How do I respond to this

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Don't respond.

“Actually, my time is valuable. If you don't want to go, I can make other plans...”

Tell her to fuck off then

I am going, you are welcome to join me.

I'm gonna fuck you in the ass

this is based and unironically the best

>No we won’t


Okay, I'm coming at your house to pick you up. Be ready.

this one seems ok but it's almost like you're trying to convince her to go, which is not a good idea
this ones probably best. Show up to the pub anyway and if she shows, cool, and if not, pick up some slag there anyway

Okay sent

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what a funny world we live in

Drop first sentence. Surperfluous fag speak. Very based tho.

now you are an incel

So valuable you took an hour and a half to reply

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Oh too slow.
The man.
Keep us informed.

Did she reply

Tell us OP

She's just gonna say "make other plans then." The best response would've been no response

You got three options, she seems low interest or she’s trying to take control of the situation. So you can take of the following routes for different results:

>say nothing at all
This will either result in you never talking to her again or she will hit you up day of the event asking to meet up. The idea here is not to chase her and let her come to you. This option makes you look the least needy objectively which is always good.

>”nevermind” or “nvm”
This is actively declining the offer. This might make her feel like she missed the chance or she might not care. This basically communicates you don’t git time to put up with her shit age you got better things to do than wait around for her. This is good but actively canceling the date might make you look a little butthurt, but if you ignore her after she replies it’ll be okay who cares what she thinks.

>”You’re welcome to meet me there, I’m going to x (place) at y (time).”
Thid communicates a slight level of confidence where as the others you hope she picks up on the feeling of missing out, here you are actively inviting her and signaling that your plans will go on with or without her. You already framed it as a exclusive date with you and her, so maybe that’s what three get off, but reframing it as something you would do with it without her shoes that you’re confident in yourself and you give her the freedom to decide if she wants to show up or not, she this route gives you the best chance of inviting her back to your place to fuck after a few drinks as all the pressure isn’t front loaded on to her.

I’d just go with option 3 but if you have other prospects 1 or 2 is the way to go. Depends on your goals and how much you like the broad honestly.

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Also "my time is valuable" was a dumb thing to say when you'd just vaguely suggested a drink sometime this week, you didn't pick a day or time.

This. If she was into you, she would be like "sorry, I don't have time this weekend. Have coffee on monday and go to the movies next weekend?". Women aren't that passive and you aren't there to entertain them like a little monkey.

That's great. Now we can have better idea when OP already fucked up. I'm going to agree

Why bother this sort of mind games to begin with? All you would do is is manipulating and subverting eachother? Either she is able to act up straight or she isn't worth your time.

I'm being totally honest here I don't understand what was wrong with what she said or why you guys think OP should be hostile or passive aggressive in response.

How is replying "We'll see" to "Wanna do X this week sometime" bad?

It would've been obnoxious if he'd suggested a date and time, but he was vague, and she was vague in response. Neither of them did anything wrong until he let Jow Forums talk him into sending a needlessly bitchy answer

A wink or something would have let you know that she was being flirty rather than a cold-hearted disinterested bitch

Whether you want to admit it or not women were designed to manipulate men. It’s shy they wear make up and push up bras, or women hide their sexual history from guys they want to marry.

Most women aren’t going to act straight up, men are direct and straight forward, and women want to blame anything that happens on the men. Women will very rarely straight up tell you they just want to fuck or go on date unless there is an extreme level of comfort. So when dealing with a new woman it’s best to save time and energy buy making simple yet calculated advances to get a desired outcome.

Love is war and woman are sweet little angels, you will get torn apart if you aren’t ready to deal with or respond to women’s mind games. A women will rarely just say “yes or no or I’m not interested”.

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Autism makes it difficult to deal with ambiguity. And she didn't sound that enthusiastic, could have asked for a date and place. So it was deserved, sort of.

god damn no wonder y'all are incels

I sex more than you

No. You will see

based, if only you'd been here sooner

Wait was that literally the first thing you said to her after you matched? No wonder she's fucking nervous you lunatic you need to do some foreplay first

Seconded. That reply is arrogant and pushy as shit and sets a bad mood for the date even if it happens.

You aren't talking about women here but manipulative bitches. I can't be bothered with them just not worth my time.

You talk like a magic eight ball

She clearly wasn’t interested, that’s why
You fucked up, now you come across as a turbo nerd

You fucked it up with the triple dot, user. Never triple dot.

Come on OP, post results

Everyone abort thread, OP's friend is never gonna reply.

>the dot dot dot
Ya done goofed

nah she sounds like an asshole who got her rules on "how to talk to people" from a tv show

people that text "we'll see" that aren't fictional characters deserve a skull smashing out of sheer arrogance. cartoon bitch

"lol nvm"

Should've listened to fucking retard

This make it seem like she should give a shit if you make other plans. She doesn't and she shouldn't.

