literally the majority of my life), my health wasn't that great either and I was becoming mildly overweight

Anyway, after I found out I learned a lot about myself over the last couple years. I'm now
>34, run two successful businesses, one of the strongest guys in my gym, healthiest I've ever been, fantastic girlfriend, travel regularly, social when I need to be, growing photography, daily sunshine and exercise, etc

The treatment and prevention for the types of depression you see on Jow Forums (and I'd estimate the vast majority of depression in the west) are actually ridiculously simple-
>Regular sunshine
>Regular exercise
>Regular social interaction
>Good diet
>Good sleep hygeine
>Good management of stress

Note that all of these directly or indirectly affect hormones, and I've recently come to the conclusion that most of depression is strongly linked to hormone imbalance as a result of mainly shitty exercise and diet habits.
There are other causes of depression like traumatic experiences, hormone deficiencies and injury but for almost every type of depression I see on Jow Forums it's simply lifestyle induced and solved by above. The other side of that is the incel self induced mindset and depression but that's again, largely a symptom of lifestyle

Feel free to ask me stuff, I don't have all the answers but I've learned a lot about depression and myself over the last few years

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read books, watch self-help videos etc. searching for a relationship because ur depressed and u want the other person to help u with it is egoistical as fuck.

Well...I do almost all of those things. I'm always out and have "friends" (I don't actually like them but I do enjoy making people laugh and enjoy my company), I have a gym membership, I spend a lot of days at parks or in big open fields, my sleep is so regular I wake up before my alarm.

I don't know what to do about stress. I tend to bash shit until I break bones in my hand.

I feel it's harder to relate to somebody that is depressed because of above average intelligence (0.01 percentile). We just tend to be loners. I used to like being alone and building models, playing vidya, drawing, creating, constructing, designing, expressing, writing. But as soon as I got a job, none of that mattered any more. There is no occupation I could ever have that would allow me to be happy because freedom IS my happiness. I can't live according to somebody else's schedule because creativity starts flowing at 4am and I have to stunt that to get to work. BUt I need regularity/stability to afford living as well.

Why do we kill ourselves to earn a living? I'm sick of this.

Only one i cant do is friends, what do people even do with eachother? I dont understand what friendship would entail

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So you like seeing a positive response to what you do for people?
Ever Thought about becoming a stripper?

I'm naturally a performer. I love karaoke, reading my poetry to people, and being the center of attention at a party. But for some reason that never leads to any meaningful encounters. Nobody wants to take time to read my heart and see what I am.

If you're so angry you're hurting yourself you're way off the deep end. Meditation is my meme answer as it helps almost everyone with stress, but you're so far gone I'd probably suggest talking to a mental health professional

Similar to me. It was a large part of the reason I became self employed. I've always been extremely creative so outside of my businesses I now also make a few bucks from my creative hobbies like photography

They make literally everything else on the list easier
What you do doesn't matter so much as the fact that you're socially interacting with peers. It gives you accountability, social skills and all the many studied and known health benefits of human interaction, primarily mental
Longer term friendship generally means (at least when you're older) meeting up regularly and doing shit- movies, driving around, clubs n pubs, food, family events and all the other regular shit you do in a normal life

>all the other regular shit you do in a normal life

I don't "do" anything. I sit at home and create.

I know that most people meet their soulmate doing shit like taking a trip to some big vacation spot, or being at an art exhibit, or at concerts, or weddings. If I am at any of these places, whatever impression somebody will have of me is a lie because I will NEVER be the person to suggest any of these things once I have what I came here for: a relationship.

I'm tired of America's crumbling goddless society. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and find a woman who will fall in love with me because of my good heart, not because we can quote Harry Potter or have the same POP! figures.

Anyway, does anybody have a suggestion of where smart people meander? I feel like my relationships were all hollow because I knew from the day I met these girls I was smarter than them and in each case their average intelligence became a point of stress for me because I'd have to pick up after them and they couldn't be taught.

I need to find somebody else intelligent but intelligent people just DON'T go out. We don't see a point. It's not productive.

Dude, you just posted CRINGE!!

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>I don't "do" anything. I sit at home and create.
Then social interaction probably isn't the only thing on the list you're not doing.
>I feel like my relationships were all hollow because I knew from the day I met these girls I was smarter than them and in each case their average intelligence became a point of stress for me because I'd have to pick up after them and they couldn't be taught.
Sounds far more likely it was because you were full of yourself and not very self aware
>I need to find somebody else intelligent but intelligent people just DON'T go out. We don't see a point. It's not productive.
I can tell you from experience that's inherently the opposite of reality. Dumb people don't make it as far in almost all of the business circles I'm involved with, and most of the creative hobby ones I'm part of too, effort and discipline are always the drivers but intelligence generally skews towards favour.

I mean intelligent people don’t live at the bar or enjoy what the majority enjoys. It is always disappointing because you’ll just find more of the same mindless tribal displays. We are always involved in a goal and a task. It’s why I can’t go places that people say to meet people. I can’t hang out at Starbucks cuz WTF is “hanging out”. That makes no sense to me. I’d have to lobotomize myself to relate.

>I mean intelligent people don’t live at the bar or enjoy what the majority enjoys
I know plenty of intelligent people who drink both publicly and privately. You're literally just projecting nonsense at this point.
>I can’t hang out at Starbucks cuz WTF is “hanging out”
and here you're not even equating two things. The ironic part here is that all you're revealing is that not only are you kind of a douche but you're also not particularly smart

I'm fighting it, decades now. A lot of people seem to make it out through mindfulness. A lot of people are stupid though

I don’t believe I’m better than everybody, I just get frustrated that every time “I” choose the topic of discussion, everybody is lost and has no clue what to say. I talk about a wide range of topics too, so no I don’t expect everybody to understand Piagetian theory. It seems 100% of the people I encounter can talk until they’re out of breath about some fucking football game from twenty years ago.

I don’t know how people hang out in public without “doing” anything. I can’t even take the first step towards something if I can’t see a goal in mind. So what is the goal?

Jesus Christ you're a pitiful thing.

Based and truth pilled. No medication will fix you, only you can. I'm still fucked but I'm better, play life as if its video game and you've got to grind some things out for better shit. Gym and outside time makes you feel physically and mentally better. You can be happy.

The universe weeps for you, sweet child. So misguided that you find yourself above everyone when that's not at all the case.

I often feel I'm the only person I know with a sense of nuance. Stop jumping to conclusions

>I don’t believe I’m better than everybody
Your last couple posts say otherwise
>every time “I” choose the topic of discussion, everybody is lost and has no clue what to say
Then like we already identified, social ability is probably to blame.
>It seems 100% of the people I encounter can talk until they’re out of breath about some fucking football game from twenty years ago.
If 100% of the people you talk to are that clued up on football specifically then you probably also have a very limited circle of peers
>I can’t even take the first step towards something if I can’t see a goal in mind. So what is the goal?
I can't tell you what to do with your life and going by what you've said you probably wouldn't listen anyway. What I'd start with in your situation would be what you know- social skills and other factors that combat depression like exercise, meditation, relationships, etc
If you're anything like you are on here in real life then social skills are your #1 priority

My social skills are such that more than a dozen people (((actually believe))) I'm their friend. They often hit me up to go out or just catch up on shit. In person, I'm almost always the one leading the group and my confidence is equal to their highest confidence.

I can converse about so many subjects and dumb it down enough to get everybody sucked in and engaged. But that's just it, I'm not being myself. I'm living a lie to surround myself with wingmen to bait out interactions with hopefully superior circles.

One of my "friend's" common phrases is after I go on a tangent about things with deeper meaning and impact, he will stare blankly and go "uuuuh, hey man how does it feel to always be the smartest person in the room?" and everyone will laugh and joke about how I always bring up stuff above their comprehension. So as far as intelligence, I know what I am and where I stand. The issue is not confidence, humility, respect or social ability, it's that there is so rarely a prospect worth MY time.

I'm not going to throw my heart at yet another Stacey that thinks Pythagoras is the name for the bone inside the penis.

To cure depression you have to fix your issues and let some time pass, there's no other way. Whatever is causing your depression, resolve the problem and if you can't find a way to accept that reality and put your mind on other things.