So valuable he decided to spend his time messaging a girl back that has no interest in him at all

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Protip to other autistic retards:
the "my time is valuable" line only works if the other person ALSO views your time as valuable and has some kind of vested interest in not wasting it.

don't say it to a stranger

He also asked her out on the first message. She was trying to be playful and OP responded like a butthurt fag because the butthurt fags here told him to

yikes, you'll never ever get laid

>She was trying to be playful
oh no no no

doesn’t that reinforce the idea? he’s busy so he doesn’t have time to text. connect the dots bro

If you guys had half a spine to realize that she matched with him so she has some sort of intrest, that this is a power move for OP to show confidence and put the ball back in her court. Also, whatever if she unmatches and or rejects him, OP will have his confidence that he dodged a bullet.

He asked her to get a drink on the first message. She was bantering.

women don't banter

virgin lol

I don't know in what world you're living in where being so autistic you can't roll with a conversation, take offense a benign phrase and come off as a silly bitch is a "power play"

But I guess this is the mind of an incel

anime website

she wasn't interested the second she saw how op typed. the majority of women don't banter

what indicates that he doesn't have time to text? he clearly doesn't value his time because he responded to a girl who was basically rejecting him.
that wasn't banter. that was her letting him down easy.

>my time is valuable
implies he is busy, therefore responding late because he is busy

he's not busy if he's basing his plans for the week on whether some random girl he's said one sentence to wants to get a drink or not

you and i both know he’s not busy in real life. the point is it implies he’s actually busy, so responding late helps his case instead of not helping it. too bad he’s not gonna get her anyways

i'm talking about how he responded, not the fact that he waited an hour to write it

you literally said
>So valuable you took an hour and a half to reply
so i don’t know what you mean by saying that you were talking about how he said it instead of taking an hour to respond

I'm literally the opposite of an incel.

I didn't say that it was some other user

Here's what OP should've done imo
>we will see
>alright. Show up or dont I'm still gonna get drunk

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That's too confident and comes off as alcoholism.

you've been raped by millions of women?

so then don’t respond to me since i wasn’t talking to you, retard. use your brain for five seconds

Stfu Incel.

Wtf are you on about? I said the hour thing just to bust OPs balls. It could go either way.

Eh. Would've been better to say "I'll be at [name of venue] at [time] on Friday night, you're welcome to come" and leave it at that

That makes it sounds like an interview set up, I find more success in keeping things lighthearted and casual.

People hit on me all the time.
You can stop projecting.

Such as?

seething tranny

No woman is going to be impressed by OP's seething reply.
I don't expect to see another screenshot in this thread or ever

Not him but here's what he could have said

"Cool, I was thinking [day] at [time] how about it?"
"Sure, lmk when you're free"

I mean, you're not because you still have the autistic retarded thought process of one

Not bad. I'll send something along those lines if I can tell that the girl has interest. But as for OP's girl, she had none, imo.

you'd be absolutely right if it wasn't by the content of OP's autistic message.
There are several options to manifest a power move like that. OP chose the worst.

The original message I proposed.

this one? i dunno user, it's kinda cringe

Who cares it's just a woman say whatever you want

It's not seething either, it's just a cold shoulder.
Troll harder, Autistic Retard.

What's your proposal?

If someone's time is valuable, they don't say it, it's implied.
And the ellipses for dramatic effect don't really help matters.
He just looks like he's trying to make a clumsy and desperate power move.

Cringe. She wanted to chat a bit to get a whiff of what kind of a person you are and the conclusion she's gonna get from this is that you're insecure and the opposite of easygoing.

You don't, really
Anything less than "Yes" or "Sorry I can't, maybe some other time" is a girl's way of saying "I don't want to fuck you, piss off". You should have taken a hint and moved on to a girl who won't waste your time
If you absolutely want to try and bag her then the best you can do is continue the convo with some unrelated, inane shitposting until a good opportunity to ask for clarification on why she can't go popped up

The original message i proposed.

it was meant for

You don't say "We'll see" to someone inviting you to go somewhere like you're talking to a little kid who asks if he can get a happy meal after a Soccer game
It's rude and condescending if you don't provide any context at all, like you have to leave someone guessing because you're so busy and your time so valuable that you can't commit to anything. If she didn't mean to be a cunt, she would have said something like
>I'm busy this week and unsure of my schedule, I'll let you know if I can make it

>like you're talking to a little kid who asks if he can get a happy meal after a Soccer game
the fact that you take it that way means YOU have issues, not the person saying it. "we'll see" is fine in this context where OP was vague first. why should she have to respond with all the formality of arranging a job interview when OP just asked if she "fancied it" "sometime"?

you guys need help lol

I'm not OP but this shit is confusing as hell. If she wanted to chat why didn't she ask something?

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Option 3 here is the best

The best thing you can do it always be in control. You're responsible for failures this way but there's no leaving it up to chance

The best would have been
>Why? are you busy?
Then she would say something like...
>don't know stuff at home/work/school..
user would could answer something like...
> let me know if I can help, or if you want to talk about it.

Friendzoned probably... but maybe she would reconsider.
Not that salty creepy answer.

lol this is too funny to be true

"Lmao never mind then"
Then proceed to delete number.