Yeah disregard that, it's clear you're lack of self awareness and incredible douchiness is to blame
If you're trolling then this is good material, otherwise I hope you genuinely get a grip some time

You know the typical crowd, “Wow, it’s Friday night, what are you going to do? Just sit there?” Well, yeah. Because there’s nothing out there. It’s stupidity. Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupidify themselves.

~ Charles Bukowski

“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke”

~ Vincent van Gogh

But hey if you want to play with dirt mounds I know a group for special-needs children that is looking for mentors.

This is fantastic trolling. Please keep replying

Antidepressants, removing stress from my life, not worrying about the future, losing weight and exercise did it for me.
The antidepressants do make me have weird dreams like twice a week so it's not technically without side effects but pretty damn close to.

Sounds like you need to get outside more user.
Go to the forest and let yourself think about nothing, accept that life has little to no meaning other than what you decide it has.
Depression can act like an addiction, sometimes you have to want out of it intrinsically.

Believe me when I say I have run into the wilderness, gotten lost, slept outside some nights and yet it's never enough. I dread working for a living. There's no point to life if I work 46 hours a week and have "time off" for a total of 45.5 hours a week. It's not time off because of that 45.5 hours I can subtract driving, laundry, meal prep and eating, showering and church. That leaves me with a WHOPPING 24.5 waking hours PER WEEK to have a "life". Of that 24.5 waking hours I can spend zero of it on my passion for music and poetry because my mind will get the best of me, so I have to spend it distracting myself with social interaction.

Life is not worth working for. But if I don't work I can NEVER get married in this culture.

>uhhhh hey man how does it feel to be the smartest person in the room?
Have you considered this might be sarcasm? Like you’re just spouting shit no one would comprehend because they haven’t read up a bunch of shit about whatever it is you’re interested in? Have you considered not everyone has the exact same walk of life as you?

I'm the life of the party. Read from it what you will.
I use them to get into other circles. They have connections all the time. Hell some of them have even tried to hook me up with their equally dim-witted family/friends. I get around because they invite me to everything and most are decent wingmen.

No. They're unable to grasp these concepts. They lack abstract cognitive ability. We've gotten in arguments about how something will turn out if we do option A. vs option B. and I get a huge laugh out of making diagrams and explaining the principles involved to illustrate each outcome. When I'm right (which is always the case when it comes to our scenarios) they act humiliated (by its original definition) and grumble about me always being right.

So yeah, It's all in my head that the floorplan I laid out, the plumbing, the electrical, camera system, rack organization, compressed air systems and makeshift manufacturing equipment has worked as I explained it would and to the satisfaction of my occupational subordinates.

You fucking piece of trash, I never had anyone interested in me. Whenever I went out I got disgusted looks from women or got ignored and when I got the number I got ghosted after being ditched a few times. My "friends" don't even message me back, I ALWAYS have to initiate or nothing happens fuck this shit. I have been considering suicide for some time now, but then I always think of my mother and don't do it. I am 23 y/o, I have been going to the gym religously for 6 years and it hasn't done SHIT for me. I hate my fucking cursed face and short stature. I HATE MYSELF!

Hey man, I'm fucking stuck here too.

Every religion and near death experience has one thing in common: if you KYS you are denied whatever reward is in the afterlife.

I wish it wasn't so, but I've heard it from too many differing sources that I'm not taking any chances. I'm fucking stuck here too.

If you're trying to get laid, though, go to a bar and just wave at everybody that focuses on you as you pass by as if you remember them. Don't engage them, just wave like you came to have a good time and you're glad they're there. Sit at the bar your first time there so you can talk to the bartender. Somebody WILL overhear your convo and join in. Try to initiate convo with the people sitting next to you right away. Even if it's "pointless" shit like "how's the karaoke here?" even if you don't care, just start talking. Soon you'll be able to talk to just about everybody there because they'll introduce you or you will have the confidence to pick up on people that come near or sit next to you. Don't even think of hitting on anyone the first time. Just drink, bullshit with the bros, and make comments outloud at whatever is going on on TV or at the pool table. The more you stir, speak and engage the more fluid it will be when a girl steps up to the pool table because you can lead into the convo with "oh you're up next? You're friend have enough or is he coming back for more ??" shit like that seems small and pointless but dammit it's a doorway to continuing later.

I once was passing by a chick writing in a notebook and pulled mine out and she was shocked to find somebody else that writes poetry and shit. She was more than excited but I was just being nice and making small talk cuz she had tats ALL OVER her fucking body. I shook hands and walked away, didn't even try to drop any hints.

An hour later she swoops over to my table, has her hand on my knee and is being way too strong coming on. Finally she grabs my hand and, I'm not shitting you, says...

"we should go to my house and make art". I was just gonna blow her off so I said "oh when?" she said "like RIGHT NOW, to-night!"

I spent the rest of the night trying to get this bitch off my jock dude...

I am depressed angry and suicidal. I wont go to a bar until that's fixed and like I said I got ignored and that disgusted look, I didn't even try to be creepy I just tried to strike up conversations and have fun, but I guess I am not allowed to. Sports doesn't help me cure my depression aswell, maybe I need to take some fucking meds. I honestly just want attention. Also Whenever I look at a mirror I get angry and sad, the gym is making me so angry everytime(because mirros everywhere), but at the same time I am taking my anger out on the weights. Right afterwards I feel the same again and consider suicide. I don't want to get laid, I just want to have a girl show some affection towards me I am tearing up just typing this last sentence it's fucking sad.

So you have to think others are jealous of you right? How do you handle that?

Nobody is jealous of me. I have nothing worth envying. They all live such happy simpleton lives.

Bro, you sound like a younger me. The one thing that’s going to make it worse is that the first woman that gives you a fair and honest chance is going to be scared off at some point by how much you obsess about her. It’s too easy.

Life is shit in the sense that if all you want is a person to care about you, nobody will care. When you don’t care about anybody, everybody will care. I hate that I can’t express my love on the level I do without them getting eventually turned off and calling me clingy. Like, bitch, you would rather have some asshole that doesn’t think of the best for you when you’re out of site? You want the guy that wants to divide his attention with more and more people and material things? Shits crazy

I had basic depression brought on by the soul crushing loneliness. I cured it by getting a girlfriend. Since then I only had one minor case of depression because I was out of town and hadn't seen my girlfriend for 2 weeks.

>I can't be alone
I've always wondered how people can be like this. I've lived alone for a long time and I love it. I don't get why some people constantly NEED someone else in their lives.

I forgot what depression was as long as I had my GF. Then she just LEFT, turned cold and stopped giving any fucks. Now I wish I could die in my sleep.

I can’t understand how anybody can be without love.

>admits being a manipulative hypocrite
>>I can’t understand how anybody can be without love.
man, you are fucked up in the head.

You people just have no clue

Look up orthomolecular treatment for depression

They want freedom, just like you

Because she realised what she loved wasn’t real. You fake it all, people want real. What was your gf? Now imagine that was all bullshit and she has been putting on an act this entire time. How would you feel.

You make the same mistake as me I think, the second someone shows affection, you stop thinking about what it is you’re actually saying, and that’s fine, but then you just end up spilling your thoughts and reveal soooo much

You silly. You can't cure a terminal disease.
You just learn to live with it until you give up.
I'm almost there to be cured. I'll be so happy.

You’ve probably just got aspergers :)

If you are at the end of your rope and pills don't work for you, consider trying DMT or mushrooms.

I wish I could create.
Hit 30 a bit back and I realized I have no actual skills
Nowadays I can't sit down and enjoy anything I used to love just months ago
I actually want to try drawing or creating music, but every time I try and pick up a pencil or open a program my brain just shuts off.
My current living situation is exacerbating the problem, but I am genuinely truly stuck in a situation that I can't get out of, and I have been alone in this house for almost six months now.
It's gotten to the point where I have panic attacks as soon as I wake up and I want to jam a pencil or knife into my chest so I don't feel like I'm being carved out.

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Learn an instrument, busk, something. Hell go do improv class, puts you on stage and in front of people's eyes. also helps build confidence to boot. The hardest part is taking that first step.

Remember it's work to live, not live to work

user, remember it's never too late to start. The hardest step is to take the first step. Remember the world doesn't have to see or hear your creations, they can be your way of expression. I hope that helps user.